How To Value Respect: 9 Ways

Every time we hear the word respect, we know that it’s a beautiful word. It’s one of the most important words that we should practice. I consider respect as the center of my character and values. When we were growing up, our parents taught us how to respect others.  They want us to accept someone for who they are. They want respect to become our second nature.

When it comes to valuing respect, you play a big role to become a role model for yourself and to other people. Respect, as a basic moral value, must be part of your life because that’s something you deserve.

Here are 9 simple ways on how to value respect. These are basic ways on how you can show respect to yourself and other people.

1. Start Respecting Yourself First

Before you can show respect to other people, you must first respect yourself. Respecting yourself means knowing your worth and values. If you don’t know how to respect yourself, don’t expect you can respect other people. It will be more difficult for you to apply it to others if you can’t apply it to yourself.

It all begins with self-respect. When I started practicing self-respect, it was also hard for me to adopt. The level of self-respect that I give to myself was not high. However, when I learned the true value of respect, I was consistent with it and saw a great impact on my life.

First, I took time to reflect and acknowledge the good and bad things in my life. In the past, I was just ignoring the bad things in my life. I don’t want to face them and it was easy for me to turn my eyes blind. But I realize that my life wasn’t going to be fixed if I ignore them.

Now, I have a mindset that no matter what happens to my life, I will learn to accept it because that’s one way to respect myself.

Performing respect to yourself needs practice daily. It’s a never-ending process. When you’re just starting, it might be hard for you to respect yourself. Always remember that no matter how painful it is, it is highly rewarding. Your life will improve and you learn how to grow as a person.

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2. Be Mentally Present by Learning to Listen

To show respect to other people especially when someone is talking, you need to be mentally present and listen actively. Learn to be quiet when they are still speaking and understand what they’re talking about. Give them time to speak before you respond. You can nod your head to stay engaged.

When I’m talking to someone, I let them finish their opinions before I will respond to my own opinion. When that person is still in the middle of his sharing, and there’s something that I don’t agree with, I still let them finish before I jump to conclusions. I want to pay attention to the real ending.

A lot of people want to interrupt when someone is speaking. They also don’t want to understand the point of view of the topic. If that’s what they’re trying to do, they are already disrespecting others.

You must show them that they matter. Show them that you validate their opinions. Respond by showing you fully understand the topic they’re talking about. Until you actively listen to their concern and opinions, you will know how important it is for them. Respect begins when you listen actively.

3. Be Thoughtful of Other People’s Feelings

Being thoughtful of other people’s feelings also means you respect how they feel. To be truly thoughtful, you have to put yourself into their shoe. Sometimes, we forgot that the people around us have feelings. We offended them because we aren’t careful with our words and actions.

When we are thoughtful, it will help us be aware of their feelings and know how to act accordingly. Before I talk to my friends, I usually ask myself how that person is feeling right now. I can notice it on their face or gestures.

Maybe my close friend keeps calling me a lot because he’s broken-hearted. I will try to think from his perspective before I will start speaking. When I already know about their feelings, I want to anticipate their needs and ask how I can help them. In that way, my friends will be comfortable sharing their problems with me.

People will be impressed by your thoughtfulness when they feel you are considerate to them. Before they realize their problems themselves, you already provided their needs.

Another thing that I’ve also noticed, we also need to be considerate when we are in public. A lot of people are not aware that they’re in public. They would talk loudly to their friend who has a serious problem. Try to keep your voice minimal so that your friend won’t be offended.

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4. Respect the Boundaries of Others

Respecting the boundaries of others might be difficult to apply. It’s tempting to assume that we already know everything from our friends or workmates. But even our parents can’t read our minds.

There are three types of boundaries we might consider. They are physical, emotional, and mental. Everyone has their boundaries and we should always respect that because they have the right to decide for themselves. When my friend is not comfortable doing hugs, that’s okay. I will respect them.

When your workmate is not comfortable doesn’t like to discuss their family problems because they might feel emotional, you should respect them. We must learn to apologize if we accidentally violated their boundaries.

It’s completely normal if we ask for their consent. Let’s say, for example, I say one of my workmates walking around bringing a sad face. I will greet them and ask if everything is okay. I will tell them that I’m willing to listen if they’re going to share their problems. When they share, I will keep it a secret as a sign of my respect.

Boundaries can look different so you need to be careful. Maybe your conversation with your workmate is different from the one with your tinder date. Always be careful and remember to set healthy boundaries all the time. 

5. Understand Different Perspectives

There are times that you might not understand it, but you still need to respect it. I have a lot of friends who have different religions. There are times that we have our debates and we both disagree with the teachings. After that, we don’t take it personally and respect different perspectives.

