Does My Crush Like Me: 9 Obvious Signs

I don’t want to deny it, but I always expect that my crush has feelings for me. I always look for signs because those signs can help me to be more confident to move around her. Before you take any steps to admit you liked them, you may want to look for signs first so that you won’t get hurt.

When we are trying to find out if our crush likes us too, we might get confused with their actions and we try to overanalyze it. Looking for signs is quite confusing, we don’t know if it’s mutual or just one-sided.

There’s nothing wrong if a person confesses to their crush directly because some people are just confident. But most people like me are hoping for a safe way simply because we don’t want to get disappointed.

Nevertheless, I want to share with you the 9 obvious signs on how to know if your crush likes you back. Signs that show that they’re interested in you. After reading this article, try to assess your crush’s behavior and if you think they like you, don’t waste your time and make a move!

1. They Start Conversations and Keeps on Asking

I don’t know for some, but for me, this is the most obvious sign that your crush likes you. They suddenly strike up a conversation with you even though you’re not close yet. They always find a reason to be in contact with you and when your conversation has started, they will keep on asking for follow-up questions.

It sounds weird but I’ve experienced this so many times. I had a crush on someone for how many weeks and we were together in a community and we were not that close. But I was so shocked when she suddenly approached me. Little did I know that she also had feelings for me.

Another thing that you might want to notice is they don’t want to end the conversation. Even though they’re busy talking to other people, they will keep circling back at you. When your crush acts this way, you must notice their true intention towards you.

2. They Always Look at You

If we have a crush on someone, we always want to look at them. Same with your crush, if they keep looking at you, it’s an obvious sign that they’re attracted to you. When you saw your crush keeps staring at you, try to play eye-tag with them.

When they smile while you’re playing eye-tag, that’s the perfect time you can make move. It only means they’re into you. Before you can say that they keep on looking or stealing a glance at you, you must try to catch them twice or thrice just to make sure.

Sometimes, your crush may be the shy type of person and they’re afraid to look at you because you might catch them. They will keep looking away or will just have a glance at you.

3. They always Try to Stay Near You

Another great way to figure out if your crush likes you is they always try to stay near you. If you are friends with your crush, I know it can be their action by default. But you must try to notice if they’re making an additional effort just to be near you.

For example, if you’re with your friends and your crush is also with his/her group of friends, you will notice that you will end up with one group. It’s not the work of destiny, your crush finds a way to be by your side.  

Another situation is they always try to pass near you or approach your friend who is in close proximity with you. When they approach your friend who’s just near you, try to notice if they will look at you or they will act strangely. You can’t say that it’s a coincidence or timing if it keeps on happening, it can be an obvious sign that they also like you.

4. Quickly Responds to Your Messages

If you happen to have communication with your crush through text or chat, and you notice that they quickly respond to your messages, it’s a great sign that they like you too. You need to make sure why they respond so quickly, is it because they are bored or the topic is just important.

Their eagerness to reply quickly can often show what their true intention is. It’s also a good sign if they’re happy with your conversation and keep on sending some emojis and GIFS. Every time I had a conversation with my crush through chat or text, I can really say that they’re interested in me if they respond instantly and they reply with long messages.

I always observe their usual messages to me and if it gets lengthy, and they want to keep the conversation going, I would consider it as a sign. But just to make sure, I try to send them sweet messages and see if they would respond the same.

5. They Love to Share Secrets with You

If you’re not yet that close with your crush and they comfortably shared their secrets with you, it could be a sign that they like you. Maybe they want to open up their life with you get some trust and acceptance from you.

It’s not easy sharing your secrets with somebody else that easily. Maybe they want to share their secrets with you because they want to get close to you. They want you to be comfortable with them and they want your conversation to go deep directly.

If your crush shares some secrets about embarrassing stories, personal opinions, or traumas, it is the surest sign that they like you. A person who has feelings for you can instantly share their secrets with you simply because they trust you.

They won’t open up directly if they aren’t comfortable with you. Once they shared their secrets with you, expect that they would keep looking for you to share some of their stories. Make sure to make them comfortable while they are sharing their secrets.

6. They Want to Make You Happy

If your crush likes you, they don’t want you to be sad or dull. They will find ways to keep you smiling. I know how it feels when your crush makes you happy, it’s very sweet and you always want that to happen.

If they notice that you’re having a bad day, they will approach you just to cheer you up and make you happy. If they keep improving your mood even if you’re okay, it’s an obvious sign that they have feelings for you.

It’s also one of my greatest hints if my crush keeps coming near me and shares some happy stories. Of course, I would love it if that would happen all the time. I would surely cherish those sweet moments and will never forget that my crush is making me smile.

7. They Ask About Your Relationship Status

Another obvious sign that your crush likes you is they want to know your relationship status just to make sure that you’re available. They are so curious about your romantic status and ask other people before asking you directly.

They want to know so that they would be aware if they got some serious competition or not. Same with you, if you’re having a crush on someone, you might also want to know so that you aren’t crossing someone’s line.

Aside from knowing your relationship status, they might also ask if what qualities do you look for in a person. In most cases that I’ve noticed is they like to ask some of your close friends so that they won’t be noticed. Other times, they will check your relationship status on social media.

8. Their Interaction with You Online

Here’s a fact and an obvious sign that your crush likes you. When they keep on reacting to your shared posts or new posts on your social media. They may want to get your attention that’s why they always do it.

In my experience, I can easily notice it if they react with a heart on some of my pictures on my social media. You may also want to consider if they follow you on your social media accounts. They are so interested in you that they want to know all your posts and status in life.

I’ve bet that you’ve got a special place in their heart if they will reply to some sweet emojis on your Instagram or Facebook stories. There is also a possibility that they would create a dummy so that they won’t get noticed and you won’t judge them like a stalker.

9. They are Willing to Support You

The last and most obvious reason that your crush also likes you is when they are always there willing to support you. If your crush is always available and is always eager to offer you some help with anything, they may have feelings for you.

They are trying to be impressive around you that’s why they are ready to lend a hand if you need it. Even if you haven’t shared that you have a problem, they are already aware of it by looking at your face. Even if it’s difficult, they will do their best just to solve your problem.

They know when to step in especially if you’re uncomfortable or going through hard times. Another thing is, they will be there to support you if you have a special event to attend. I know that some people are just too kind or nice to everybody, you just need to make sure and don’t make it too personal unless they express their feelings for you.


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