Should A Man Express His Feelings?

A lot of men don’t express their feelings because they were thought certain aspects of what their personality should be like. They must act strong and masculine. In our society, we can’t deny the fact that it’s unusual for us to see a man who expresses his feelings all the time.

A man should express his feelings because it gives them the ability to connect deeper with themselves. Expressing their feelings can improve communication and relationships with other people. A man expressing his feelings makes him feel better and more self-aware.

To know if a man should express his feelings, I provided more information below to fully understand them. Let’s keep reading!

Should a Man Express His Feelings?

Men should express their feelings because it gives them the ability to connect with what’s deep inside them. When men express their feelings, they become better people because they know who they are. Men became authentic and they feel better for themselves.

In my experience, every time I bury my feelings, I act differently. I feel like something is heavy deep inside of me. If I can’t withdraw my feelings from other people, I just withdraw them on my own by expressing them in my room.

As a man, the best reason why I express my feelings is my problems get solved. When I have relationship issues with other people, I want to be honest with them by expressing my true feelings. After that, I noticed that my problems with them easily get solved. I feel relaxed because I don’t need to hold unhealed feelings to other people.

If men will hold their feelings, it’s unhealthy and can lead to stress. Men should know that feelings are normal and it’s a natural response. It’s part of your brain and it’s responsible for how you think and feel. Men will be more depressed if they keep holding their feelings.

I knew a lot of men who are afraid to express their feelings because they feel that once they get started, they don’t know how to stop it. If a man lets his tears flow, he’s letting all the pain inside his heart go away while making room in their heart for positivity.  Don’t be afraid to express your feelings because it’s the best way.

How about when a man is angry, do they need to express it to other people? Yes, because if they don’t express their anger it can hurt them. A man must view his anger as a tool that responds to upsetting circumstances. I don’t apologize for my feelings especially when I know that feeling was a natural response to a certain situation.

Always remember that every time you express your feelings, you also open your heart. You feel that it’s also calming your soul. Other people can truly understand how you feel. Just make sure that you know how to control your feelings every time you express them.

Why Do Men Hide their Feelings?

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered on what are the main reasons why men hide their feelings. In our society, women are more likely to express their feelings compared to men. Some men prefer to hide it, others will take time to understand and learn how to express it.

Here are the 3 reasons why men hide their feelings:

1. Parental Issue When They Were Still a Child

Other countries may not experience this, but there are a lot of countries like Asia where men are taught to be strong and fierce. They are not allowed to cry in small problems because as a man, they must show strength.

I grew up in this kind of situation, my parents taught me to be mature enough even though I was just 8 years old. That time, they want me to act like a real man even though that I don’t have any idea about that.

Some parents are very dismissive that they don’t care about how their children feel. They want the child’s negative feelings to vanish swiftly. Parents must give importance to the feelings of their children because it might affect them when they grow.

2. The Judgement of the Society

The common reason why men don’t like to express their feelings. They don’t to be judged by society. If they cry, people think they are weak. Men are known to be strong physically and emotionally. They are always expected to be bigger and powerful, that’s why there’s a belief that they are not supposed to cry because it will appear that they are weak.

Phrases such as “big boys don’t cry” are always thrown at them. Society always puts pressure on how a man feels. When a man cries and society judges them, it can damage their self-worth.

I hope one day, society will realize that it’s totally fine when a man expresses his feelings in any way that he wants to. I hope society will not judge men to be weak or unmanly if they cry.

3. Environmental Influence

Environmental influence through a group of friends. Men always hang out with other men, they are influenced by the attitudes and feelings of their friends. Men don’t express their feelings especially when he’s surrounded by people who don’t act like that. Environmental influence can affect personality and feelings.

There are also environmental influences through families. The feelings of men are shaped through his family. His feelings are also shaped by his parents which is the most influential person in his life.

I’ve realized that the best way to control your feelings is to select your environment. If you don’t want to be angry all the time, don’t surround yourself with angry people. Men should understand his relationships with other people because it can surely affect how he feels.

How Do Men Express their Feelings?

There are two primary ways how men express their feelings, direct expression or hiding it to themselves. How men express their feelings can also be connected through family values, cultures, and a lot of factors.

Even though men often express their feelings, they still express them as most people do. First, they try to understand or process their feelings, then they express them the way they should be.

When they have the feeling of being in love, they express it through body language. They have physical gestures like being clingy to the person they like. They can also express through facial emotions like they are happy.

It’s just the same as how people express their feelings. It’s just that we often see men express it because they don’t like to be judge by other people.

Men express their feelings depending on how they interpret situations. They interpret the events that are happening and they respond based on their feelings.

Can a Man Just Turn His Feelings Off?

Men don’t turn their feelings off, they prefer to hide them. Like what I usually do, I prefer not to show them. I hide because I don’t want to be judge by other people. There are times that I don’t feel expressing because no one would even care. ‘

I’ve met a lot of men who are just as emotional as some women out there. They just don’t like to express it because they are scared that it will be used against them. They know how society views them as a person with strong characteristics. They prefer to suppress rather than turning it off.

Do Women Like When Men Express their Feelings?

Despite how society views men, there are a lot of women who like men that express their feelings. A lot of women knew that when men hide their feelings, it will be unhealthy for them.

“The suicide rate for males was three times higher than the rate for females (17.9 versus 5.3 per 100,000).” -Statistics Canada

A lot of women want to see a man that is honest with his emotions. They know that if a man doesn’t express his feelings, it might lead to depression. Men can go months or years without expressing their emotions.

It’s important to know that men have the right to properly addressed how they feel and must not be scared if women won’t like it. Women see you as a brave person when you know how to express your feelings.


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