When To Use Condom? 7 Situations

If you are nervous about having sex because you know that there are a lot of disadvantages, you should consider using a condom. If in doubt during sexual intercourse, using a condom is the best thing that you can do to protect yourself. As an advocate of safe sex, and a politician who gave seminars in our community, I already distinguished on when is the best time to use a condom.

In this article, I provided the 6 situations when to use a condom.

1. Use a Condom During Vaginal, Anal, and Oral Sex

Yes, condoms are used during sexual intercourse, but there are different types of sex that people perform. It’s vaginal, anal, and oral sex. Condoms are best used when you perform those three. Condoms will give you extra protection.

Condoms will cover your penis and avoid skin-to-skin contact during sex. Having a condom is very easy and convenient. You can even get it for free from community health centers. If you are worried because you heard that using condoms is not pleasurable during sex, don’t worry because there are new styles of condoms that are present on the market that can improve the sensation of both partners.

2. Do Use a Condom To Protect Yourself Against Unwanted Pregnancy

If you use a condom during sex, it will protect you against unwanted pregnancy. With the help of a condom, it will stop your sperm from meeting the egg. Unplanned pregnancy is very common today. Sex may be pleasurable, but there will always be a risk. Both partners accidentally didn’t want this to happen and don’t know what they are going to do.

As an advocate in our community, every time I give a seminar about safe sex, I always encounter some young parents who said that everything was unplanned. Most of them are under the age of 20. They feel hopeless and they just need to accept it because it’s already there.

When I asked them why they haven’t used a condom during sex, they said that “it’s not pleasurable.” Most of them dropped out of school because they need to take care of the baby.

In this table, you will see the unintended pregnancy and abortion rates worldwide from 1990 to 2019. (per 1,000 women)

unplanned pregnancy
This photo is courtesy of: statista.com, https://www.statista.com/statistics/1190620/unintended-pregnancy-rates-abortion-rates//Published by: John Elflein

When you’re not ready to become a parent, I encourage you to use a condom when having sexual intercourse with your partner. Even if you’re confident with the withdrawal method, you still need to be careful. To be extra careful, the best thing you can do is to wear a condom. There’s still a possibility the pre-cum can make a woman pregnant. But it’s a different topic that we need to discuss.

There are many methods to avoid unwanted pregnancy, such as birth control, injectable contraception, oral contraception, and many more. But if you want the cheapest and at the same time safe, condoms are totally fine.

There are a lot of circumstances that you will face when unwanted pregnancy will happen. So if I were you, encourage your partner to use a condom. Better safe than sorry.

3. Use Condom if You Want Extra Protection from Sexually Transmitted Diseases

When I give a seminar about safe sex, I always highlight this topic. Being infected by a sexually transmitted disease is scary. There are already a lot of people who are infected by STDs. Using a condom will not eliminate the disease, but it will give you the maximum protection that you need. You must put it correctly and consistently every time you engage in sexual transmission.

You can be infected by STDs through vaginal, anal, and oral sex. I always told the people who attended the seminar that the best way to reduce being infected by sexually transmitted diseases is to use a condom. Condoms are 98% effective in protecting you from gonorrhea and chlamydia. If you want to be protected 100%, go for sexual abstinence. Refrain from all sexual activity.

Not just STDs, they can also protect you from HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. I consider it the most deadly STD. When you use latex condoms, it provides high protection from HIV. There are epidemiologic and laboratory studies that have been done. 

When I wrote this article, there’s still no cure for HIV, only a treatment. Other STDs have a cure, and others are not yet discovered. Remember that you can’t see the virus or bacteria with your naked eye, from now on, I hope you’ll learn when and how to use a condom.

4. When You Had Sex with a Person You Don’t Know

There are times that you’ll be tempted to have sex with a stranger. Let’s say you joined a party then got drunk and you just want to hook up with a person you just met at the party. This situation is very common. It’s important to remember that when you do casual sex with a stranger, you need to take extra precautions and protect your health.

Use a condom because you might get infected with STDs or to be able to reduce the risk of pregnancy. Before you go to a party or meet someone, it’s better if you bring a condom just to be ready. It’s a great idea to have a supply if you think you’ll engage in sexual intercourse.

There are a lot of teenagers who engage in sex without having prior knowledge about the risk that could happen. When you want to have casual sex, you need to know about infections and protections.

When you accidentally had sexual intercourse with a stranger without using a condom, go for a check-up and ask your doctor what’s the best thing you can do to know if you got infected.

5. Having Sex with a Person that is HIV Positive

Who wants to have sex with an HIV positive? Well, let me tell you but it’s possible. When your partner is HIV positive and his viral load is still detectable, they aren’t encouraged to have sex yet. They need to have an undetectable viral load. Effective treatment reduces the HIV in their body.

How to know if that person is HIV positive? Well, no one knows. That’s why you are always encouraged to use a condom every time you will have sex with a stranger. Remember that you always need to be careful. There are a lot of situations when a person is infected because of a one-night stand.

If you want to be condom-free without worrying about diseases, attend an educational seminar for safe sex and go get tested. Even if you say that you are clean, or that person is clean. You will only know it if you have the test results.

6. If you’re in Doubt, it’s Best to use Condom

When you are already lying naked with your sex partner, and you feel doubtful because you sense something bad is going to happen, it’s best to use a condom. There are times when you will notice that your sex partner has unusual smells or infections that you noticed on their private part. Or maybe they will trick you to ejaculate inside.

For safety purposes, always remember that it’s better to use a condom or rather don’t continue having sex. I remember in our seminar, we had an open forum and someone shared to us that, he experienced having sex with a person that has infections.

He saw some yellow liquids and the smell was stinky. The best thing that he did was just walk away because he knows that the person he’s having sex with has infections.

7. When it’s your First Time Having Sex

For first-timers, who don’t have any experience having sex, it’s best if you use a condom. If you don’t want her to get pregnant because you’re not sure if you know the withdrawal method, use extra protection. There are a lot of beginners that will be amazed because the sex feels good and they don’t know how to control it anymore. Then suddenly, they will ejaculate inside of a woman’s vagina.

Be educated first on what sex means and how it works. The advantages and disadvantages of sex. Sex may be part of the human cycle, but sex is not all about pleasure. There are many things that you need to consider before having sex. Sex education that you learn from school may not be enough. Try to do more research about the cons and pros of sex.


How Effective are Condoms?

Condoms for males are 98% effective. No condoms are perfect that can prevent unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. But the best way to protect you from STDs is to properly wear a condom. Improper wearing of a condom can cause a break or leak.

Can I Use Condom Every Sex?

Yes, using a condom every sex is highly encouraged to protect you from STDs and unplanned pregnancy. If you are planning to go for the next round, replacing the condom after you ejaculate is the right thing to do. A new condom will prevent the semen from breaking or leaking into a woman’s vagina. Never use a condom twice because it will give you less protection. It will weaken the material that was used from the condom.

What Can Damage Condoms?

Condoms can be damaged by fingernails, jewelry, saliva, and lotion. There may be times that a condom may fail because it was not manufactured properly or the wrong lubricant was used. Another common reason is, the condom was too small for you. Always pick the right condom size.


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