How Does My Crush Like Me: 12 Ways

Having a crush on someone is a wonderful feeling. As your bodies grow older, so do your feelings. Even though the feelings are not yet mutual, you still feel inspired to do things when you know your crush is around.

When I had a crush on someone, it was so exciting because I already understood how it feels to like somebody else. I have mixed feelings every time we talk and I don’t know how to act. Having a crush on someone helped me think about what kind of person I want to love in the future. It is the quality that I noticed and liked about them.

So the real problem right now is, how can your crush like you back? Well, If you ever wonder how your crush would like you, there are a few ways you can do so they can notice you. But first, try to make sure that your crush is not yet taken and they’re not interested in someone else so that you won’t be wasting your time.

Today, we are going to cover the 12 ways on how you can increase the chances that your crush would like you back. It isn’t that hard, it can be fun and challenging. Let’s deep dive in.

1. You Must be Confident

I believe that this is the number one thing that people would notice about you. When you are confident, you will have high self-esteem and belief in yourself. That quality makes you more attractive which your crush would like.

The best thing about being confident is you can interpret your energy and thoughts into manifesting that your crush would like you back. You are having a vision and then you strive each day to come closer to reaching your goal.

When you want your crush to like you back, it will require personal effort. You need to support that effort with your confidence to be ready to move forward. If things didn’t work, confidence will help you to try again. People with low confidence will less likely reach out to their crush and just prefer to wait for a miracle.

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2. Make an Eye Contact

Making eye contact with your crush is very difficult. But this is the best thing that you can do to make your crush like you back. This tip might be difficult to do but trust me, this is the most powerful cue that you can send to your crush if you’re flirting with them.

When your crush is looking at you, hold that eye contact to show your interest in them. You can hold it for a few seconds before looking away. If your crush is not looking away, hold it even longer. It will stir up their feelings and it’s a great sign that they’re also interested in you.

If you’re the one who started making eye contact and your crush notices it, keep your facial expression inviting. Be confident enough by holding it for a few seconds, then you can show them your nice smile. Winking your eyes can be flirtatious, so a smile is enough.

3. Send Signals to see if your Crush Responds

There are many ways on how you can send signals to your crush and know they are also interested in you. Through these signals, you will let your crush know that you like them. They might also like you since you’re confident in expressing your feelings to them.

When you are together, you can give them a small hint through your body language. Show them your vulnerable side and don’t be afraid in telling them that you have feelings for them.

Try to touch them with permission and do it in a flirtatious way. Don’t be creepy by touching them quickly. You can hold their arms or touch their back like you’re assisting them.

If you’re not close with your crush, you can try sending them a message through text or chat. Make sure to introduce yourself first so that it won’t scare them. If your crush responds, there’s a chance that they’re interested in you. Take that chance and do your best to make them fall for you.

4. Learn How to Compliment Your Crush

We all love to hear compliments from other people, how much more if your crush heard it from you. Try to notice the little things about them and drop a compliment. It’s very easy and they would appreciate you for that.

When I compliment my crush, I make sure I make it sincere. I want to say it more specifically so that they would love it. For example, instead of saying “I love your hair”, I would say, “You’ve made the best choice in choosing that kind of haircut”.

You can also compliment your crush by admiring a light about their personality. It will help them feel that something is good about them.

If you’re not close with your crush, you can start a conversation by complimenting them. If you are a shy person, it can be nail-biting if you initiate a conversation this way. Just give her a simple compliment that can make her smile. Don’t overthink when planning to do this, you might not know, they will like you for that.

5. Create a frienship, and Spend a Lot of Time with Your Crush

Creating a friendship with your crush is the best thing you can do to be close to her. It is very common when a person makes a way to make their crush a close friend. It’s their first step to know more about their crush and make a move on them.

If it’s difficult for you to be close with your crush, try to look for some connections. You can get to know his or her friends. In that way, you can get closer to your crush. You can try to check if you have something in common. Maybe he/she also likes to play musical instruments. How would you know these things? You can stalk her on social media. That’s the beauty of the internet.

When you already created a friendship with your crush, it’s the best time to spend a lot of time with them. Try to know their interests, hobbies, and what things do they hate. It’s also the best time you can make a move on them. Don’t miss that chance because it might be your only chance.

When you are spending a lot of time with your crush, make sure they are comfortable with you. Don’t be too obsessed or clingy because they might get hesitant to be with you. Try to give them some space and show that you are an independent person because it can make you more attractive.

6. Know How to Use Body Language

This is an important factor if you want your crush to like you back. You need to use your body language to your advantage. The more you know how to use your body language, the more you become confident and attractive.

