Pros and Cons of Dating

When we talk about dating, it is something that two people meet socially to assess the suitability of each other if they can be a potential partner in the future. For short, dating is a no-strings-attached kind of relationship. You want to explore and know more about the person before you get serious.

Like building a business or investing in stocks, dating can also be risky. When you are seeing someone, there’s no hundred percent guarantee that you will be together in the future. You are hanging out with them with a specific purpose to assess if they’re the ones for you.

If you think everything is well-matched, then go for it. If not, better luck next time. In this article, I provided the pros and cons of dating that you must learn. I went through all of that and I can say that every date that I’ve experienced is different.


1. If it Didn’t Work, You Can Explore More

This is the fun thing about dating, when both of you are not yet serious and the casual dating didn’t work out, you can explore more by finding your next date. You just need to remain calm and look for another one if you’re still interested. You can just go ahead and part ways like nothing happened.

If you did your best and it didn’t work, it’s not your fault. There are a lot of people out there that will attract you and you can ask them for a date. I remember when I invited someone for a date, I was aware that we aren’t well-suited for each other but I still went for it.

After that, I thank her for spending time with me but I know that she’s not the one. I didn’t feel any pain or regret because we felt that we were just exploring each other. There was no commitment and we didn’t have any constant communication. Though there was a little bit of spark, we won’t expect that things would go serious.

Some people would go for multiple dates because it’s easier for them to know what they’re looking for. They would date casually, then if they found the right one, deeper feelings will be involved. They would stop their other dates and will focus on that person. 

I won’t recommend that simply because I haven’t tried that yet. I prefer to take things slowly. I’m quite a busy person and I want to balance other things like my work and business.

2. You Won’t Be Alone During Social Events or Weekends

This is great especially when your friends are already taken and they invited you for an event next week. Your date can be a guaranteed person that is going to be with you on that day.

Some people don’t want to be left out with their friends. Your friends won’t tease you because you’re single.

You will be more confident because you won’t look like an introvert. It’s a great idea when you invite your date to join social events like hanging out with your friends or joining a party at your cousin’s house.

In that way, your date will know you more as a person and they would feel that you’re serious about them. I know it’s not easy, but it’s also another way to break the ice and tell the whole world that you’re dating someone.

It might also be awkward but it’s one way of showing your date that you’re serious about them. They would feel that you’re proud of them.

3. It Feels Great When You Like the Person

It feels great when you have strong feelings for that person. This is the best advantage of dating. It was so amazing when I experienced dating my long-time crush when I was still in high school.

The feeling of falling in love while you’re together. The million butterflies flying around your stomach. Well, if this is your approach to dating, there’s no need to read the other lists of pros in this article.

You want to go all-in and be serious with your date. You want to turn it into a serious relationship. You didn’t expect that the person you like accepts your invitation to go on a date.

Dating the person that you like is good, but getting to date them is the best. You automatically shift your fantasy into a reality.

4. Sharing Old Stories as If they were New

Consider these pros for dating because it’s amazing when you share old stories with your date. You’re like sharing your life with them. Old stories can be a great topic during your date. They will know what kind of person you are.

Every time we have a new date, chances are high that we share old stories about our life. All our struggles and other experiences in life. It feels so healthy when because we can vent out something from them.

Also, your dating journey doesn’t get boring because you have lots of stories to tell. You might even help them if they can relate to your story. 

By sharing old stories and turning them as if they were new, is the only way to connect yourself with the person you’re dating. It enables them to understand you on a different level. There’s a deeper connection that would happen.

5. You Know Where to Spend Your Free Time

You’re done with your work and you have nothing else to do? Well, you can spend your free time with your date. It won’ be difficult for you to think of someone else because you know that you’re dating someone.

When I was dating someone, I have free time during weekends and I always want to invite her to eat for dinner. The best thing is, she likes to eat pizza and watch Netflix with me. My free time was always spent well.

It’s healthy when you spend your free time with the person you’re dating. Both of you can decide where you want to spend your free time.

You must have a quality bond together before you get serious to help strengthen your connection with each other.

6. You Can Experience New Places and Activities

I’m a big fan of experiencing new places and activities. With dating, I’m able to explore new restaurants and taste delicious foods. Every time I have a date, I always want to try new places or activities that would make our dating journey more fun.

At the same time, you can also invite each other with your hobbies. If you’re dating someone that loves to go for a hike, you can try it together.

It’s just so amazing because you will discover things that you have not yet tried. You’re like pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. There is nothing more satisfying than experiencing and learning new things in life.

With dating, you can break the monotony of your habits and help you progress to be more open on other things, experiences, and possibilities.

7. You Discover What You Admire in Other and What You Would like to Improve about Yourself

This one is my favorite. You will learn more about what you admire in others and how you can improve yourself. I have lots of experiences when it comes to dating. If that dating journey didn’t work, I can learn a lot of lessons.

