Should A Man Help Around The House?

There’s a lot of debate if a man should help around the house, it’s been a discussion for thousands of years and I’m pretty sure that it will continue for the coming years. Some Men are fixed on a general image that they do not deserve to help around the house.

A man should help around the house no matter how busy he is. If it is truly important for them, they will learn how to set priorities. Unfinished chores can increase the stress level in your own house. It is also a man’s responsibility to run and take good care of the household.

In this article, let’s take a look at the in-depth explanation to fully understand why a man should help around the house.

Should a Man Help Around the House?

Whether a man is married or single, they should still help around the house. People believe that a man should be busy at work because he will be the one to provide money. I don’t agree with that. If a man is married, he shouldn’t allow his partner to always ask for help because doing household chores is also his responsibility.

A man shouldn’t set divisions that only women are the only ones that should clean the house. Remember that household chores are shared responsibilities by couples. There’s no such thing as being busy, you just need to set priorities so you can have time to help the house. Helping around the house won’t take you how many hours, 30 minutes or an hour is already fine if you’re doing it daily.

Even if women are still doing the bulk of the household chores, men should still help. It is unfair if men won’t help. It can lead to stress and tension in your relationship.

To all married men out there, being helpful around your house can strengthen the loving relationship you have with your partner. To all single men, learn to help around the house so that by the time you will get married, your partner will see you as hardworking and committed.

Years ago, I also believed that women are responsible to do household chores, but sometimes I wasn’t satisfied with how they work. That’s why I took to the responsibility to learn the basics of how to do household chores. It was fun and I can say that it was fulfilling.

This is not to shame all men out there, but if you’re lazy enough to help, you better change your habits and learn to set priorities. If you’re just playing games or staying in bed for the whole day, don’t complain if the house is dirty or the dishes are not yet washed.

If a man thinks that it’s unmanly to help around the house, well he is wrong. If household chores are something you can help your parents or your wife with, be glad because you’re doing the right thing.

I am not stereotyping that all men don’t do household chores, I know these days that there are already a lot of men who are learning to help around the house. This is what I’ve noticed and I’m happy with it.

If you’re a man that is planning to have a family someday, try to learn everything especially in helping around the house because your children will also do the same regardless of their gender.

What Should a Man Do Around the House?

There are a lot of things that a man can do around the house. If you are still learning what to do around the house, you can start by observing your parents or your partner on how they do it. You can also ask them what are the things that need to be done. If they are not around, you can look at things from their perspective. I also provided a list of what you can do to help.

Here are some ways what should a man do around the house:

1. Get the Broom and Mop to Clean the Floor

Cleaning and Mopping the floor requires a lot of work especially when you’re cleaning the kitchen, that’s why when I experienced this work, I told my parents that I will be the one who will do it forever because they’re slightly old. You will surely hate those sticky specks of dirt that you’ll notice on your kitchen floor.

But don’t worry, men have strong muscles and I know they can do it. After you’ll clean the floor, you will feel satisfied and fulfilled because it is now clean and shiny.

2. Clean the Table and Prepare the Meal

Cooking for your family or other people is quite hard. If you know how to cook, switch off with your partner or your parents. When you don’t have any experience in cooking, better clean the table and prepare the plates before you eat. This is just an easy task to do. It won’t even take you 5 minutes to do this.

If you’re not satisfied with this work, try to help by cutting the vegetables or buying the food that needs to be cook for your meal.

3. Learn How to Wash the Dishes

I like to see men who wash the dishes, it will challenge their gender roles and makes them more responsible in life. If you learn how to wash the dishes, you are pushing yourself to be a better person. It also makes you humble because those dirty plates and spoons that were used by your family members were cleaned with your own hands.

When you wash the dishes daily, you’re already doing the change that you want in your life instead of talking about it. You’re making the world simpler for the people around you. You did a great sacrifice.

4. Take Care of the Baby

If you know how to take good care of yourself, you also know how to take care of the baby. This is only applicable to married men. Helping around the house also means helping your wife. If your wife is busy cooking for the food, be responsible enough to look for the baby. Men are aspired to look for their wife, loved ones, and their baby.

I know that you are already tired after work, but remember that your baby is your motivation why you’re working hard. You need to provide for your family for them to have a good life. I don’t oblige men to take care of their baby, I obliged both parents. It just so happened that there are times when men abandon their baby because he knows his wife will take good care of it.

5. If not Satisfied, Just Do Something

Take the initiative to help around the house even if you’re not told by your partner. Do something if you notice that something is wrong. If you’re not satisfied with how your partner cleaned the house, clean it by yourself. It will be the most special thing that you can do. Your partner will surely be proud of you.

I do this all the time because I know I always want to keep our house clean as possible. I hate it when it’s dusty. If you keep on helping around the house, someday it will become your habit and you’ll become more grateful in life.

Why Some Men Don’t Help Around the House?

There are a lot of reasons why men don’t help around the house, the reasons that I’ve noticed are, first is they’re just entitled, and the second is they haven’t seen their parents doing it when they were still a child.

Entitled men want to be superior and they feel that they don’t deserve to help around the house. They will create conflict for them not to help. They will also act selfishly and pass the chores to other people in their house. They are less likely to follow instructions and will never apologize because the house is dirty.

On the other hand, parents are the role models of their children. If a man doesn’t help around the house, there’s a chance he grew up not seeing his parents as his role models. What parents do and say can guide what a child’s behavior and attitude are.

The philosopher Norwood Russell Hanson called this the “seeing-as.” 

How to Convince a Man to Help Around the House?

Communication is key to convince a man to help around the house. You need to have tactics to persuade him to help. There are many approaches to convince a man to help without being aggressive. The best thing that I can suggest is, reward him every time he accomplishes work in your house. It makes a man feel good and improves their work.

To motivate them to help around the house, giving a reward is the best thing that you can do. But sometimes it also depends on the situation or their taste if they want to help.

Another thing is, try to appreciate his strengths. Try to observe him on what are the best thing that he does around your house. If you’re good at cleaning the floor while he is good at the kitchen like cooking food, appreciate it. Appreciate what he’s good at so he will keep on doing it.

When you keep on complaining because he doesn’t perform this kind of effort around your house, he will lose motivation to help and will just accept that you will never appreciate him. Try to ask yourself what are the things that he keeps on doing that you never think about. Like cooking food, cleaning the yard, or handling electric bills.

There are areas that a man is good and must be appreciated. If he doesn’t clean the floor but always cooks delicious food every day, it’s fine. Every man has his strengths in helping around the house, maybe you just didn’t notice it. There’s a responsibility that he knows that’s all his.

Don’t look for perfection even if it’s not the same as how you do it. Appreciating him can make a big difference in his life. Aside from cooking delicious food for the past few years, maybe he will do more like doing the laundry.


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