Why Is Working Out So Hard?

I might assume that you have committed yourself to work out. If yes, that’s amazing because you allotted time and energy for your health. Before you enrolled at the gym or did a home work-out yourself, there’s a challenge that you are surely aware of, it will be hard.

Working out will always be difficult because it consumes your energy. With the next workout that you’re going to perform, your performance will decline. If it was easy, it wasn’t a workout. It’s hard because working out makes you feel breathless and burns your muscles. Every set and reps of a workout will always challenge you, so consider every workout as a hard one.

In this article, we are going to discuss more of the reasons why working out is hard and how you can overcome it. Let’s get started!

Why is Working Out so Hard?

There are a lot of reasons why working out is hard and here are the most common reasons why:

1. You’re Still on the Learning Process

Every fitness model that you saw in magazines started as a beginner. Same with you, they had to learn the step-by-step process. Consider yourself as a beginner if you’re still in the learning process. I know the feeling of a beginner because I’ve been there before. I don’t know what exercise to perform, how to perform it, and how many sets you must make.

No matter what type of workout you are performing, you need to learn the basics. For example, performing strength exercises such as bench press, you need to learn the basics in performing it the proper way so the workout will be more effective. Another one is Zumba and Salsa, you must learn the movements and patterns that are being taught by your coach or with the video that you’re following.

It will take some time to learn that’s why it’s hard at the beginning. Remember that time is an investment, you need to spend it on things that matter such as mastering a workout.

2. You Haven’t Mastered the Flow State

Mastering the flow of state has a lot of advantages. I already applied this in my fitness journey. When you are in a flow state, your mind is fully immersed and you are focus and energized. In addition, you have greater fulfillment and enjoyment in your workout.

When you master the flow state, it builds confidence when you work out and allows you to develop more skills. I learned the flow state in years of competing when I was still a varsity player. After that, I tried to apply the flow state when I started working out. It was super effective.

Working out is not hard because you lack energy or you don’t have time, it’s all about the mental.  The more you increased your flow, the more your performance will improve. To be in a flow state is not easy, it also requires practice. But once you get there, you can be unstoppable.

3. Adopting New Habits is Difficult

If working out is not an action that you do repeatedly, it’s not your habit yet. The more an activity is not a habit yet, the more it’s difficult to perform. When working out is a habit that you are consciously forming, you tend to spend time thinking of it carefully. After it became a habit, there will be an outcome.

For example, the habit of working out in the morning. The outcome is you’ll get fit and healthy from that habit. When I form a workout habit, I try to account for my outcome. I try to compare my weight from the previous month or measure the size of my muscle. I want it to be measurable.

Your workout will become your second nature once you spent time doing it repeatedly. Time will come that without your conscious thought, it will just happen. A simple habit can just need a short timeframe. In a complicated habit such as working out, it requires a lengthy duration.

4. You Want Instant Results

You don’t want the results to be delayed. When you don’t get the results that you wanted, you’ll be disappointed. When you are disappointed, you lose interest and you don’t want to work out anymore. That’s where things get hard.

Results take time, you need to be patient with yourself. Live in the present and just keep working out. The best advice that I can give is don’t compare yourself to other fitness models that you see on social media. You can’t focus on your work if you keep comparing yourself. The quality of your workout will be poor because you can’t see the same results as others.

Don’t be hard on yourself, there’s no such thing as a perfect workout. Don’t hurt yourself if you commit mistakes or missed a day at the gym.

5. Your Body is Still Adjusting

When you first start to work out, your body will be shock and adjust to physical demands. You will not be that strong on your first day of workouts. Whether you’re building muscles through weightlifting or losing fat through cardio, your body will adapt to the stress that you’re giving to it.

Try not to overdo your workout so that you won’t hurt yourself. Start with lighter weights and slowly increase it if it doesn’t challenge you anymore. You can begin with 1 or 2 sets with 12-15 repetitions and slowly progress.

When your body will adjust to the stress, the same workout will be easy to perform in the future unless you add additional weights, sets, or reps. Sufficient rest is a must to make your body stronger in your next workout. Feel your body and tune it.

As far as I can remember, in the first 3 to 6 months of my fitness journey my heart rate increased, soreness, and fatigue on my muscles. That time I realized that working out is very hard. But everything that happened to my body was just normal and my body will just get used to it.

Why Does Working Out Get Harder?

Working out gets harder because your body gets stronger. The stronger your body is, the workout that you will perform also gets harder. Additional exercise, sets, and reps you need to execute. Sometimes, you don’t notice it but you push yourself harder because you want to challenge yourself.

If you hired a fitness coach, they will adjust your workout routine if they notice your strength is improving. They will design your workout plan harder and adjust it again if you’re already used to it. The more consistent you are in working out, the more it gets harder and the faster the results you will notice.

How Do You Know if a Work Out is too Hard?

The common sign you’ll notice is your body or muscles will be overly sore by the next day. Every person has different limits because our body is made different. It may be a good feeling that you feel muscle soreness but don’t get to a point that you can’t move your body by the next day.

I see a lot of gym-goers who push themselves too much because they believed that the more they add an exercise, the more muscles they will gain. The more distance or time they work out, the more they will reach their goals faster. Somehow it might be true but don’t work out as if there’s no tomorrow. 2 or 3 exercises with 3 sets is enough for one muscle part. By next week, you can add load or volume.

For example, if you work out 4 times a week and perform 40 minutes of cardio this week, try adding 5 to 10 minutes next week. That’s perfectly fine. When you lift weights, add 2.5 pounds every week or every 2 weeks. You can also increase the sets and repetitions. Through progressive overload, you progress your workouts making your body much stronger. Lastly, take some time to rest so your body will heal.

How Long Does it Take to Get Used to Working Out?

In my opinion, there’s no exact answer to this because people have different bodies. It will also depend on the workout that you perform or the intensity of the workout.

In my experience, I was consistent for four straight weeks. My fitness coach guided me well on what to do. I saw improvements in my physical and mental health. How often you train and how you train, will be the basis of how you will get used to working out. The more consistent you are, the more you will get used to it. If you keep on stopping, the adaptations on your body will decrease. 

How To Make Working Out Easier?

There are many ways to make your workout easier. These are the things that I’ve done because sometimes working out gets harder and boring. I want to be motivated so that it will be easy for me to perform the exercise.

  • Try to Work out with a Friend
  • Listen to music that will motivate you before or during a workout
  • Change your workout routine and try new variations
  • Create a workout plan ahead of time
  • Get enough rest to restore your energy

Until now, I keep doing these things because it’s effective for me. I want every workout to be fun and easier. Try to apply these tips because they might help you on your next workout.


Hey! I'm Lorofy, I'm a politician in our Local Government Unit and a Church Leader. I'm a dedicated leader in our community and an ambassador of goodwill. I became a motivator and an advocate for men who are looking for meaning in life and on how to reach their full potential. I'm also a fitness enthusiast and consider fitness as my everyday expertise.