Does Respect Matter?

We can’t deny the fact that our world is full of conflict. People don’t know how to respect each other because they have different opinions and worldviews in life. In addition to that, we become doubtful if we could still achieve peace in this world if people don’t give importance to respect.

Respect matters because it is a basic moral value for human beings. It is one way to prove our identity among all creatures that are present on this earth. Every human being must be aware of the importance of respect from their childhood. Without respect, the world will be chaotic because of distraction and confusion in our minds.  

In this article, I’ve discussed how respect matters in our lives and why we should give importance to it. Keep reading below!

Does Respect Matter?

Always remember that respect is a basic moral value that we should attain in our minds and hearts. It reminds us that we are human beings and not animals from the wild. Animals don’t know the word respect and they don’t live by it. That’s why they’re free to do things that they want.

When a person doesn’t give importance to respect within themselves and others, they’re almost the same with wild animals. Respect matters because it’s a way in how we express our admiration for others.

There are times that we admire someone because of their abilities, and sometimes, we want to earn their respect. When we earn their respect, we feel satisfied because we achieved something.

In my experience, I respect the people that I admire not just because of their skill, but because I know that they also have an attractive attitude when it comes to respecting other people.

A world without respect makes the world confusing and chaotic. You will never see the good in everything and you keep repeating your mistakes. Respect teaches patience. When there’s no respect in this world, there are lots of conflicts because of impatient people.

You won’t realize that you’re not perfect and you deal with situations impatiently. When you believe that love is patient, it’s because respect teaches you how to be patient.  

Another big reason why respect matters are because it allows tolerance. Relationships with your family and friends last longer because of respect. As we grow older, we noticed that our feelings for some of our friends and family fade over time. With respect, we learn to accept harsh realities about them.

We can find ways to make things work and respect them for who they are even if we know their flaws. When you had a misunderstanding with your siblings, after an hour, everything will be fine because you both have respect for each other.

For some people, respect doesn’t matter to them because it feels they are degrading themselves. They feel that it’s a sign of weakness and it could harm their image. That kind of concept is wrong. Respect must be a sign of strength that you accept somebody for who they are even if they have different opinions in life.

If you think that respecting others can degrade your life, it only means that you haven’t mastered self-respect yet. You still struggle with respect and have a poor understanding of it.

In my life, I always give importance to respect because I know it can make the world a better place. I don’t want to be remembered as a terrible person that keeps on degrading others. I want to live my life full of respect and influence other people with this kind of moral value.

What Would Happen If Respect Didn’t Exist?

We must be very thankful that the word respect existed in our world today. I can’t imagine what the world would look like if there’s no respect. But what would happen if the word respect, didn’t exist. Here are the 5 things that could happen.

1. Full of Humiliation and Misery

When respect is absent, the world would be filled with humiliation and misery. Different cultures and traditions will be disrespected because people don’t want to understand them. All people will grow with a lack of respect and it could create individual to the societal level of conflict.

People would show unequal power and inferior positions. Mental, physical, and emotional mistreatment would be present everywhere.

2. Strong Relationships Won’t be Build

The key to building strong relationships is respect. You want to build strong relationships with your new friends or business partners because you admire them for who they are or their abilities. But what if there’s no respect? Everything would be impossible to achieve.

It won’t be built because you can’t accept them for who they are. You hate them because they’re different. You won’t have feelings of trust and safety with them. It would be impossible for people to build relationships that last.

3. Fear is Around the Corner

Fear is around the corner because people won’t know if others would suddenly attack them. People would just disrespect you for who you are and no matter what your position is. A lot of physical abuse might happen and the crime rate would increase.

Not just fear, but there would also be annoying things anywhere. Maybe life would not be sustainable after all if the word respect didn’t exist.

4. Rejected Thoughts and Ideas

Confusion and verbal abuse would increase. People won’t understand each other because they will be full of pride and just fight for their own opinion. People would never align their ideas with others and will just reject them if they want to.

Debates and arguments would happen everywhere. It might even lead to a threat if the conversation would go worse. Instead of understanding one another, people would be arrogant. It would also make them treat others unfairly.

5. It Can Lead to More Destruction

Absence of Respect? Different leaders all around the world might declare war. People would die and houses will be destroyed. Killings would be everywhere and the world was living turns into a horror. No peace talks would occur simply because leaders won’t trust each other.

All negative actions such as harassment, killings, and bullying become a habit for everyone. There’s no more safety no matter where you go. That’s the worst thing that might happen if respect didn’t exist.

Can Society Function Without Respect?

Not just the society, but the world would not function if there’s no respect. Even if there’s respect, a lot of our new generation of people today has already lost their morals. They don’t know how to respect themselves and other people. How much more if respect didn’t exist.

Without respect, people won’t become better. I feel like teenagers that don’t have moral values will just become rebels everywhere. They will create a terrible activity for them to be heard. Young kids won’t follow their parents anymore.

Society won’t follow its leaders and create its law. Just try to imagine that we have lots of problems in our society even if respect exists today. Without respect, we are too far away from the peace that we want to achieve.

Imagine during Christmas day, instead of giving gifts and sharing foods, the community around us are fighting each other and insulting the celebration.

We must give importance to respect because no matter what we do, respect always matter. Respect is one of the things that can make a difference in our lives and to others.


Hey! I'm Lorofy, I'm a politician in our Local Government Unit and a Church Leader. I'm a dedicated leader in our community and an ambassador of goodwill. I became a motivator and an advocate for men who are looking for meaning in life and on how to reach their full potential. I'm also a fitness enthusiast and consider fitness as my everyday expertise.