Does Dating Apps Work?

Whether you are looking for a soulmate, want some casual hookup, or are lonely, dating apps can help you with that. Dating apps becomes one of the most popular applications that are being used today.  Some people are desperate and lonely. They believe that dating apps can allow them to connect with different types of people.

Dating apps work and roughly 60 percent of members had a positive experience with dating applications. The increasing number of participants in dating apps gives you a higher chance of finding your true love. Dating apps make it easier to find the personality that is matched for you.

In this article, I provided in-depth information for you to learn more if dating apps do work. If you are a new user of dating apps, this article can also help you. Let’s keep reading!

Does Dating Apps Work?

Dating apps started to get popular in the year 2012 with the launch of tinder. A lot of people were so obsessed to used dating apps because they can meet and flirt with other people without changing their pajamas. A lot of people with lonely hearts started to install the app hoping to find their true match.

According to research, dating apps are on the rise. 60 percent of the members had success in finding their true match on dating apps. They find it easy to look for their true match because dating apps help you to look for your match easily. You can set what type of gender you’re looking for, from what country, interests, and many more.

People have a different approach when they’re using dating apps. Whether they want to find their soulmate or just a casual hookup, they believe that dating apps can help them with that. A lot of people believed that dating apps work because it is now considered the practical way of dating.

If you are looking for a long-term relationship on dating apps, yes it would still work. In October 2019, Pew research center found out that 30 percent of Americans are to online dating. Of those, 12 percent have successfully gotten married or had a serious relationship.

With dating apps, don’t expect that you can easily meet your true match right away. You need a lot of time and a significant amount of potential partners before you can find your true love. Dating apps are a tool and you should know how to use them.

I believe that dating apps work because it is just replacing the traditional way of dating. Technology is already developing, so is our way of dating.

Even though traditional dating is more successful than dating apps, a lot of people would still prefer dating apps because they find them surprisingly successful. The good thing about dating apps is the no-strings-attached relationships. A lot of people still believed that even though they haven’t found their true partner with dating apps, they were happy because they’ve met someone.

When I used a dating app, I’ve noticed that you can be successful in that place when you’re honest about yourself. Some people are scared to put their real pictures online because they don’t like to be judged by others.

If that’s your way of using dating apps, no one will be interested in you. Your match will be scared to talk to you because they think you’re a scam.

To make dating apps work for you, you need to have confidence and self-esteem. When you are confident, the more you become successful in dating apps.

Don’t expect that dating apps will work miracles for you. You need to figure out the best approach for yourself and what relationship goals you want to achieve.

Are Dating Apps a Waste of Time?

There are a lot of factors we need to consider before we can say that using dating apps is a waste of time. Before you can say your final judgment, you need to ask a few questions for yourself:

1. What Relationship Goals Do You Want to Achieve

Before you install a dating app, you need to ask yourself what are your true intentions when using that kind of dating application. Some people would download a dating app because they want a serious relationship, a casual date, or hookup.

It’s a big problem if you don’t know what your true goal is. You will be wasting your time swiping left and right because you are confused about what kind of match you’re looking for.

2. Are You on the Right App/Site?

This is an important question you need to ask yourself before using a dating app. This is also connected to the first question. Let’s say, for example, your goal is to have a serious relationship. I wouldn’t recommend you would use Grindr. That dating application is more on hookups.

You also need to know if you’re on the right dating app because some applications are not so good. You will only be annoyed with the pop-up advertisements and non-sense matches.

Some apps have a less user because the app isn’t that known yet. It will be harder for you to find your match with fewer users. When you are on the right dating app, it’s easier for you to find the right person. The right site will help you meet someone compatible with you.

3. Do You Put in the Work?

Online dating is much easier compared to traditional dating. Some people are just so impatient looking for the right match. You need to work to find the right person that you dreamed of.

The main reason why people think that dating apps are a waste of time is that they lie about their profiles. If you have a fake picture and information, people would think you’re a scam. You need to have a legit and recent picture so that people will be interested in you.

Taking your profile seriously is a must to level up your game and other users would trust you. In dating apps, you need a lot of patience so that things will go your way. You also need to learn how to use it. Don’t get discouraged if you haven’t found your match. Go try it next time and don’t lose hope.

Which Dating App is the Best?

Tinder is the best dating app in the world. Tinder continues to improve its dating app that’s why a lot of people download it. There are a lot of possibilities when you are on tinder and they would help you with whatever you’re looking for.

As you can see on the table, In May 2021, there are 6.5 million monthly downloads for Tinder. That is the preferred dating application for a lot of people. They introduced the swiping model where you can choose who you are interested in. Once you are a match, they can start communicating and initiating a date.

After tinder, there’s Badoo with 3.9 million monthly downloads. Next is Bumble, which is close to 1.7 million monthly downloads.

Best Free Dating Apps?

There are a lot of dating apps that you can try. But not all dating apps are great. There are dating apps that would annoy because it has lots of advertisements and it’s difficult for you to find your perfect match.

Finding the right dating app for you is also like finding your right partner. When you are on a great free dating app, it will be easier for you to find your true match. Remember that not all dating apps are free. You are only limited to some features.

Here are the best free dating apps that you might want to consider:

1. Tinder

When you want to have a casual hookup and relationships, I consider tinder as the best free dating application. Even if you’re from a different country, you can still find other users to chat with. You can easily swipe right if you like somebody and swipe left if you don’t. Tinder is easy and fun to use. You can also try using tinder on their official website.

2. OKCupid

This popular dating application and website is free. You can easily browse with other users and connect with them. I have known a lot of people that they’ve found a serious relationship in this application. Compared to other dating apps, OKCupid is much more in-depth when it comes to user profiles.

3. Bumble

I consider bumble as tinder for a woman. The process for this dating app is unique. Women will be the first ones to message and if men don’t reply after 24 hours, they will lose the potential match. A lot of people appreciate that feature. Bumble is great for relationships, having new friends, and hookups.

4. Grindr

If you want local dates and hookups, Grindr is generally known for it. When you are using Grindr, I would recommend that you don’t rush sharing your location. Try to know your match first by asking them about their social media accounts just to be sure of their identity.

5. Hinge

This free dating app will help you find serious relationships. Their algorithm will help you find the most compatible match for you. Hinge also focused on common connections. Compared to Tinder, hinge designed their app to make user profiles are more appealing. You have the option of displaying your information such as religion, political views, and a lot more.


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