Why Humility Is Important? 9 Reasons

Humility is one of the most interesting virtues that I’ve learned in life. I was able to unlock the superpower of being humble. There are times that we are scared to practice humility because we don’t want to be seen as weak people. But the truth is, it’s a character of strength.

When I practice humility, I saw increasing growth in my life. I always knew humility will always be part of a man’s journey. You can only speak the truth because you’ll never be arrogant.

In our time now, a lot of people are so entitled and obsessed about their appearance. They are so confident that they know everything. They think that they are better than others and they want double standards for themselves.

To answer your question on why is humility important, I provided 9 reasons for you. You will be surprised how powerful humility especially when you live by it.

1. Humility Allows You To Learn

This one is my favorite. This is also the main reason why I practiced being humble in life. I was able to learn a lot of things because I always aim to be a beginner in everything I do. When you don’t practice humility, you will be arrogant and it will become a barrier to your progress. You think that you’re always right.

I’ve met a lot of people who don’t want to learn because they think they have all the information in their heads. They don’t want to explore deeper. Maybe they’re just full of pride and I try to understand them.

Always remember that when you live with humility, you always crave leanings. You feel that there are still skills and teachings out there that you haven’t learned. Humility makes you mentally healthy because you desire to learn.

If you’re a student, employee, or manager, you will excel in your field and have better performance. A student will always listen to their teacher. An employee will be willing to learn from their co-employees, and the manager will learn from their employees.

2. You Realize that You are Not Perfect

With humility, You realize that you’re a human and you’re not meant to be perfect. You’ll realize that you have flaws. It will teach you how you can improve your life. It’s not good that you think you’re perfect. You’ll be convicted of your beliefs and be blinded by your own mistakes.

I know that I’m not perfect and I can say that I’m in peace with my imperfection. I wish I realized it earlier in life, but it’s fine. To all young people out there, never aim for perfection. It’s not the basis of your worth as a person.

I’ve practiced humility for how many years, I can say that I’m almost on the path of self-acceptance. I found true enjoyment when I accepted my flaws. No one can criticize me and control me because I am who I am.

When I accidentally hurt the feelings of others, I try to apologize immediately. This indicates that I’m not perfect and I will be careful with my words.

3. You Patiently Understand Other People

When you live with humility, you also live with patience. Being patient to understand people around you because they have different levels of personality, beliefs, culture, and goals. You understand someone because you know you have a different approach in life.

Without humility, you rushed into judging others and putting labels on them. You create another image for them because of your impatient mind. You also create conflict with them because your expectations were never met. You let your negative emotions rule your heart.

Meanwhile, being patient and humble comes from the heart. When you patiently understand other people, your intention is pure and holy. You bring happiness to other people because they’ve felt you’ve understood them.

When I give training and seminars in our community, some students experience difficulty in understanding the topic. I patiently understand them because I know they have problems in life such as family and finances.

One of my students told me that after the training, he still needs to work to earn money so that he can buy food for his younger siblings. What if I scolded him because he wasn’t able to cope up in the lecture. It might be painful for him. So always practice humility because it’s an important aspect to understand other people.

4. You Have a Low Sense of Entitlement

Humility is important because it can make you less entitled in life. You don’t use the word “you owe me” to other people. You don’t want special treatment because you want to be fair to everyone.

As a politician, I always live with humility and I never want to act with full power. I don’t owe anyone a favor when I have done something for them. My intention was pure and I just want to help them because that’s my job. I never want to be rude by easily getting disappointed if things don’t go exactly my way.

People who don’t practice humility can become entitled people. They aren’t happy with other people’s success because they want to have it. People who behave like this attract criticism and hatred.

Entitled people should change how they view things. They need to treat everyone equally. They should identify their behavior and know if they were influenced by that kind of attitude. Lastly, they must focus on contentment instead of entitlement.