That’s their belief since birth so they have reasons why they think that way. What we must do is learn more about the person’s perspective in life. If we don’t agree about something, we can ask them, “what makes them say that?” When they respond, you will learn the reasons why they say that.

“The way you do things is not always the only way to do them. Respect other people’s way of thinking.”

We live in a world that every people has different cultures, practices, and religions. We must always be sensitive to that. I hate when people get angry because it does not apply to the way they think. They don’t realize that they’re not the only person in this world.

I try to avoid telling negative if feedback when the person I’m talking to has a different perspective in life. I want to see the whole picture and respect them. It enables me to find the root of the problem.

There’s a lot of things in this world that we haven’t discovered yet. Sometimes all we know is just a small part. So we need to understand things from a different side to avoid conflict.

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6. Disagree Respectfully by Not Insulting Opinions

Do you disagree with their opinion? Respect and don’t insult them. Even if they insult your opinion, be calm and continue to respect them. The best thing you can do is to acknowledge the person’s point of view.

A lot of people want to insult directly by saying, “Your opinion is and that’s dumb!” You need to control your feelings and be specific with your criticism. Just disagree by saying, “I have a different opinion though.”

Don’t say offensive words just because you’re entitled with your words. Every people has flaws, when they committed a mistake, just correct them. If you’re upset, remember not to take it personally.

Be mature enough even if the person you’re talking to gets heated. Manage the conversation and never disrespect them. You must know how to value using respectful words to other people. Resist the temptation to insult them so you’ll have a chance to have better communication.

7. Learn To Apologize When You’re Wrong

If you messed up, learn to apologize. When you apologize because you committed a mistake, it’s a sign of maturity and respect. Don’t make any excuses or unnecessary explanations, just learn how to accept your mistake.

I know it’s hard for some to say sorry especially when they are full of pride. But it’s the best way for you to bring back the trust for the mistake you’ve made. When you don’t apologize, you are disrespecting someone and you could hurt the relationship. It could also harm your reputation.

When I’m wrong, I always take responsibility for my action and I sincerely ask for forgiveness. It’s one way to respect myself and other people. If I don’t apologize, I know I can be a bad example for others.

Asking for forgiveness takes courage. Some people don’t want to feel shame or embarrassment because they know it can be used against them. People must learn to apologize because it has a positive outcome in their life.

Other people will know that you’re not proud of what you did. They feel that you’re respecting them and yourself. It’s also the best way to reduce conflict. Lastly, it’s really good for the heart when you know how to apologize.

8. Always Commit To Your Words

Committing to your words will make you respect yourself and other people. When I want to wake up at 5 in the morning because I need to hustle for my business, I need to commit to my words because I want to respect myself and my goals in life.

If you commit to your friends that you’ll attend the party, you need to stick to your word to show them your respect. When you told your manager that you’ll come by 8 am, you need to be on or before 8 am to respect their time.

I always respect other people’s efforts because I know it’s important for them. It’s a sign of disrespect if I let them wait. Another scenario that I’ve also noticed, when you are eating in your friend’s house, show some respect by not wasting the food. You can also thank them for their effort.

When you’re not passionate about something, don’t commit to it. Learn to say no so that they won’t expect. Even though you know you might hurt them, just be honest that you don’t want to commit to it. No matter how small it is, once you made a promise, you must commit to it.

9. Show Gratitude To People Who Helped You

When someone helped you, show gratitude by giving a genuine compliment. Show some respect by appreciating their effort because it might complete their day. Showing gratitude to others is not that hard. Whether it’s your friend, partner, or siblings.

When someone helped me, I also ask them if they need support. Maybe they have problems that I can solve, or they might be going through hard times. That’s my way of showing respect to them, I want to help them back.

Don’t forget the people who helped you, it’s a huge disrespect when you just don’t appreciate their effort. When your mom cooked for your breakfast, thank them by giving them a kiss or hug.

A lot of people don’t notice the small efforts that the people have done for them. Showing gratitude created a caring environment. People around you will also be influenced to do the same. Never take someone for granted especially when they’ve done a lot of things for you. Those people must be valued and cherished.

There are a lot of people who helped me along the way. My family, friends, mentors, and a lot more. They helped me to become successful in life. Even though they’re not perfect, I gave them my full respect. I acknowledge and value them in my life.


Why is Respect a Value?

Respect becomes a value when a person gives a degree of importance to it. When a person practices respect for themselves and others, respect becomes a value. It can also be a belief for someone. When a person believes that everyone deserves respect.

What is Respect in Human Lives?

Respect in human lives represents an important value for themselves and others. Respect for themselves means accepting oneself for who they are. Respect for others means they have a strong admiration for someone because of their abilities and achievements. Respect must be an integral part of our lives.


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