What Can Make a Man Cry? 10 Things

Since then, men are known to have a strong attitude. But there are situations in life that can make them cry. It’s normal because it’s a natural response to what’s happening in their life. As a man, I’ll admit that I already cried a lot of times. I never regretted it because expressing my feelings is a healthy way.

If you believe that you can’t make a man cry, you’re wrong. There are triggers or experiences in life that can make them cry.

In this article, I provided the 10 things that could make a man cry.

1. When His Loved One Dies

Oh c’mon, not just with men but all of us will cry if our loved one dies. No matter how strong a man’s feelings are, he would surely cry if one of his loved ones passes away. It’s their way of expressing their feelings of sadness. They know that they will never see them again and they will surely miss that person.

It’s just hard to accept that they can’t spend their time anymore with that person. If a man cries, don’t consider it unmanly because it’s a healthy expression. It will always be acceptable if a man cries. Men are sensitive when it comes to their loved ones.

When one of my loved ones died, I never hold onto my feelings. I cried as much as I could. I was known to have a muscular attitude, but I know that theirs is nothing if I cry because of the death of my loved one.

If you saw a man cry because his loved one passes away, let them shed their tears because it can help them heal their pain and sorrow.

2. Breaking Up With Their Long Term Partner

When they invested a lot with their long-term partner, then suddenly they broke up, that’s painful and could surely make a man cry. A man who cries during a breakup is normal. It’s very difficult for them to accept that their long-term partner is not there anymore. They thought that they would spend the rest of their lives with them.

It’s so painful that I also experienced it. I invested time and effort with my long-time partner and it vanished. It was all of a sudden that I don’t know how to explain it until now. I just cried a lot that time and slowly accepted things. I was grieving the loss of the bond we had together.

I just thought I would spend the rest of my life with her. After how many years, I realize that it just gets better over time.

For a man, going through a breakup is so painful and stressful. A man will cry during the early stage of shock and denial. It can also make them cry at their bed every night because they will experience a lot of confusing emotions. After months or maybe years, they will recover and will realize that life is a journey.

3. Watching Sad Movies

It depends on the movie that they’re watching. To be honest, I experienced crying because of a very sad movie. My friends told me in advance that no matter how tough I am, I would surely cry. At first, I was just laughing at them because I know myself well. I know that I’m not a crybaby.

After I watched the movie, I kept on crying and I just can’t control how I express my sadness that time. I thought I’m strong enough and was not a sensitive person. There were two movies that I’ve watched, the title was Miracle in Cell No.7 and Hachiko. I encourage men out there to watch those movies.

There are a lot of sad movies out there that can make a man cry especially those movies that you feel you are connected with the character. Those real-life stories that were turned into a movie, I just love it.

It doesn’t mean when a man cries because of a sad movie, he is weak. I feel no shame when I cried watching those movies, it’s normal to cry because that movie was made for the purpose. I don’t like to hide my tears, I prefer to express them. It’s part of me because I’m a human.

4. When They Marry Their Dream Girl

It’s 100% okay when a man cries during his wedding. It’s so sweet and you can feel his love towards their partner. Have you seen those movies where the groom cries because he was overwhelmed by the beauty of his bride. During the wedding, men tend to express their emotions. Not because they are sad, those are tears of joy.

I’ve seen a lot of men who cries during their wedding. They never thought that they would end up with their dream girl. They are overcome by their emotions when the woman of their dreams is walking down the aisle. With all the choir singing and ringing of bells. It feels magical.

When I asked one of my friends why he cried during his wedding. He told me that, he was just overwhelmed by the feeling. He already planned it since day one.

I also heard one story where the groom faced a lot of challenges because of rejection from the bride’s parents. They have different faiths, that’s why they need to fight hard and stay strong. After how many years, their wedding day has finally come. The man can’t control his feelings and he kept on crying because he was so happy.

5. Winning an Award that They Truly Worked For

Like Lebron James who won the championship during 2016. When Cleveland Cavaliers won their first NBA championship. A man cries while winning an award because he is so proud of himself. All the struggles during training, the doubts of other people, and all the hate. He was able to overcome it and won the award.

