Why Is Honesty Important?

Since we were young, we already know that honesty is a good thing. Honesty was taught by our parents at home and our teachers at school. It’s the quality of being transparent in your words and actions. We all know the famous quote; honesty is the best policy. But still, there are times that it’s difficult for us to practice it. We prefer to lie rather than telling the truth.

Honesty is important because it’s the foundation of trust. It improves the relationship and keeps us away from lies. When you’re honest with other people, they will trust you. They will believe in what you say and do. Honesty reflects a lot on your character and values.

In this article, I explained the importance of honesty and other things that you should need to learn from it. I’m hoping that after you read this article, you will live your life full of honesty. Let’s keep reading.

Why Is Honesty Important?

Even if we don’t discuss it in-depth, you know the importance of honesty in your life when you were still young. It’s a pain in your heart when you lie, or someone close to you won’t tell the truth.

Honesty is important because it’s the foundation of trust. If you are honest with other people, they will trust you then respect you. When you practice honesty, you are truthful to your family, friends, and loved ones.

The real importance of honesty is to earn other people’s trust. If you want to value other people in your life, you won’t fool them by telling lies. Practicing honesty isn’t easy especially when you are used to telling lies. But you also know the consequence if you are dishonest with yourself and to other people.

Aside from trust, the reason why I practiced being honest with myself and others is that I want to build confidence in myself. Yes, you can’t be truly confident if you aren’t honest with yourself. You know the feeling that your conscience hunts you because you lied. You feel guilty and you can’t normally act.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, honesty reflects on your character and values. An act of dishonesty and people will instantly judge you for who you are. They will doubt your intentions and won’t respect you as a person.

When you don’t give importance to honesty, you’ll be making your life stressful. You will be frustrated because you know you lied again. Compared to telling the truth, it makes your life much easier.

When I practiced honesty, I noticed that it strengthens my relationships with other people. I feel that our bonds would last long. We are happy and we don’t doubt each other. With honesty, we felt that we can’t hurt each other. We always want the truth that we deserve.

Honesty would also show bravery. I know there are times that we are tempted to lie because we don’t want to expose something. Instead of keeping it a secret, you were brave enough, to tell the truth. I know you’ve experienced that a lot of times.

Lastly, it’s better for your mental health. There are people like me who can’t handle keeping a secret or telling a lie to my loved ones. I feel that it’s against my values and my conscience would hunt me even if I sleep.

It’s scary because I will live in fear knowing that anytime from now the real truth will be discovered and they know that I’ve lied. It’s very exhausting and it won’t give me peace of mind. I will rather be honest knowing that I’ve been true to myself.  

How Do You Show Honesty?

There are many ways that you can show your honesty. It might be hard if you have a habit of not being honest. But don’t worry, it’s not too late for you to change your life and be honest with yourself and others.

Consider yourself as a beginner and be consistent in practicing it. Here are the 5 ways on how you can show your honesty.

1. Think Before You Speak

I do this all the time. It’s a good habit to develop when you think before you speak. You’re like reflecting if the words that you’re going to say will be the truth or lie. When you don’t think before speaking, you might hurt other people with your words and reduce your credibility as a person.

A lot of people are careless with their words and do not prefer to say the truth. Everything occurs so quickly that’s why you need to think in advance and make sure what’s saying is good. When you think before speaking, you won’t regret what you’re going to say.

2. Tell the Truth and Don’t Sugarcoat it

Just be direct and tell the truth. Avoid putting sweetness on the words you’re going to say. If you’re sharing bad news with someone, don’t beat around the bush. Give them the facts directly. People don’t want to be upset when they listen to something important.

What people usually do is warm up the bad part of the story. They’re trying to make it lighter. They also have weird gestures that are noticeable. Say the truth by not hiding the ugliness of the words you must say.

3. Be Committed To Your Words

When you say, “I’ll promise to wake up by 5 in the morning.”

How often have you said those words and not commit to them? For sure you did it many times. I know because I also did that. You will just be committed to your words if you apply them with action. Action is necessary to prove that you’re committed to your words.

