Why Do Men Masturbate with Lotion?

Men masturbate because it’s pleasurable for them. They want to release that sexual tightness when their partner is not around. It’s a common activity for men and it’s also safe for them. Some men masturbate rarely, others every day, and some don’t masturbate at all.

Several men do it raw, and others with lotion. But why do they apply with lotion?

Men use lotion while masturbating to make it more interesting. Lotion makes it more slippery making it easier for men to ejaculate. The feeling of masturbating with lotion makes it remarkable compared to just using bare hands. Without a lotion, a man’s penis can turn red and dry.

Below I discuss the more in-depth information on why men masturbate with lotion.

Why Men Use Lotion to Masturbate?

A lot of men masturbate even if they don’t share it. The most common reason why men use lotion when they masturbate is to make it more interesting. Most men started masturbating using bare hands and they feel that it’s boring and not pleasurable anymore. You can consider lotion to be your best friend during masturbation.

The use of lotion is helpful. It makes it more slippery, making men ejaculate quickly. Masturbating without lotion takes time and is somehow a bad idea if you masturbate every day. There’s too much friction making your penis red and dry.

Using bare hands is possible as long as you masturbate often. But for those men who do it thrice a day? It would be a bad idea. With the lotion, it can reduce friction and makes it feel nice. Just remember, some lotions can irritate your skin because the penis is a sensitive area.

I’ve also heard that some use their saliva to masturbate. In my opinion, that would be a hassle and could be smelly somehow. If you compare the comfortability when using saliva or a lotion, men would prefer lotion.

Men who are used to using lotion will somehow find masturbating without lotion be painful. For beginners, it can be pleasant without lotion as long as you don’t grip it tightly. But in general, some would recommend using lotion for more pleasure, and some would not because they don’t want to spend money. It’s a personal decision if you’re going to use lotion or not.

Do Men Spend Money for Masturbation Lotion?

Men don’t spend money on lotion because they might have it in their own house already. But what if it’s already empty? Well, I can’t say the exact answer because men would never share the way they masturbate. Masturbation is an act that only you or he must know.

A lotion used for masturbation is quite expensive depending on the brand. Ejaculation may be created equally but the feeling of using a lotion has a huge difference, that’s why some men spend some money just to have a lotion that they can use.

Do Men Prefer w/o Lotion?

In a survey that I did with my male friends, those who never tried using lotion don’t prefer to use it because they just don’t feel it or it’s a waste of time for them. On the other hand, those who experienced lotion while masturbating, like to use lotion all the time if they’re not in a hurry. It’s also okay for them not to use but somehow they feel like they’re forced to do it.

Another reason that I heard was, they prefer to use lotion because it feels like they’re having sex with their partner while using a lube. They say that the feeling of lube and lotion is almost the same.

What Lotion Do Men Use?

Just to clear things out, a lotion is different from the lube. It’s convenient to find lotion in your house but not for lube. Go for lube if you have money to afford it.

Unscented and Natural Lotions

Men could easily find a lotion in their house, but not all lotion applies to the skin of your penis because it might irritate. Try to use unscented and natural lotions. Those are the perfect lotions for men to use while masturbating.

The biggest advantage of using a lotion is you can feel the softness of your penis. The downside of lotion is it could dry quickly compared to a lube which would stay longer.

Baby Oil and Coconut Oil

Getting your hands on some lube and lotion might be difficult because maybe it’s not convenient in your house or you still need to spend some money. This is also considered a household option. Baby oil is slick and smells nice. For coconut oil, make sure you’re using 100% pure.

Both oils can be a great option to use while masturbating. It’s slick and will last long. It is also safe to use. I’ve also noticed that a lot of men like to use both oils.


In my opinion, soap would be a bad idea. When men take a bath, they use soap to masturbate. Soap may feel great but it is used for cleaning. It is generally safe to the skin of your penis but how about if it enters the skin of your urethra, it might cause discomfort. When rubbed on your penis aggressively, soap can be easily dry out.

How to Apply the Lotion when Masturbating

1. Look for an unscented or natural lotion to apply.
2. Gently squeeze the lotion and place it on your hands.
3. Take your time applying the lotion from your hands to your penis.
4. Do the usual masturbation process. You can also try different strokes.

What Should a Man do after Masturbating with Lotion?

It’s quite different from masturbating without lotion because after men masturbate with lotion, they need to clean up the lotion so it won’t feel sticky on their underwear. Or, some men would go for another round because masturbating with lotion is pleasurable. They will be tempted to go for an extra round. Will they apply the lotion again? Well, it depends.


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