Why My Girlfriend Bites Me? 7 Reasons Why

Are you wondering why your girlfriend keeps on biting you? I feel your pain. When we spend our time together, she just loves to bite me and just smile after doing it. At first, I’ve never understood why she keeps on doing that. But one thing is for sure, she is happy. When she’s happy I’ll be happy too.

After how many days and months of doing it to me, I asked her why she keeps on doing that. Her answer was quite weird because she also has no idea.

I’ve come to realize the reasons why she loves to do it to me. There was a pattern that I saw. I keep on looking for signs. After that, I can say that my so-called research was right. It’s not as difficult as we think. This may not be applicable for all couples out there but this is the most common situation that I’ve noticed on why those bites would happen.

Here is the list of reasons why your girlfriend is biting you.

1. An Act of Ownership that You Only Belong to Her.

The first pattern that I’ve noticed is when every time I tried to make her jealous that I’m having a conversation with someone else, she easily gets angry and checks my phone. When I told her that it was just a joke, she will be sad and make that cute face and bites me directly.

It may sound possessive but she wants to show everyone else that you’re already taken. She wants to imprint that bite mark on your body as a sign of her ownership. It may look like that she’s possessive but it’s also cute.

Hope that her bite is not that painful enough to make you cry. She also wants to make sure that you only belong to her and no other girls will flirt with you.

If your girlfriend is saying sweet words to you or reminds you that you only belong to her, it is not enough for them. That’s why they take action by biting you as a sign of ownership. She wants you to feel it physically because, for her, actions speak louder than words.

2. Great Sign that She has a Physical Attraction to You

The second is quite weird because there are times that I don’t really love to fix myself because I’m already comfortable when I’m with her and I know she accepts me for who I am. But then, even though I’m not well fixed, she compliments me that I’m still attractive and she loves the way I look.

If your girlfriend is biting you, it means that it’s a great sign that she is physically affectionate to you. She likes you a lot as her partner. You might be cute or handsome for her own eyes. When your girlfriend is physically attracted to you, she might be in a good mood and a calm sensation.

The result of being physically attracted to a person can lead to affectionate actions such as biting. According to a study, when your girlfriend is physically attracted to you, she sees you as a trustworthy person. You also feel more satisfied if both of you are physically attracted.

3. She Doesn’t Want to Lose You

Every time we have arguments, I love to scare her that it might be the end for us. Yes, it’s quite painful for a joke but again, I’m doing my so-called research when I did this. But after scaring her and saying that it was just a joke, I was already expecting that she would bite me.

She gets jealous if you’re busy with other things that’s why she bites you to get your attention. Your girlfriend is afraid of losing you so accept her the way she is even if she keeps biting you. When your girlfriend is hurting you through her bites, it’s a deep meaning of she wants you to be around her and doesn’t want to lose you.

4. She Wants to Spend Quality Time with You

We tend to stay in bed all the time. I always use a laptop at the bed to study and she’s always beside me doing things on her own. When she’s tired of doing those things, she tries to disturb me with my studies. My girlfriend surprisingly hugs me and bites me again.

During that kind of situation, I noticed that she’s just asking for attention and wants quality time for both of us. Giving your girlfriend a little bit of your attention isn’t that hard. Even though you’re busy with all the things that you do, learn her interests and include her in your plans.

Spend the correct amount of time with your girlfriend. Those little things will go a long way for your relationship.

5. She is Overwhelmed About Her Feeling for You

This is one of the best patterns that I’ve noticed simply because I just feel that she’s really in love with me. Every time I cook her favorite food, comb her hair or perform sweet things to her, I feel her romantic excitement towards me.

When she feels an intimate feeling because I’m sweet to her, she loves to bite me. One thing I like about my girlfriend is she doesn’t hurt me with her bites. It is just enough to put a little bite mark on my skin. If your girlfriend wants to bite you that bad, that’s a sign that she loves you.

Deep inside her, she has a strong feeling of love for you that’s why she generates it as a powerful force through biting you.

6. She Wants to Cling with You

Well, there is no pattern for this. This is the most basic reason why your girlfriend bites you. This is the time when your girlfriend wants just two of you to spend time with each other. If you have a strong bond together with your girlfriend, you are more like to cling to each other.

One of the signs that your girlfriend is clingy and loves to bite you, is they do not want to give you space. She is so desperate to be a major part of your life and she doesn’t want to be far away from you. Let’s not try to frustrate our girlfriends if that happens.

Another extra tip, if your girlfriend clings with you and loves to bite you, maybe she’s constantly seeking a compliment. Take some time to remind her how beautiful she is every day.

7. You Have a Strong Sex Appeal

I’m not saying that I have a strong sex appeal but if you have some trait or characteristic that your girlfriend is interested in or sexually aroused, she might bite you. I love to tease my girlfriend in bed. I try to touch her in some parts of her body that can make her excited.

Some girls love to bite you during sex because she’s in a state of arousal. Biting could be an expression of that arousal. For some couples, biting can be pleasurable if done correctly. Well, all I know is, some couples love gentle and rough sex. Sexual biting can be present in rough sex because your girlfriend might be turned on.

The Bottom Line

These were the patterns that I’ve noticed why she keeps on biting me. This may also be the reason why your girlfriend suddenly bites you. If it’s not applicable for you, you can also do your so-called research and look for signs of why your girlfriend keeps on biting you.


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