How To Make Chest Bigger: 9 Ways

You are here because you want a bigger chest. Whether you’re going to the beach or you want to improve your physique, having a bigger chest is a spectacular accomplishment. Like who doesn’t want a bigger chest? It looks amazing when you wear a shirt and your chest is popping.

I can’t stress this enough, but there are different approaches on how to make your chest bigger. The most approach that people do is to keep lying on the bench and pushing weights. That’s why their chest isn’t getting bigger despite all their hard work.

In this article, I provided 9 ways on how to make your chest bigger. Follow these and you’ll see the best results.

1. Hit All the Parts of Your Chest

When it comes to training your chest, don’t forget that your chest muscles have three parts. The upper, middle, and lower chest. To get a bigger chest, you need to hit all the parts. I know you love to do the bench press, it’s fine but it’s not enough.

When you keep doing the bench press, you’re just hitting your middle chest. Therefore, a workout that stresses the middle part won’t activate the top.

To hit all the parts of your chest, you need to perform different chest exercises. Attack it at different angles so it will activate a lot of muscle fibers and your chest will grow bigger. It’s more interesting when you knock all the parts.

You’ll enjoy faster results when you give importance to each muscle part of your chest. Every time I work my chest, I always make sure that all parts are targeted. I want every part to feel some stress from my workout.

2. Calorie Surplus and Not Deficits

For your chest muscles to grow bigger, calorie surplus is required. A calorie surplus is also called the bulking phase, where you promote muscle growth. As most bodybuilders do, they have bulking phase because they want to gain muscle. They consume a surplus of calories to boost muscle size.

Even though you’re not a competitive bodybuilder, you can still apply this method in your diet for your chest to grow bigger. A calorie surplus is meant to increase muscle and strength. When you know how to count your macronutrients and calories, you need to put extra food in your computation.

Every time I want to gain muscle mass, I increase my calorie intake. What I usually do is add an extra 300 or 500 calories per day. I prefer to eat whole foods if possible. Protein shakes are useful if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to cook your food.

Just make sure that you eat clean when increasing your calorie intake. Take note that if you want to promote muscle growth and achieve a bigger chest, calorie surplus is the key.

Calorie deficits are also considered as the cutting phase where you get rid of the fact that you earn during your calorie surplus phase. I won’t recommend this because your muscles are less likely to grow. Your body feels that you’re in a short supply.

3. Be Explosive When You Train your Chest

You want a bigger chest, right? Be explosive every time you work your chest. Train like there’s no tomorrow. It’s my secret recipe to get a bigger chest. You need to strive to the highest degree. When you finish your chest workout, you’ll be happy because you know you did your best.

To be explosive, you can add some weight, reps, or sets. You can also try doing negatives on your chest workout. You can try increasing the volume of your workout. Do as many reps as you can.

I’m not saying that you need to shout and go wild at your gym. I just want you to focus and do your best. Be explosive, but train smart.

4. Increase Your Training by Doing Supersets

The rest interval of two exercises is reduced when you do supersets. I love doing this because the intensity of your chest workout increases. During a superset you increase muscular endurance in your chest, in addition, it will grow bigger and fuller. This type of training strategy was made for building muscle.

When you are done with a set of bench presses, go for a set of dumbbell chests fly without rest. You will surely feel that your chest muscles are burning. You can also quickly feel the pump on your chest.

Though supersets are great for building muscle, you still need to perform this safe and smart. Try to master the basics and learn more about supersets. I won’t recommend doing supersets for beginners, practice first the traditional sets before you try supersets.

5. Consume Enough Protein and Carbohydrates

No matter how you train hard when you don’t eat enough protein, your chest won’t grow bigger. It’s already proven by science that consuming enough protein on your diet can increase your muscles.

Eating enough protein helps preserve muscle mass compared to eating less protein. You need to make sure that you don’t miss the protein on your diet. Lack of protein in your body can decrease your muscle mass. I know you don’t want that to happen.