First, you might want to check your posture. Have a great posture by sitting down and standing up straight. Avoid slouching your back because you don’t look smart in that posture. When you are talking to your crush, try to lean in to show that you’re engaged and interested while communicating with them.

While talking to your crush, make sure that you actively listen by responding well. By using body language, you can let your crush be aware that you’re interested in them.  

7. Have a Good Personal Hygiene

Having good personal hygiene is very important because it can make you more attractive. When you have poor hygiene, it can affect your mood. You are less likely confident about yourself. You are so curious about how you smell and how you bring yourself to the crowd.

With good hygiene, you are more positive and attractive to the view of your crush. When we are talking about good personal hygiene, this means taking a bath, brushing your teeth, putting on deodorant, and many more.

I also want to add up about your style. You need to look like you’re putting an effort into your image. Don’t just wear a shirt that has full of creases. Wear a great pair of shoes because it’s the first thing that people notice. Even if you don’t have a crush it’s still important to have good hygiene and a nice style.

8. Be There to Support Your Crush

If you can create a friendship or closeness with your crush, the best thing you can do is to have a supporting shoulder for them. If your crush is going through hard times, or they have a stressful day at work, be there for them by showing an act of kindness. Ask them what can you do to make them feel better.

Supporting your crush during hard times is one way to win their heart. If you think you can’t change how your crush feels about you, or you can’t force them to develop some feelings for you, you can increase the likelihood if they feel you are concerned about them.

The next time they are feeling down, you will be the first one to come into their mind. They will also start to feel comfortable with you, and the chances that they will like you is almost possible. This is the ultimate way to win the heart and trust of your crush.

9. The Basic Rule: Be Yourself

Always remember the basic rule that you must apply in yourself if you’re having a crush on someone. A lot of people act differently because they want to be impressive in the eyes of their crush. They pretend to be interested in things even though they’re not.

I would suggest that you don’t act differently, continue being yourself because it can give you more confidence and energy. Your crush is more likely to fall for you if you are true to yourself. If your crush doesn’t notice how genuine you are, it’s fine. It’s not your loss, as long as you were real from the inside out.

If you’re going to be pretentious just to impress your crush, it will be a mess if both of you will end together. They will realize that you were just faking everything. Being pretentious and making changes for someone is different. You must learn how to differentiate those words.

10. Have a Good Sense of Humor

Having a good sense of humor is one of the sexiest qualities that you can have. Making your crush laugh can surely heighten their attraction to you. Do you ever notice that a good sense of humor tends to be the number one thing that people are looking for if they want to have a partner? Or maybe a friend.

When you have a sense of humor, you appear more attractive to your crush and they feel that you are approachable. I’m proud to say that I have a great sense of humor, and every time I make my crush laugh, I can say that it increases their positive feelings for me. I feel that it makes me memorable every time I make them happy through my jokes.

The good thing about having a sense of humor is you know how to get along with different types of people around you. So if you think that your crush is a serious person, you will be confident to make them laugh.

Having a good sense of humor is an essential life skill. If you think you don’t have it, don’t worry because it can easily be learned. You can memorize a few jokes and have a sense of timing.

11. Don’t Push Things too Fast

Let’s assume that you are already close with your crush and you are spending a lot of time together. You need to remember not to push things too fast especially if they’re not yet ready.

If you push things too fast, you can ruin the bond that you’ve already created. Everything will be put to waste and you might lose them as a friend as well.

Learn how to be patient and take things slowly. What I usually do is let the relationship just unfold at its natural pace. Some people don’t like to cling too much if you’re not yet official.

If I’m already close with my crush, I don’t hang around them constantly. I want to make them feel that they will miss me. I believe in that saying that, “if it’s meant to be, it will happen”. If you push things too fast, you’ll quickly make your way down to the other side of the mountain. Keep it slow and learn to appreciate the view that you have.

12. You Need to be Goal-Driven

If you don’t have any goals in life and you just like to stay in bed all day and play video games, you’re a boring person. You aren’t an exciting person and your crush won’t like you for that. We like people who are motivated and have dreams in life.

People are terrified of having a partner that is lazy and doesn’t know what are their purpose. You need to learn how to set targets and objectives that will help you progress in your chosen career.

When you are close with your crush, they will surely ask what are your plans for the future. You must give them a direct answer that they would love. They want to hear that you have an ambition in life because having a passion is just so sexy to hear.

Whether it’s your hobby, job, or anything as long as you’re passionate, it makes you more attractive if your crush knows about it. That kind of mindset would surely make your crush like you.


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