Does Crush mean Love?

Crush and love are words that are very difficult to recognize. It has been debated by our ancestors for hundreds of years. A lot of philosophers and writers define it in so many ways that’s why a lot of teenagers and adults nowadays are confused with these words.

Having a crush on someone doesn’t always mean love. It may be related but there’s a difference. A crush can be defined as having a strong desire for someone that commonly develops from physical attraction. While love is a long-term feeling and has a strong sense of great affection for someone.

However, differentiating between crush and love isn’t that difficult. In this article, we are going to answer your question and a few others that are related to the topic. Let’s keep reading!

Does Crush mean Love?

Both crush and love are very difficult to acknowledge, today, a lot of misconceptions are happening among teenagers and adults about what crush and love are. Oftentimes, most of us would just consider it as a romantic feeling because the way we felt it is just so intense.

When I asked several people, the most common answer that I get with them is, “love is a word that’s difficult to define”. Well, they’re correct. But when I asked them about a crush, the confusion begins there. It was difficult for them to give proper definitions because they think they’re just the same.

To make things clear, crush doesn’t always relate to love. It may go hand in hand but there’s a difference. Having a crush on someone may give you an intense feeling but it can be for a short time.

When you are having a crush on someone, you are most likely attracted to their physical appearance. When I was a teenager, I’m always attracted to smart people because they’re so confident with their knowledge. At that time, I was attracted to my classmate because she was so active in our class and she was an honor student.

But I didn’t fall in love with her. I didn’t take things seriously and I didn’t feel any kind of deep affection for her. I just admire her for her IQ, and it only lasted for like 3 months then I forgot everything. I can turn that crush into love if I took things seriously, but I didn’t.  

If you don’t know much about the person, and you saw them as “love at first sight”. The first sight doesn’t suddenly mean love. Maybe they have the feature that you’re attracted to even though you don’t know them yet.

When you have a crush on someone, you like to know every single detail about them no matter how small it is. In love, you know every good and bad thing about them but you still love them for who they are.

Here’s a simple guide that I might share with you. If you feel happy thinking, seeing, and talking about them, it can be a crush. But if you wish that you want to spend your future with them, and you are ready to put all your efforts to make it happen, that is love.

Can a Crush turn into Love?

Yes, a crush can be developed into love if you take things into a gradual process. I also want you to realize that there are times you can’t control if you fell in love with your crush. You will just notice that you’re slowly falling in love and have a deep affection for them.

The moment I realized that I was already falling in love with my crush is when I was strongly caring for her. I always support her through thick and thin. Even though I know her flaws and weaknesses, I accepted it because I just realized that I love her.

But not all the time you suddenly fall in love with them. Sometimes, turning a crush into love doesn’t come up by itself. You need to make it happen and you need to give it a chance. If you’re not doing something to make your crush grow into love, then it will eventually die.

There are many other ways on how you can turn your crush into love. Here are some ways you can follow.

1. Finding Your Compatible Traits

By nature, no two people are perfect. That’s why finding compatible traits with your crush are necessary to make things work. Your personality and your crush’s personality must not clash so that it won’t be chaotic.

When you found that you have compatible traits, your brain will keep on signaling your heart to keep liking the person until you fall in love with them. Oftentimes, some people don’t need to find compatible traits with their crush. They just know how to love them even if they’re the opposite.

2. Getting To Know More About Your Crush

If I don’t know my crush well, I don’t have the reasons to say that I love her. I want to know them first and accept them for who they are before I can say that I love them. A lot of people want to exceed their physical attraction to their crush and turn it into love if they know their crushes well.

I remember when I always spend my time with my crush, I saw a lot of interesting things about her personality which made me fall in love with her. Even if I knew about her flaws, it wasn’t a big deal for me. The best advice I can give you is to know more about your crush, it will help you know if you are willing to turn it into love.

3. Try to Show Interest in their Hobbies

Does your crush love to cook? Likes to play music? Or loves to play sport? Try to show interest! In that way, you are doing something to make everything fall into place. This strategy may not be easy for someone who is not yet acquainted with their crush.

But like what I’ve said, you need to make an effort to learn how to love them. You can’t start by saying a simple “Hi”. Then create a casual conversation until you will be spending your time with each other.

4. Having Mutual Trust with Your Crush

Are you close enough with your crush to the point that you’re already sharing secrets? If that is the level of relationship that you have, you already have mutual trust with your crush. There’s a chance that deep inside your heart, you’re also falling for her.

Most people want to create mutual trust with their crush, they want their crush to trust them so much to the point they can share secrets with them. In that way, they can go to a more intimate level with the person they like.

5. You are Already Attached

This is the best way you can turn your crush into love. What I usually do is build a constant bond between us. I want to be attached to my crush by doing the same activities. I want to look for ways to be closer to them.

When you are attached to your crush physically, it’s harder for your feelings to go away. If you’re already attached, it’s difficult for you to stay away from them. Through attachment, it makes you long for your crush and makes you fall for them.

6. Just Make the Move Yourself

To learn how to love your crush, you just need to make the move yourself. No one said that you have to wait, the perfect time is now. Maybe your crush is just hesitant to make the first move, you must be the one to take the initiative.

Make a move yourself by asking them on a date, or telling them about how you feel for them. No matter what your gender, go ahead and make it. Maybe this is the time where you will start falling for her.


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