I would suggest that your protein source comes from whole foods and not from whey protein. A lot of people cannot afford to buy whey protein, and it’s fine. You can still get your protein source from chicken breast, salmon, boiled eggs, and many more. Never leave your body with less protein because it’s essential for repair and growth.

For you to have the energy to lift heavy weights during a chest workout, carbohydrates provide fuel for your body. The glucose from carbohydrates will be converted to energy. If you’ll eat plenty of protein and forget about carbs, your performance during a workout will decrease. Always remember that carbohydrates are your body’s main fuel source. 

6. Challenge Your Chest Muscles to Grow

A lot of people challenge their muscles during a workout because they know it’s the key to muscle growth. You can challenge your muscles by increasing the difficulty. There are many ways to challenge your chest muscles, and I will share them here.

The most obvious one and the only method that most people use is increasing the weight. It’s fine but it might affect long-term progress. The next one is my favorite, which is increasing volume. I do more reps while keeping the weight just the same. From 8 reps at 100 pounds to 12 reps at 100 pounds.

The next one is, increase your workout density. A lot of intermediate or advance lifters apply this method. They reduce their rest time between sets while maintaining heavyweights. This is quite exhausting but it will surely challenge your muscles.

The last one is for advanced weightlifters, they use advanced training methods like pyramid sets, iso-dynamic, and many more. This method can surely challenge your chest muscles but I don’t prefer this for beginners because it’s quite difficult.

There are a lot of ways to challenge yourself during a chest workout. It depends on you what methods are you going to apply. Just make sure that you’re careful enough to do it. It’s important to always challenge your chest muscles so that they will be bigger and more defined.

7. Give Your Chest Muscles Enough Rest

Excessive training and not having enough rest can lead your muscles to stagnation. After your intense workout, make sure to have enough rest so that your chest muscles will be stronger and bigger.

5 or 6 hours of sleep is not enough, it won’t give you maximum muscle gains. Go for 7 to 8 hours of sleep. If you think it’s all about training? Well, you’re wrong. A lot of gym-goers often overlooked the importance of getting enough rest, that’s why they are always disappointed because they can’t achieve a bigger chest.

I know you have a busy life after your workout, but always make sure to give your body enough time to recover. Rest is also as important as eating protein and carbs. You can also listen to your body, if 7 hours of rest is not enough, try to extend it. If you want a day off from working out, it’s fine.

8. Perform the Exercise Properly

For you to have a bigger chest, you need to pick the right exercise and execute it properly. When done correctly, it increases your strength and tones muscles. If you perform the exercise incorrectly, it may lead to injury.

When I was a beginner, I love to work my chest. I learned how to lift by watching other people at the gym. After how many months, I’ve realized that what they do is incorrect. What I did was I read a lot of magazines and fitness books to learn how to perform the exercise properly.

I applied those learnings in my chest workout and I saw a huge improvement. Instead of ego lifting, be familiar with proper techniques so that your chest workout will be efficient. You can also ask fitness trainers to check on you if you’re performing the exercise correctly.

During your chest workout, always remember that the more you perform the exercise correctly, the better results you will see. It’s difficult to perform the exercise correctly if the weight is heavy, try decreasing it.

9. Use Dumbbells or Cables During Chest Workout

Like what I’ve said on number one about hitting all parts, using dumbbells can activate different muscle parts and increase the size of your chest. Dumbbells are effective to make your chest bigger. It works your chest muscles much harder.

Using barbells is also great, but if you want your chest to be defined and muscular, using dumbbells is best. There are times that I don’t like to start with bench press, I prefer to start with dumbbells because I feel it’s the best chest opener.  To make your chest bigger, add dumbbell exercises on your next chest workout.

For cables, it can provide constant tension on your chest muscles. When talking about muscle growth, placing tension on your muscles is a must. Compared to using a barbell, the resistance in using cables is more evenly allocated.


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