Such as what I want, what I don’t like, and what I need in a relationship. These are the things that you will figure out when you’re spending lots of time dating. If you think that they’re not the one, you can improve it on your next date.

You will just know your standards until someone will let you realize what you deserve. You aren’t comfortable? They don’t have the same goals as you? Maybe, they’re too naughty? Improve those things on your next dating journey.

There are times that the person you’re looking for is the same as your attitude or someone that has the characteristics you thought you weren’t looking for. You just can’t predict who you fall for.  

In dating, you can also learn if you like being in a relationship, what gender preference you like, or if you just want to focus on other things and forget about dating. Even if your dating journey didn’t work, you still learned a lot of lessons. This is the greatest advantage that you have when it comes to dating.


1. You Will be Spending Money for Something You Aren’t Sure of

Again, dating is going to be risky. You’re doing something that you aren’t sure of. It’s not sure if you will be together in the future. Your hard-earned money from your work will be wasted because your dating journey just didn’t work out.

If you’re just in high school or college, the only money you get is from your parents. The money that they gave you for lunch was spent on a date because you fell in love with someone. A date that didn’t work. Your parents didn’t even wish you to spend that money on dates.

For sure, you don’t have an extra job to earn money because you’re busy in school. Instead of dating, better spend it on yourself or your business. Spend it on things you love.

When you’re dating someone, you have no choice but to spend money. It’s part of the game. You have no choice because it’s one way to convince your partner that you’re serious about them. Some people spend huge amounts of money to impress their dating partners. Instead of saving it, they prefer to spend it.

2. Less Time With Your Friends

This is so true. When I started dating someone, I almost forgot my friends. I was so in love with that girl and I gave all my attention to her. I was so busy with her because my feelings were so real.

One time, my friends reminded me to hang out with them. That time, I just realized that I was so unkind to them. I don’t want to lose them that’s why I tried to balance my time.

So when you’re dating someone, there’s a huge possibility that you will have less time with your friends. Your friends might even hate you if you forget about them and you just come back because your dating journey failed.

Less time with your friends also means you won’t experience that amazing nightlife that you always do every weekend. What you need to do is to get your priorities right. Try to distribute your time healthily and evenly to people that are important to your life.

3. Heartbreak

The biggest disadvantage when it comes to dating is heartbreak. That’s the worst thing that you would ever feel. No one wants to experience that especially when we are serious about them.

Well, I’m sure you already know about the risk of dating. When there’s love, there’s also pain. When you’re going through heartbreak, it’s very painful. You might question yourself why you even bother to date them if they will just break your heart.

To share my experience, I was dating someone and I was so serious about her. But, it failed and I just don’t know why. It was so painful because I saw her with someone that she’s happy with. I can’t do anything but respect her decision.

When it comes to dating, we are like stepping forward without knowing what’s on the other side. Dating is a good and terrible idea. That’s why when you date someone, always keep your heart strong.

4. Waste of Time and Effort

Those expensive restaurants, flowers, and chocolates. Then after a month, you realized that you were not meant for each other. Not just heartbreak but all your time and effort will all come to waste.

Dating can also be a waste of time and effort because you’re still trying to figure out what you’re doing. There are times where you already sacrificed a lot of things for your date but in the end, it didn’t go well.

If you’re not emotionally mature as a person, don’t go dating. It would just be a waste of time for yourself and others. You will just be frustrated because you didn’t get what you want.

I had dated someone whom I thought was ready to take our relationship to another level. But I noticed that she hadn’t moved on from her past yet. All the efforts that I did for her were wasted.

5. The Awkwardness if it Didn’t Work Out

It’s so awkward when you saw each other again and you know that you dated in the past. Like you want to avoid that awkwardness but you just can’t do it. It’s very common when you dated someone in school or at work.

We live in a modern world so these kinds of things are so common with couples who broke up. Things would go awkward if you ended it on a bitter note. It’s less awkward when you ended your dating journey on a positive note.

Even if your dating journey didn’t work, try to end things maturely so that it would be less awkward in the future. Just accept what went wrong and look for another date if you want to.

6. You Might Fall in Love and They’re Not Serious

This is quite scary because you might not know that they are not serious about you and they’re just playing around. When you’re ready for a long-term and serious relationship and you dated someone new, this kind of situation is very common.

There are a lot of people out there who won’t take things seriously especially when it comes to dating. They just want the casual date to have some fun. They won’t make you their priority and they’re not willing to make plans with you.

They will just make you expect while you’re already falling in love. I usually noticed this if the person I’m dating is not quick to respond with my chats or if they keep postponing our plans.

7. You’re Not Compatible

There’s a possibility that both of you will realize that you’re not compatible with each other. You feel that you don’t enjoy company when you’re together. It’s also an indicator that you’re in an unhealthy relationship.

There’s a time in your dating journey that you are together physically but not emotionally connected. Like, you can be eating in a restaurant together but you can’t communicate well.

These are the things that you need to accept. No matter what effort you put in, you won’t feel any spice.


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