Men and Emotions: Can a Man be Emotional?

Somehow we are curious if men can be emotional. Since then, we know that women are more emotional than men because men prefer to suppress their emotions and women are more emotionally expressive. To better understand, every human has four basic emotions: Sadness, Anger, Happiness, and fear. As a man, I experienced all of these emotions.

In today’s era, it is not surprising that a lot of men are already showing their emotional side because for them, it’s the healthy way.

A man can be emotional because it serves as a natural response to drive a certain action. The emotional state that men feel is often based on how he behaves. Men are represented to be strong and fearless, but they can also experience other emotional feelings.

To fully understand, I provided more information below on why men can be emotional.

A Man Can be Emotional

Not just with men, but all genders have the right to be emotional. There are a lot of stereotypes that only women have the right to be emotional. As I grew up, I realized that there’s nothing wrong with being emotional because I love to express my emotions to people with whom I feel comfortable.

As a man, expressing my emotions brings a lot of benefits for me. I can see a lot of opportunities on how to solve my problems if I express my emotions positively. Sometimes, a man can express his emotions through his mind without acting such as, yelling in the public or banging a door.

A man can be emotional but they are not that expressive compared to women. Why men are not that expressive? It is because men prefer to “hold their feelings”. This is something we called emotional suppression. Men like to reduce and control the positive and negative emotions that they feel.

Since then, men are taught that if they express their feelings it could ruin their identity as a male. For example, if they cry, it could ruin their masculinity. Just because we thought that men aren’t depressed or sad, doesn’t mean that they don’t have that kind of emotion.

As I grow up, I noticed that more and more men are now more emotional like women. I see nothing wrong about that because expressing your feelings makes you feel better.

Ever since men are not encouraged to express their emotional side of being sad and fearful. They must always be seen as a strong and fearless person. With that, men tend to hide their feelings and let their brains go into a fight-flight state.

Is being Emotional for Men Wrong?

There’s nothing wrong if men are emotional. All men are allowed to be emotional. It is a normal part of who they are as a human. They have the right to express their emotions in any way they like. It is part of how they process events and situations in their life.

No one is allowed to interfere with your emotions because you control your thoughts and feelings. Try to imagine being sad because you mourn for your dog and someone judges you keep on crying, it would be annoying.

Again, there’s nothing wrong if men are emotional. Don’t let society judge your emotions because it’s completely normal to be emotional. Don’t try to be a brick. Be who you are and learn how to express your emotions. It is a big display of who you are, it is not a weakness.

Do Women Like Emotional Men?

Every woman is different, but, there are a lot of women who like emotional men because women feel that these kinds of men know how to express their emotions and are true to themselves. Women prefer a man who is emotionally expressive because she wants to be open about his emotions.

According to a survey, 97 percent of women prefer a man who is open about his emotions. It is considered strong, natural, or healthy for them. If you think you are an emotional man, try to find a woman who can appreciate your emotion. There are a lot of women out there who love that.

I dated a lot of women and surveyed them by asking them if they like emotional men. Most of their answer was, they tend to be attracted to men who are not afraid that their masculinity will be ruined by expressing their emotions. 

Most women like emotional men because it is attractive for them and it is one way to know you more. Women feel that they are in touch with you. To be exact, you can be an emotional man but make sure you are still manly.

What are the Reasons a Man can have Negative Emotions and How to Deal with them?

There are a lot of reasons why a man can be emotional. We will try to cover the common reasons.

1. Lack of Sleep because Men work hard to be the Provider

Men not getting enough sleep because they work hard day and night to earn a steady income for their future or their family. Lack of sleep has a big effect on your emotions. In a study, sleep deprivation can affect the facial expression of your emotion. Not just lack of sleep, but the stress on your body that follows.

Everyone knows what is the feeling of having a lack of sleep. You feel exhausted and easily get irritated by small things. Imagine a man working every day with little to no sleep. With this, men easily get angry. It would be normal as long as he knows how to control his anger.

Some men, try to open it to someone or maybe their partner. They express their emotions by crying because they’re already tired. They just want to burst out all their problems and stress.

To deal with this, try to understand yourself. Never argue with someone and just express your emotions. Try to ask for help so that you can have the chance to rest and get enough sleep. You could also ask someone to prepare a bed for you to sleep in and an additional massage. When you have enough sleep, you’ll notice that your emotions will change.

2. Having Poor Diet

In research, eating behavior can affect your emotions. It means that the food intake or choices of a man can affect his emotions. A lot of men don’t fuel their bodies before going to work causing them to feel emotionally out of control. Men should have a healthy eating habit especially when he has a lot of activities to do. To have a happy emotion, avoid having an unhealthy eating pattern.

To deal with this, men should eat a lot of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Try to assess why you feel out of control for the past few days and check the food that you usually eat if it is healthy or not.

Always eat your breakfast because it is considered the most important meal of the day. You break the fasting period that you did while you’re sleeping. Breakfast could boost your energy while doing all the tasks that you need to comply with throughout the day. Not just with breakfast, but also lunch and dinner. Avoid skipping meals. Always eat at the right time.

In a study, healthy eating can make you happier and contributes to a longer life. Who doesn’t want to live long? Being emotionally happy is beyond our control, but what you eat is in your own hands. So remember to eat healthy for more energy and happiness.

3. Lack of Exercise

The benefits of exercise could help how you deal with your emotions. Not just with your emotions but also with your mood. With exercise, it could promote positive emotion. In a study, physical activity can improve emotional experiences. With positive emotions, it could lead your life in a positive direction.

Some men refuse to exercise because they are busy at work or watching movies. They feel that it is tiring that’s why they don’t make time for it. Little do they know that exercising could have a great impact on their emotions.

Now that you know that exercise could affect your emotions. Make a schedule for your daily exercise. Commit at least 1 hour daily. Go for a treadmill or strength exercises.

4. Grief and Loss

Grief and loss is a universal experience that unexpectedly comes to our lives. Men who faced grief and loss can suffer emotionally. Including accidents, injury, death of a loved one, and many more. The feeling of grief and loss makes every man feel that they don’t have any emotions at all. These emotions are normal.

To deal with this kind of emotion, try to seek help. It could be a therapist or a close friend. Take some time to heal yourself. Accept your feelings and emotions and remember that grieving is a process.

Take care of yourself or let someone be with you. Slowly, return to your hobbies and make sure to keep yourself busy. There is no timetable for your grieving. Take it one step at a time and be patient with yourself.

5. Major Life Challenges

Men have to deal with a lot of challenges. Being a man is quite scary sometimes because you feel that you have a lot of responsibilities. Some challenges that they encounter are:

  • Divorce
  • Career Change
  • Having a Baby
  • Rejection
  • Lack of Money to Provide
  • Expectations from other People

With these challenges, men could be emotionally drained. Some men can face every challenge with a strong heart and confidence. Some men seem just to give up quickly.

To overcome these life challenges, always think that every time you surpass that certain challenge, you’ll get a sense of satisfaction. It feels fulfilling every time you accomplish a problem. Don’t lose motivation and always face the problem. With time, you’ll get stronger and you can easily face that problem without hesitations.

As a man, always remember that every challenge is an opportunity for you to grow. You are better compared to the challenges that you face every day.


Hey! I'm Lorofy, I'm a politician in our Local Government Unit and a Church Leader. I'm a dedicated leader in our community and an ambassador of goodwill. I became a motivator and an advocate for men who are looking for meaning in life and on how to reach their full potential. I'm also a fitness enthusiast and consider fitness as my everyday expertise.