Do You Need to Work Out Lower Chest?

When we go to the gym especially when it’s a chest day, we always prioritize doing the bench press first because it’s the most common and famous chest exercise. I was also not a big fan of performing lower chest exercises because I’m not comfortable at first.

That time, when I was still a beginner, I wasn’t sure if lower chest exercises would be good for me, but I still tried to put them in my workout plan.

You need to work out the lower chest to achieve a good balance and define chest muscles. The chest muscles are consist of three different sections: the upper, middle, and lower. It’s important to remember that hitting those parts is the key to building a bigger and stronger chest.

Let’s take a closer look to gain more knowledge about the importance of our lower chest.

Why Do You Need to Work Out Lower Chest?

During my early days at the gym, I was never a big fan of doing lower chest exercises. Every time I watch Youtube videos, all I see is bodybuilders performing middle and upper chest exercises. I love to study fitness but I didn’t spend any time searching about the lower chest.

But after how many months of hitting the gym, I tried to include lower chest exercises in my program.

Working out the lower chest is as important as working your middle chest and upper chest. In performing chest exercises, there must be a balance. To see better results for your chest, include lower chest exercises on your workout plan.

Achieving a well-rounded and strong chest requires hitting the middle, upper, and lower. Achieving that aesthetic body requires work for your lower chest. Working out your lower chest makes your chest muscles more complete and define.

Once in a while, it is also necessary to perform lower chest. One of the reasons why your chest is not defined is because you’re not hitting the three major parts of your chest. Learn how to activate every muscle in your chest and evaluate your results every month.

How Do I Build my Lower Chest?

To build your lower chest, you need to perform exercises like chest dips, decline barbell bench press, cable crossovers, and decline dumbbell bench press.

Building a lower chest isn’t that difficult as you think. Before you start your week, try to plan on what exercises you will perform so that you will not waste your time at the gym thinking about what workout will you do next. Track how many sets and reps you performed and make sure there’s progress.

In building a lower chest, try to lift heavy weights or weights that could challenge you. If you are performing a decline barbell or dumbbell bench press, make sure to set the bench to 15 to 30 degrees.

Never perform lower chest exercises every day. Not just with your chest muscles but all of the muscles in your body. Let your muscles rest so they will grow.

How Many Exercises for Lower Chest?

1 or 2 exercises are enough for the lower chest, you still need to hit the middle and upper chest. In a chest exercise, 4 chest exercises are enough to hit all the parts of your chest. That is the most optimal range in a single session. Always aim for a quality chest workout.

How Do You Work your Lower Chest with Dumbbells?

These are the two common lower chest exercises that we can perform at the gym.

Decline Dumbbell Press


1. Prepare your equipment for this exercise. Look for a bench and set it to 45 degrees. Get your dumbbells and pick your desired weight.

2. Sit on the bench and place both dumbbells in your thigh.

3. Raise the dumbbells over your chest and slowly lie down on the bench. Try to ask for assistance if you’re having a hard time.

4. Place the dumbbell at the outer edge of your chest with a 90-degree angle at the elbow.

5. Inhale as you slowly perform it down and exhale to push the dumbbells up.

6. Perform your desired sets and reps. Make sure to rest between sets.

Decline Dumbbell Fly


1. Prepare your equipment for this exercise. Look for a bench and set it to 45 degrees. Get your dumbbells and pick your desired weight.

2. Sit on the bench and place both dumbbells in your thigh.

3. Keep the dumbbells close to your chest and slowly lay back. Raise the dumbbells at the top and take a deep breath.

4. Lower dumbbells with your hands positioned in a neutral grip. Make sure to unlock your elbows and shoulder blades must be retracted.

5. Dumbbells must reach chest level. Not too low to avoid injury. After reaching chest level bring it back to its starting position.

6. Continue until desired sets and reps are completed.

How Can I Work my Lower Chest at Home?

To work your lower chest at home, you can perform bodyweight chest exercises, resistance bands, and using improvised equipment if you have. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have weights, all we need to do is perform it correctly and continually challenge our chest muscles.

Bodyweight Chest Exercise: Incline Push-Up


1. The equipment that you need is your body and a bench or any raised surface that is stable and will not move.

2. Place your hands slightly more than shoulder-width apart at the bench and place your feet back.

3. Make sure that you have a straight body from your hips to your shoulders.

4. Lower your body and perform slow repetitions.

5. Push yourself back into the starting position and perform it again with your desired amount of sets and reps.

Chest Cross-Over with Resistance Bands

1. Prepare your resistance bands and look for a door that would support you in this exercise.

2. Place the band on the hinge of the door in line with your hip height.

3. Put your hands on the handle. Make sure to straighten your chest and head

4. Pull the band in front of you with one hand above the other.

5. You can alternate your hand with which hands will go on top and perform your desired reps.

Improvised Equipment: Chairs Only for Chest Dips


1. Look for 2 chairs that you can use.

2. Place each hand on both chairs.

3. Lift your body slowly and perform the dips

4. Repeat for your desired sets and reps.

You can still perform a great lower chest workout at home even if you don’t have gym equipment. Just make sure to apply proper form and always challenge that muscle for it to grow.

Final Thoughts:

Achieving that mass and strong chest muscles require working out your lower chest. It is also done by progressively overloading the weights to challenge your chest muscles. Working out the three major parts of muscles which are the; middle, upper, and lower is the key to have a balanced chest. Hopefully, this article answered your question, and we hope that in your next chest workout you will include a lower chest exercise.


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