Do Men Like to Cuddle?

When I was a little kid, my parents bought me a pillow for me to hug every time I sleep at night. Since then, I felt that it was an awesome moment in my life because I can just wrap my pillow tight in my arms and be in harmony.

On Average, 90% of men like to cuddle. The feeling of being comfortable and soothing brings peace for them. In a man’s heart or mind, that is the moment where they can relax and just forget all the stress in their life. Be it with their partner, pet, or favorite pillow.

It all started with my comfortable pillow and when I grew up to become an adult, I also experienced cuddling with my girlfriend. But there’s more to cuddling why men like it a lot. Let’s keep reading

Why Do Men Like to Cuddle?

I can’t generalize all men out there especially on their preferences and culture. I can only speak for myself and most of my friends who love to cuddle.

Men like to cuddle because they crave physical attention. In the preceding generations, men weren’t taught about the importance and benefits of a cuddle. In the past, cuddle would only happen if men have a sexual urge for their partner.

The feeling of cuddle makes men want to enjoy the silence and safety of their own home without engaging with their friends. When men cuddle, they experience feelings of relaxation that could improve their mood. Like seriously, who doesn’t want that?

For some men, no amount of hugs or kisses will satisfy them especially when it comes from their loved ones, maybe from their parents or partner.

When men cuddle with someone or something it can make them calm and deal better with all the problems that they bring.

Another reason why men like to cuddle is they feel manly. They look for refuge in times when their self-esteem drops.

Hugging, Massage, and kissing are just the best forms of cuddling that men like to do. There’s no right or wrong for cuddling, as long as men achieve that peaceful feeling when he cuddles, it is enough for them.

What Does Cuddling Mean to Guys?

Cuddling for a guy means creating a peaceful feeling and relaxed intimacy with something or someone they love.

Some guys have a different meaning of why they cuddle. Maybe they want to satisfy their need with their partner, it makes them happy, it’s comfortable for them, and many more. No matter what meaning they have, being in a peaceful situation while cuddling is the main reason why guys want to cuddle.

Whether you experienced cuddling with a guy, the physical act of cuddling can make two people close to each other.

Do Guys get Attached after Cuddling?

If you have experienced cuddling with a guy and you’re curious if they get attached, well the answer is, it depends. We don’t know the true intention of the guy why he wants to cuddle with you. A lot of possibilities need to be considered.

First is, the skin-to-skin contact that we experience during cuddling makes us feel good because of oxytocin, or they call it the “love hormone.” So if you’ve experienced cuddling with a guy, there’s a possibility that he might get attached if he enjoyed the experience when you cuddled. With the help of oxytocin, it can cause strong feelings but there’s a possibility that it could only be temporary as long as the oxytocin is active.

Second, maybe he’s just doing it for fun or he might be bored. With this kind of situation, there is no chance that a guy will be attached to you.

Where Do You Touch a Guy when Cuddling?

During Cuddling, always touch a guy’s chest or place your head in his chest. Always make him feel that you want him. They feel a sense of closeness and relaxed feeling when you do that kind of action during cuddling.

During cuddling, I always feel comfortable when my partner places her head on my chest. After putting her head on my chest, I just love to wrap my arm around her. The feeling of calmness while cuddling with the person I love makes me happy.

There are many forms during cuddling, but touching a guy’s chest is the basic way that makes them want to cuddle with you more. At some point, every guy has different preferences where they like to be touch during cuddling. You just need to know where he’s comfortable.

Do Guys Cuddle with just any Girl?

Guys will only cuddle to a girl that they are interested in. But it doesn’t mean that they have feelings for that girl. Some guy’s just cuddled with any girls to fulfill their sexual urges.

A lot of guys especially those who are single, cuddled with any girls. What I’m sure about is, any guy would cuddle any girl as long as they are attracted to her. One of the main reasons why they cuddle with just any girl is because they want the touch of a woman, it makes them feel manly.

Somehow, the main motive why they cuddle with just any girl is because they want to turn it into sex. They want a girl to satisfy their sexual urge.

I also have some friends who cuddle with girls without having any sexual intention. They just like to hug or do some handshakes with them. But they don’t like to do that with just any random girl.

Do Guys Cuddle if they Don’t Like You?

Most guys wouldn’t cuddle if they are not interested in you. Never assume that guys would just cuddle any person out there. Try to examine things logically if the guy is interested in you.

This is also applicable to all genders, not just men. There’s no reason for us to cuddle a person we don’t like.

Except for my girlfriend, I experienced cuddling with someone who can satisfy my sexual needs, and somehow I also like that person. I wouldn’t also cuddle my dog if I know he’s smelly, I need to wash him first before I could cuddle him.

Be it with someone, a pet, or their pillow, guys wouldn’t cuddle if they don’t like it.

Do Guys get Hard When they Cuddle with a Girl?

Getting hard while cuddling is very common. During intimacy, it could be a normal reaction. The feeling of closeness makes the guy want more instead of just cuddling.

It is normal for guys to get hard when they cuddle with a girl especially when he’s attracted to her. There’s already a skin-to-skin reaction when you cuddle so guys would likely be tempted to be erected. It’s normal for guys to have a sexual response.

During cuddles, I usually get hard because I’m always tempted to have sex with my partner. At some point, my partner will try to tease me when we cuddle. Getting hard during a cuddle is just a natural phenomenon. These are just the common reactions when guys cuddle.


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