It’s Okay Not To Have a Girlfriend: 10 Reasons Why

There was a time in my life that I was curious because I want to know if having a girlfriend is important. Some of my friends were obsessive and they want to have a girlfriend because the feeling of falling in love is appealing for them. I also want to experience that but, noticing that some people are so excited about having a girlfriend makes me realize the things that I can do, that a lot of my friends who are in a relationship can’t.

There are times that we thought that we can’t survive without having a girlfriend. You feel pressured maybe because your parents or friends keep on asking you if you’re already in a relationship. Well, the truth is, you don’t need to pressure yourself because there are a lot of advantages to not having a girlfriend at this point.

Here is the list of reasons why it’s okay not to have a girlfriend:

1. You Can Prioritize Loving Yourself

Loving Yourself is the greatest thing that you could ever do for yourself. You don’t depend on other people just to love you back. Loving yourself is already everything because, after that, it comes down to also improving one’s self. It also means that you are taking care of your emotional and mental being. You prefer to serve yourself first before other people.

When we don’t give importance to loving ourselves, we also don’t learn how to love other people. One thing that I’ve learned about loving myself is I learned to respect the uniqueness in my life and appreciate myself. So to produce inner peace and positive changes in your life, self-love is necessary.

2. You Don’t Need to Spend Money on Dates and Gifts

This one is my favorite. Instead of spending money on dates and gifts why not save that money for more important things. Such as your education, business, and emergency funds. There are times that some girlfriends will demand those expensive dates and gifts that could hurt your pocket. You will not struggle with what gift will you buy and how much the price of that. Planning a date and buying a gift can be quite stressful for some.

This could also distract you from doing the important things in life such as work or studies. The advantage of not having a girlfriend, for now, is you will have lots of savings for yourself and use it for future purposes. If you are not ready to provide for the needs of being in a relationship, enjoy your time being single.

3. There are No Heartaches because of Breakups

This is the most common reason why some people don’t want to have a girlfriend. Being in a relationship could be risky because you know that there’s a possibility that you’ll end up breaking up and heartaches will follow. Having no girlfriend will give you peace of mind that no one will hurt your feelings.

I’ve seen some of my friends broke up with their girlfriends and suffered emotionally for how many months. It is very painful and no one wants to experience that feeling. The emotional stress of heartaches is very painful. So having no girlfriend is okay especially when you are not ready to experience heartaches.

4. No One Will Hold You Back In Your Plans

Having no girlfriend will give you freedom from everything that you do. There’s nobody that will hold you back from your plans. Want to spend your day watching movies? Go for it.  Want to attend a party? You can. Having a girlfriend that is controlling you is one of the worst feelings that I don’t want to experience in a relationship. The feeling that your partner is holding you back because it doesn’t benefit her or she doesn’t agree with your plans.

Imagine having a girlfriend and after how many months you realize that she always controls your decisions and create a debt against you if you will not follow her. It’s already a toxic relationship if your girlfriend doesn’t support you and tries to manipulate your life. So maybe in this kind of situation, it is okay not to have a girlfriend yet.

5. More Time to Socialize with Your Friends

The feeling that you will have more time to socialize with your friends because you have all the time to enjoy your life. No need to worry about checking your phone from time to time, no need to update someone on where you are, and no reason to ignore the invitations of your friends because you have all the freedom to do what you want.

When you have a girlfriend or in a relationship, it means that there is something new going on with your life and another aspect of your life will be sacrificed, and at times it will be your friends. If the time comes that you will already have a girlfriend, I hope you will still spend time with your friends. But for now, enjoy your life socializing with them.

6. You’ll Be More Independent in Life

Being independent in life and not depending on someone else makes you a responsible person. Personal independence could boost your confidence even though you don’t have a girlfriend. Some people who are in a relationship keep looking for support because they feel that their partner is always there for them. You can take care of yourself without relying on someone else.

One example is, don’t be in a relationship because that girl is already wealthy. Work hard for yourself and achieve that riches in your own way. Being single can make you analyze the situation and work hard for yourself and learn how to overcome challenges. To survive in this world, learn how to be independent and support yourself physically.

7. Your Time Won’t be Wasted with Nonsense Arguments

Fighting with your girlfriend may be normal but there are times that when you have a small problem with each other it tends to grow big because instead of fixing it, you keep on arguing. Imagine that small misunderstanding between couples and after a minute or an hour it will lead to a great problem. It can be a waste of time and it can ruin your entire day. Arguing with a girlfriend will never help you solve a problem.

So Instead of worrying that you don’t have a girlfriend, be happy because you don’t need to worry about any conflicts that might happen. You will be at peace and tend to worry less.

8. No Feelings of Jealousy towards other People

If you are in a relationship, there will be times that you will be jealous because your girlfriend might spend her time with other things or you thought that she hasn’t moved on to her ex yet. The feeling of envy is quite frustrating because it can lead to arguments between both parties.

Without a girlfriend, you will not be insecure and you have fewer things to worry about. When you feel jealous, and you want to fix it, it might be awkward to communicate because there might be a chance that it will lead to tension. When the feeling of jealousy hits your relationships, the feeling of sadness and anger will mix. The worst-case scenario is, you caught your girlfriend cheating with the person whom you are jealous of.

9. No Special Dates to Remember

No special dates to remember like monthsaries, anniversaries, or even Valentine’s day. You will avoid the struggles in buying gifts or be scolded by your girlfriend if you forgot those special dates that you have. Forgetting special dates can also lead to an argument.

Can you imagine how much peace of mind you can have instead of worrying about what date is it and what surprises are you going to make with your girlfriend? You can save a ton of time and money. If you can feel that feeling, well it is okay not to have a girlfriend because singlehood is really for you.

10. You are Complete without Anyone To Complete You

Who says you need a girlfriend to be complete? That’s the worse advice I’ve heard. You are already a whole and a perfect person without anyone to complete you. You are the captain of your ship and never depend on your life to someone else just to complete you.

Having no girlfriend doesn’t mean you are weak, you just know how to prioritize things and you are strong enough to wait for what you deserve in life. Enjoy the lifelong romance with yourself. We think that having a girlfriend is going to make us whole, but a complete person is the one who is sufficient mentally and emotionally, and will not need someone to help them. Be satisfied with who you are without having a girlfriend.

Don’t feel that someone is missing in your life. Stop looking for that missing piece because you are already complete and it’s okay not to have a girlfriend.


So if you’re looking for an answer if it’s okay not to have a girlfriend, it’s perfectly fine. No need to pressure yourself and just enjoy life to the fullest. The right girl will just come along and walk into your life so be patient and trust the process.


Hey! I'm Lorofy, I'm a politician in our Local Government Unit and a Church Leader. I'm a dedicated leader in our community and an ambassador of goodwill. I became a motivator and an advocate for men who are looking for meaning in life and on how to reach their full potential. I'm also a fitness enthusiast and consider fitness as my everyday expertise.