Your words define who you are. When you are committed to it, you need bold action. When you don’t commit to your word, it reveals who you are. It simply means that you’re not serious about it.

Don’t make people expect your lies. When you commit to someone through your words, then you didn’t honor it, you already lied to them. Before committing, you must be confident enough to honor them so people would trust you.

4. Stop Impressing Other People

I know a lot of people who want to impress others through their words. Maybe they do it because they want to feel higher for those people around them. In that way, they aren’t honest with themselves because it means they aren’t acting who they are.

Be real with other people and stop acting like you’re a different person even if you’re not. It will just give temporary satisfaction but in the end, you know that you’ve lied. Stay away from the limelight even though it’s tempting. Being true to yourself also means accepting who you are as a person.

5. Surround Yourself with Honest People

When you surround yourself with honest people, you will also be influenced to become an honest person. You will have a positive attitude and you’ll avoid lying. When you are surrounded by honest people, it will greatly impact your life.

You are more likely to adopt their attitude and become one of them. When I started practicing honesty, I made sure that I have the right circle of friends. I also started to avoid people who kept on lying.

It took me months to adopt their attitude but I noticed that I was improving and I prefer to live with the truth. I feel a sense of freedom when I know I’m honest. Surrounding myself with honest people was a great help. They supported me and inspire me to do the same.

Importance of Honesty within Yourself

Do you feel that you’re honest with yourself? If not, you can’t be honest with other people. If you feel unsure, you better change your attitude and start practicing honesty. You can’t live life to the fullest if you aren’t honest with yourself. It might be hard to accept, but that’s the reality.

I’m not saying that I’m a huge liar before I practiced honesty, but my life now improved when I started to value it. It had a positive impact on my life and the people around me. Even when people throw negative words at you, you won’t be affected if you’re honest with yourself.

When you are honest with yourself, you accept the situation no matter how hard it is. A lot of people who aren’t honest with themselves will struggle to accept their problem because they can’t adjust their attitude. They will lie to themselves that they don’t have a huge problem even though they have. They won’t live freely and prefer to be hunted by their conscience.

You will keep experiencing negativity in your life when you don’t give importance to being honest with yourself. You will keep lying to other people and claim that you’re telling the truth. You will suffer because people around you won’t trust you anymore.

Living an honest life may be hard at first. But once you live with it, your life will improve. Check your progress and be consistent. It won’t take you overnight like I used to. But because of willpower and dedication, I was able to become honest with myself. Not perfectly, but almost there.

Show the world your real reflection and don’t be shy of who you are. After that, you will feel long-term peace of mind and confidence in yourself.

Importance of Honesty in Relationships

Whether it’s your friend or partner, honesty is very important in relationships because it can build healthy communication. To trust each other, you must keep telling the truth. For couples, when you want to talk openly and remove all the doubts, you need to practice honesty.

Sharing my experience with my partner, I always do my best to be honest with her because I want to avoid conflicts. I don’t want any issues and give her reasons to be jealous. When you want to achieve a healthy relationship, honesty is needed.

Another thing is, you all want to speak freely and tell the truth because other people can’t read minds. Tell them about your needs or preferences and don’t expect that they know everything.

To have a good friendship, honesty is the foundation. Lying to your friend can break the trust of your friendship. Be honest with them so they can feel that they can rely on you. You need to be honest with each other so your friendship will last.

When you are with your friends, avoid omitting with them. Some people don’t consider omission as lying. But when you’re already editing the story, you’re no longer transparent with them. Omitting for me is not acceptable and I would rather tell my friends what they should know.

Importance of Honesty at home

Honesty at home is also very important. It’s very difficult to be with a family member that you don’t trust. You don’t know if you’re interested in talking with them. Honesty at home should never be underestimated because there’s a chance that the family will struggle with trust issues.

When it comes to having a healthy family, communication is the key. A family must be truthful to each other and avoid lying because it can build conflict. For example, when you have issues with your elder sister, communicate with her and peacefully solve the problem.