5. You Can Influence Others with your Humility

I started practicing humility because I was influenced by other people. I was active in our church and they taught me how to be humble all the time. Until now, I still practice humility simply because I also want to influence other people.

I want the people around me to know the beauty of living in this world without judging other people. When you influence people with humility, you create a safe environment. You will notice that your relationship with other people will also improve. You both accept each other for who you are.

When you want to have a positive impact on other people, you need to practice humility. When you are full of pride, you don’t help others to know what’s good. The best example that I can share with you is one of my professors at my university.

I can say that he’s a humble professor because he always reminds us to help our other classmates to grow. He always acknowledged our strengths and knows our limitations.

6. Humility Makes You a Great Leader

I became a great and dedicated leader because of humility. You need to have humility if you want to become a great leader. When I commit mistakes, I humbly admit them and ask for forgiveness. I also ask for help if I don’t know the answer to the problem.

With humility, I empower all my people by appreciating their strengths. When I was just starting to lead in our community, my mentors told be remember the word “servant leader.”

Every time I remember that word, I know that I must be humble. Of course, if you want to become a great leader because of humility, you also need to be the same person in private or in public. You must live by your words and actions. Don’t act as if you have a fake image. You need to be genuine in every situation even if other people are not looking.

Humble leaders will always be great leaders. The more they will be effective in handling situations when they are humble. They can build a learning culture that arrogant leaders can’t. Lastly, only humble leaders can make a big change in this world.

7. No Bitterness In Your Heart

When you are humble, there’s no bitterness in your heart because you don’t envy other people. You always want to achieve peace. By practicing humility, you take action in moving your life forward and keeping it away from bitterness.

Today, there are a lot of people who have bitterness in their hearts. Especially that we are surrounded by technology and social media. They keep spying on other people even though it upsets them. It’s a form of self-torture if you are envious of someone.

Bitterness may be a valid emotion, but you need to make sure that you won’t be swallowed by it. Your life will be unhappy if you have bitterness in your heart. You need to know what’s the cause of your bitterness and evaluate yourself. Be humble and let go of all the grudges, and just forgive people.

8. Different Aspects in Your Life will Improve

Whether it’s relationships, career, finances, and other aspects of your life, it will improve if you live your life with humility. Your relationship is the most important thing in your life that can influence a lot of factors. Being humble will build good relationships with other people.

The best reason why humility can help you with your career is that you are more open and approachable with your work. You become an expert at your work and be humble with your achievements. It will also help you learn and grow.

Your arrogant workmate will have a hard time accepting criticism. They will always compete with you. They will have false confidence and don’t want to help anyone.

With your finances, you learn how to save your money. You don’t spend it on unnecessary things. Practicing humility before getting rich is the best thing that you can do. You don’t show it off and you don’t judge people based on their income.

With humility, I was happy because I learned how to invest my money. Every time I earn money, I tried to help my parents with all the expenses.

9. You will Learn to Love Other People

You will learn to love other people because you realize it’s not about always you. You don’t have to be selfish with love. To be humble, means you also value other people. But here’s the most important thing that you should know, love is unworkable without humility.

If I want to love other people, I first need to practice humility. As a community leader, I always think of other people who suffer from hunger. My happiness is less important than the happiness of other people. I want to receive happiness from the happiness of others.

Sometimes, humility and love are connected. Being humble to others can also mean that you love them. For example in couples who are fighting, you don’t want to act full of pride because it might break your relationship. Being humble will help you to know your place and admit your faults, and that’s love.

Practicing humility will also improve your love for others. Such as serving them, apologizing for your mistakes, and active listening. You might not realize it but a simple act of humility turns into love.


Hey! I'm Lorofy, I'm a politician in our Local Government Unit and a Church Leader. I'm a dedicated leader in our community and an ambassador of goodwill. I became a motivator and an advocate for men who are looking for meaning in life and on how to reach their full potential. I'm also a fitness enthusiast and consider fitness as my everyday expertise.