When Is Knowledge Power? Everything You Need to Know

The most important weapon that you can truly have is your knowledge and complete control of your life. It is a weapon that cannot be defeated by any other power and it’s a weapon that can truly change the world. I believe that when a person is knowledgeable, he knows how to handle things in life. That’s why we can never be compared to animals because of the power of knowledge.

Knowledge is power only when you turn your knowledge into action. When you don’t turn your knowledge into action, it will just be unexploited energy. The acquired information in your head must have the ability to act and make them work effectively. Your knowledge alone is not yet a power, you must have the ability to apply it.

There are lots of things we need to discuss ahead. I will explain in further detail when is knowledge power. You don’t want to miss it so let’s keep reading!

When Is Knowledge Power?

The Famous quote “knowledge is power” has earned a notable place in our modern world. It is used widely to promote to us that we need to have personal growth. But how accurate is that phrase?

Well, in my opinion, I believe that knowledge is power only when you turn your knowledge into action. There was a time in our world that information was difficult to access. Many years back, the people were uneducated and poor, there were no houses and they were just living in caves. They don’t have any access to books or the internet like we have today.

But even though that’s their situation, I believe that they have the power of knowledge because we aren’t what we are today. What if they have the knowledge of setting the fire using flintstone but they didn’t perform it?

We won’t have better brain development and evolution in cooking foods. We won’t be transforming our ancestor’s hundreds of years ago into the humans we are today. Our ancestors earned their knowledge through learning and observing flintstones and they transform their knowledge into power by applying it into action.

The point out here is what you do with the knowledge gained that defines your power. It will just remain unexploited energy if you don’t convert that into action.

It’s also the same when we are building a business. Yes, you may have all the knowledge on how to build and manage a business, you also know all the theories since you graduated with a business degree. But everything would be useless if you won’t build a business on your own.

All you need to do is build your business to prove that your knowledge was right, and now you have the power to build a new business again.

I remember that my grandparents haven’t finished their studies, but the best thing about them is they were always treated by other people with high knowledge and wise persons. Even though they don’t have a degree, they have lots of experience. That’s what made them successful.

In our modern society, you should understand that knowledge alone is not enough. You can have the power, but not as powerful compared to a person who took action.

“You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.” -Tony Robbins

If you’re achieving a goal today, what are the fundamentals of the learning that you have gained? Ask yourself if you’re taking action on what you’ve learned. Instead of enrolling in a new course or joining a seminar again, try to take some action first on the knowledge that you have possessed.

Always remember that whatever you do in life, you need to keep learning, but always support it with action. That’s when knowledge becomes power.

When Is Knowledge Dangerous?

Knowledge can be dangerous when you are already causing more harm than good. There are lots of empirical hypotheses about knowledge being dangerous. A lot of people don’t agree that knowledge is dangerous, they believe that only foolish people believe such things. For them, it is a sign of anti-intellectualism.

But we can’t deny the fact that there are already happenings in our world that the knowledge of a person became dangerous simply because they prove it with their action. For example, people who are working to build more explosive missiles. They know that it could improve their military defense, but it could also be deadlier when used during a war.  

A simple example of knowledge that is dangerous that’s connected to our daily lives is injustice. Some people judge us for being wrong simply because of their prejudiced beliefs about us. They compare our knowledge capacity to their own which always happens in a job, life or death scenario, and many more.

There are times knowledge can be dangerous if it is far beyond our need. This would cause great unhappiness in our life.

Knowledge can also be dangerous if you attain the wrong information. Let’s say for example when you had a severe headache when you wake up. Instead of going to your doctor, you prefer to search on Google or YouTube which will give you lots of answers.

With all the information you have gained, you have concluded that you have brain cancer, even though you haven’t. Instead of being well, you are now depressed and the amount of anxiety in your brain increases.

I know that this is a tricky topic. Lots of debates had happened about this matter. It all depends on you on how you understood things. As long as your knowledge is not causing harm to yourself and others, it won’t be dangerous.

Why Is Knowledge in Power?

Knowledge is in power since it is a tool that gives human beings the ability to control their own life without being ignorant. Through that power, we can know what’s the right or wrong path.

We can have confidence since you believe in your skills, experience, and knowledge. It helps you to overcome your weaknesses for you know the answer to your worries. To view things dynamically and make wise decisions, the power of knowledge is needed in your life.

It is in power as it gives us moral advance in what we do. For example, having good grades in school, performing well in a job, and doing well in your society. It is also in power as it gives us the success and happiness that we’ve always dreamed of.

Knowledge is not always in power, it is still in potential power. It will only be in power unless you can apply it. It will be useless if you will just stay it on your mind. You must have the ability to act on that knowledge to prove that your knowledge is right.

How to Acquire Knowledge

Living in this world, you will realize that there are a lot of ways on how you can acquire knowledge. The quest for gaining knowledge is already ingrained in us. Whether you want to grow your intellectual mind or you don’t bother acquiring it.

I am happy every time I gain knowledge, I know that it is one way for me to improve myself. There are lots of ways on how I acquire knowledge and I will share it with you. The best way for me to acquire knowledge is by reading books. When you’re reading a book, your level of convenience is incomparable. It also has zero limitations since you can do it anytime and anywhere.

For it to be great, you need to apply to knowledge that you have gained from reading those books. When you’re reading a self-help book about building habits, make sure to apply it in your life.

You can also acquire knowledge by researching and reading articles from search engines. If you’re having a problem, you can easily search it on Google and you can acquire knowledge on how to solve your problem. We are surrounded by lots of technologies, the internet is a great place to start acquiring knowledge.

You can also gain knowledge by encouraging others or surrounding yourself with different people. When you surround yourself with entrepreneurs, you will acquire knowledge on how to build your own business.

Lastly, learn from your mistakes. This is also a great way to acquire knowledge and it can be your best teacher. Nothing can surpass the consolidation of our own experiences in life. It is Learning from our mistakes is also an integral part of our life since, without failure, none of us would learn.

The next time you will face the same situation, you will learn how to make adjustments and strategize your next move since you already learned from the past.


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