When I was in college, I won the championship match during our intramurals. I cried when I came home because I know how passionate I was about that sport. It’s my lifelong dream to win that trophy. I also didn’t expect that because I was still a freshman at that time

A man cries because they were able they handle everything. With that, a lot of people will amaze him. He will be remembered as one of the best.

6. Seeing Their Baby for the First Time

One of my friends shared with me how happy he was when he saw his first baby. He cried when he saw the baby and he cried more when he was able to carry it. At first, he was numb and so nervous. When he was in the delivery room, he was praying for the safe delivery of his wife.

He prayed for it for a very long time. He said, “it was all tears of joy.” He knows that it will change his life forever. He also cried when he knew that he was going to be a father. When the pregnancy test came out positive.

When a man wants to invest in having a family, having a baby born will make him cry because he truly wants it to happen. The most precious gift that he received is to build a loving family. Everything else will become second when a man has his own family.

7. When their Business Fails

A man cries when his business fails because he worked for it. It was his dream to build his own business and it suddenly disappeared. He feels helpless because he doesn’t know what to do. He invested a lot of time and money for it to be successful. He’s frustrated because he doesn’t know how to start over.

Unfortunately, being an entrepreneur is hard. Owning a business can make a man emotional. He will face a lot of stress and disappointments. They don’t know how to process their emotions. Some men know that handling a business is risky and it’s fine for them if it fails.

But there are also men out there who can’t control their emotions and would prefer to cry. Maybe, it was difficult for them to accept because it’s their only source of income. If it failed, he doesn’t know what to provide for his family.

I don’t know if you saw one movie where the main character gets drunk because he was so disappointed that his business failed. He just cried the whole night and tried to rebuild it again the next day.

8. If they Become a Failure in Life

Every man has experienced being a failure in some aspects of their life. They get discouraged because no matter how they try, they always fail. I understand how they feel because I also failed in some aspects of my life. It also made me cry. Even though I failed, I know I learned something from it.

Failing is part of individual growth. But we can’t deny the fact that once you felt it, it can somehow make you cry. No one wants to become a failure. When a man is reminded of their failure, it can hurt their feelings. It can bring a lot of suffering, to the point that they don’t know how to handle it anymore.

Men with weaker and sensitive personalities would cry. There’s a chance that they will look for an escape such as alcohol or drug addiction. They are so down that they have no more strength to get back on track. It’s just that, every man has different coping mechanisms. Our coping skills are created equally.

9. Missing a Big Event

I had a friend who missed a big event in his life because something unexpected happened. He was supposed to represent our school in a basketball game tournament. He wasn’t able to join the team because he had a knee injury. He felt it a week before the tournament. It was painful for him because he was the star player on the team.

His teammates needed him the most. He trained for many months so that he’s well prepared for the tournament. Sadly, he missed it. All he can do is cry. He lost motivation and he doesn’t know how to understand his feelings. I empathize with him and told him that he can still bounce back for next year.

I tried to understand him because he was my friend. I don’t want him to experience anxiety or depression. But I know, he is passionate about the game of basketball. I can see it in his eyes that he will try his best to be healthier for the next tournament.

10. Painful Words Coming From their Loved Ones

A man who receives painful words from their loved ones can experience a negative emotion. Whether it’s their parents, partner, or close friend. It can hurt on the inside and can make them cry. I always believed in this because words hurt if they come from the people you love.

Words are so powerful that they can pierce your heart. You feel like you have been a punch in the face or your soul has been split into two. The balance of men is lost if they heard painful words from someone with whom they have a close bond.

Words are not words alone, it has a meaning. You might not notice but simple communication can transmit feelings. Throughout my life, I’ve heard painful comments from my loved ones, I just let them go instead of leaving a mark on my heart. I don’t want those painful words to leave scars.

No matter how strong a man is, we should remember that painful words can make them cry. None of us are immune to aching comments. It can create a serious hole of loneliness in their heart.


Hey! I'm Lorofy, I'm a politician in our Local Government Unit and a Church Leader. I'm a dedicated leader in our community and an ambassador of goodwill. I became a motivator and an advocate for men who are looking for meaning in life and on how to reach their full potential. I'm also a fitness enthusiast and consider fitness as my everyday expertise.