Parents must be role models in practicing honesty at their own house. Kids will value honesty when they saw their parents doing it. Parents must encourage their children to tell the truth.

There are times when kids are afraid to share with their parents because you might punish them. If you are calm and approachable, they will share their problems with you. They know that you will be sincere in listening to their problems.

Regular communication at home is needed to build a strong bond. Through regular communication, you can address the issue you have at your own house. It’s the perfect time to admit your concern at home or outside.

Importance of Honesty in Workplace

Honesty is important at work to have a healthy environment with other employees. The more transparent your workplace is, the happier the employees would be. Sometimes, employees are afraid to tell their concerns because of other people’s judgment. They feel that they don’t have the freedom to speak.

For a workplace to grow, it must create an atmosphere of honesty. In my workplace, there’s an activity every month where we are allowed to express our positive and negative feelings towards each other. Our leader created this activity to create an honest environment and avoid toxic relationships with each other.  

When a workplace values honesty, employees are given the chance to express their feelings. They will be empowered because they can speak their opinions. They will also have a sense of loyalty towards the company knowing that they are treated well.

An employee doesn’t want to stay in a workplace when they are uncomfortable. Leaders of the company must be responsible for handling this matter. At the same time, when employees voiced their concerns, they should back them up with facts and offer solutions.

Importance of Honesty in Social Media

We are surrounded by different kinds of technologies and applications. Such as Facebook, Twitter, and dating apps. As we engage on social media, we find ourselves scrolling through videos and photos about different events. We tend to ask ourselves if this is accurate.

We can’t deny the fact that there are a lot of lies that we see on social media. There are still a lot of people who aren’t aware of that. A lot of people lie by presenting an image or videos leading all the viewers to untruthfulness.

How can this affect you? humans are social creatures and there’s a tendency that we are going to be influenced by what we see on social media. We easily trust what we saw and spread it to other people by clicking the share button.

When we are influenced by all the lies that we’ve seen on social media, we also tend do to it. Other people post pictures and create a negative story about the person they hate. Yes, technologies and social media applications are very useful if we use them in good. But there are a lot of people who use it to abuse and even create a scam.

There are a lot of people on social media who simply can’t stop posting about their new gadgets and inform their Facebook friends how rich they are, even though they aren’t. They will just lie to seek attention from other people.

Lessen the use of social media and always remember that not everything you see is true. Avoid posting pictures or videos that aren’t true just to impress other people because you’re making yourself a liar. It will just distract you from practicing honesty in your life.


Is Honesty a Sign of Love?

When we are talking about romantic relationships, honesty is a sign of love because you want to build trust with your partner. You want to express the truth and give them no doubts. By telling the truth, you want to protect your relationship. You avoid dishonesty because you don’t want to create conflict.

Is Honesty a Value?

Honesty is a value and it impacts most of our entire life. Such as our actions, relationships, jobs, and many more. When you give importance to honesty, you also value it through your actions. The art of being honest with yourself and others makes it a value. A lot of people value honesty because they want to make the world a better place.

Why is Honesty Difficult to Practice?

Honesty is difficult to practice because you’re not used to it. You live your life opposite from it. People lie because they want to protect something. They want to protect themselves or other people from pain. They prefer to live their life from long-term consequences. It’s also difficult to practice honesty because they can’t reconcile themselves on how dishonest they have been. It’s hard for them to adjust and practice honesty.

Is Honesty Still Present Today?

Honesty is still present today and there are still a lot of people who value it. As long as humans are still present in this world, honesty will never disappear. There are still people who value the truth. They still want to build trust with other people. I admire people who value honesty in their lives. Without honesty, our world wouldn’t progress.


Hey! I'm Lorofy, I'm a politician in our Local Government Unit and a Church Leader. I'm a dedicated leader in our community and an ambassador of goodwill. I became a motivator and an advocate for men who are looking for meaning in life and on how to reach their full potential. I'm also a fitness enthusiast and consider fitness as my everyday expertise.