Why Do Women Flirt? 9 Reasons Why

A lot of women flirt. That’s the reality. But what exactly are the reasons that they flirt with you? Of course, when a woman flirts with us, we don’t want to misinterpret it. I also experienced women flirting with me but I was careful about it because I know there is a lot of reason why they do it.

Sometimes I thought they like me that’s why they’re flirting, other times I’m not sure. Despite a lot of reasons why women flirt, we need to be careful about their real intentions. Flirting is just part of human communication that is fun to engage with.

There are different ways of flirting in different cultures. But let’s look at the list of common reasons why women flirt.

1. They are Attracted To You

This is the most basic reason why women flirt with you. They might like you for your appearance or your attitude. But before you assume that they are attracted to you, let them express their feelings first.

Women flirt because they are driven with a motive that they want to be close to you and turn that closeness into a romantic relationship. If they are attracted or have feelings for you, they easily express that through flirting. She wants to engage herself with other people to be noticed.

Like I said, flirting is part of human communication. If a woman flirts with you, she loves to catch your attention and loves to find ways to be around you without you even knowing. It seems like wherever you go, you just find her.

2. Women Wants to Have some Fun

Who says flirting is not fun? No matter what your gender is, flirting feels good on the inside. Even if a woman is shy and uncertain about what she’s doing, flirting could be fun for them. One example is when the person she likes smiles at her, it could light up her day, and probably she might have a huge smile on her face while sharing it with her friends.

The other forms of flirting that can be fun for them are eye contact, compliments, and physical contact. The emotional reaction that they feel when they are being noticed makes it fun for them to expect more that it would happen again.

3. They might Flirt for Useful Reasons

In this reason, women might flirt to you because she is driven by a motive, they might flirt because they have a goal to achieve or a problem to be solved. Perhaps they flirt because they might want to have favor by buying them food or carrying their bag.

They flirt because they see you as a useful instrument that could make their life easier. Not every woman who flirts has this kind of intention. Try to know what is her real motive for her flirting actions.

4. They Want to Try New Experience

This could be possible because maybe a woman is bored with her past life and wants to try a new experience. Maybe she wants to expand her mind and learn new things. There are also a lot of women who are scared to flirt before but now they want to conquer that fear.

Doing unfamiliar things makes them nervous that’s why they want to leave their comfort zone and push something new for them. I’ve seen a lot of women try new things because it is rewarding for them. I’ve seen introverted girls who learned how to flirt because it motivates them to explore the new environment in their life.

So women may flirt because they want to try a new experience.

5. They are Driven by their Sexual Desire

Of course, there’s a huge possibility that women flirt because they are driven by their sexual desire. When they are physically attracted to someone, they engage in flirting to achieve their sexual urge.

Take note, not all women flirt because this is their intention. It could just be a possibility. Women don’t flirt with people that they’re not attracted to. When a woman loves to tease you and creatively talk dirty things, there’s a chance that they flirt because of sexual intimacy. 

But still, you need to be careful because some women just like to say dirty jokes but aren’t serious about it. The best thing to do is never assume that this will always be their intention.

6. To Boost their Self-esteem

Flirting can boost a woman’s self-esteem because they want to feel beautiful in the eyes of someone they like. They flirt with a person that they like to make them feel good. At the end of the day, they just want to feel wanted. Wanted by someone they like that’s why they always fix themselves to be noticed.

When a woman flirts, it increases or reinforces their self-esteem. Not just women who flirt but people who are flirting, and being flirted with.

There are a lot of women who flirt to amuse themselves and for them, there’s nothing to lose with that. You must just know where you stand or know the difference if the woman is really interested or just playing with you.

7. They Flirt to get some Attention

It doesn’t mean that they are an attention seeker. No matter what your gender is, we flirt to get some attention to the person we’re attracted to. It makes a woman blush when the person she likes is also flirting back.

How could a woman get noticed if she doesn’t seek attention? It’s normal for a woman who flirts to you, to get your attention. It already depends on you if you’ll entertain her or not. I hope she’s not the type of woman who annoys you when she flirts.

8. They Want to Have a Backup

Yes, I know how this sounds because if a woman flirts with you, you have no idea how many people are she flirting with. You might be excited that someone is flirting with you but you also need to make sure if you’re the only one being flirted.

Let me say that there are women who flirt with a lot of people because it feels good to have a backup if the other one fails. She might feel that the first person that she’s flirting with doesn’t have the standards that she wanted. She’ll try to flirt with you, without you even knowing.

That’s the reason why flirting is risk-free because you’re not committed to someone.

9. They Want People to Know that they are Available

I remembered one of my close friends when she was single and was ready to mingle, every post that she puts on her social media was full of #Single. Like, she was so desperate to fling to a new guy. I see no problem with that because I just often see her having a crush on someone.

If a woman wants to be in a relationship and wants to start her flirting career, she wants to let the world know that she’s available. They seek men that they like. They just love to drop a hint that they don’t have any guys in their life at the moment.

Final Thoughts

So there are a lot of factors on why women flirt, at least you already have an idea on what are the reasons why they do it. Just make sure when a woman flirts to someone or to you, analyze why they’re doing it and interpret it with the reasons that you have read above.


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