Do Guys Like Girls With Short Hair? The Real Answer

Girls are always curious if guys like short hair. For girls, it takes real guts and confidence to bring that short hair. They want to know if they look desirable in the eyes of men with the hairstyle that they bring. To know the answer, we need to determine several things if that short hair is beautiful in men’s eyes.

It’s an individual choice. A lot of guys like short hair, but not all guys. For guys, a girl looks very feminine if she has short hair. The cute-like image looks unique for them. The way a girl brings her short hair with confidence makes it attractive for guys.

There are a lot of reasons why men like to see girls with short hair. Sometimes, it all comes down to preference. In this article, let’s get to know more of the reasons why guys like short hair.

Why Do Guys Like Short Hair?

Don’t fear, because here are the 7 reasons why guys like short hair.

1. Girl with Short Hair gets more Attention and Stands Out from the Crowd.

Guys always notice girls with short hair because they are tired of seeing girls with long hair. You look special in their eyes because it’s not common for them. If a woman can pull off a short haircut in an environment where there are full of long hair, it’s a win for them. Short hair is fashionable to see that’s why it is liked by a lot of guys.

As a man, girls with short hair could easily grab my attention because I don’t see it often. The well-groomed short hair looks beautiful to me. In my eyes, short hair could enhance the prettiness of a girl.

2. It’s not Disturbing especially when you Cuddle

A lot of guys loves to cuddle with their partner. The advantage of short hair is that it won’t be disturbing for guys. Guys don’t like when your hair gets through their eyes and mouth. Not just with cuddling, it’s very annoying when you see long hair scattered around the floor and clog the shower drain.

In my experience, every time I cuddle with my girlfriend, her long hair always hits my eyes which is quite disturbing for me. Every time she finishes taking a bath, I’m always responsible for cleaning her hair so it won’t clog the drainage.

3. It Shows Uniqueness

A girl changing her hair is unique for guys because you are like reinventing yourself. In my perspective, girls are unique with their short hair because not every woman is strong enough to take a risk to cut their hair short. I feel that every girl who has short hair has high self-esteem.

Another reason for me why they are unique is that short hair has unusual hairstyles. Short hairstyles could also change a girl’s appearance. I also notice that girls with short hair tend to look kind and approachable.

4. It Makes You Look Younger

A lot of girls who shifted from long to short hair suddenly look younger. In my preference, long hair looks aging for some girls. Sometimes, long hair could affect your facial features negatively if you don’t comb it well. Short hair for girls makes them look younger because of the movement and softness of their short hair.

Girls with short hair could easily feature their eyes and cheekbones. Short hair could frame your jawline bringing that youthful look that every guy wanted. In addition, short hair looks great if you pair it with any color.

5. Less Time to Get Ready

When it comes to getting ready, we all know that girls have a bad reputation. A lot of guys are so impatient and I can say that I’m one of those guys. Girls with long hair tend to prepare longer in the bathroom. After showering, they still need to blow-dry, comb, and style their long hair. Men who take time as gold will surely be annoyed in that situation.

In addition to her long hair, let’s not forget about make-up that she still needs to apply to her face. When a girl has short hair, she could lessen her time getting ready because it won’t be hard for her to prepare it. In my opinion, my girlfriend could take time as long as she likes, but she must make sure that we must leave at the right time.

6. More Facial Features and Jawline Visibility

Some guys might have noticed that when girls have short hair, they can see the features on her face and jawline. Sometimes, long hair could be distracting and could cover a girl’s facial features. The face and jawline of a girl are highly attractive for guys.

It’s beautiful to see when your face and jawline will be highlighted by your short hair. Girls’ short hair, facial features, and jawline are highly stunning for guys.

7. You Look Professional and Confident

Our hair speaks for us. When it comes to short hair, girls can be distinguished as more professional. A girl’s clothes may play a big role in her professional look, her hair is also important. Short hair is stylish and can easily be paired with a woman’s suit. Short hair could also look powerful.

It is quite frightening for girls to cut their hair, so girls who faced their fears have high self-esteem and a lot of men are aware of that. I can also relate because my girlfriend cut her hair short and she was very confident bringing her new hairstyle. It makes girls more confident because they gain a better image with their new short hair.

What Type of Short Hair Do Guys Like?

Here are the types of Short Hair that Guys Like:

Short Bob HaircutsShort Hair with BangsShort Hair Layered Cut
Sleek A-Line BobLob Cut with Curtain BangsFun Short Layered Hair
Asymmetrical BobUndercut with Choppy BangsTrendy Short Layered Cut
Inverted BobShort Bob and BangsBrown Layered feathered Bob
Blonde Asymmetrical BobEarl Length Pixie Cut with BangsLayered Ombre Bob with Beachy Waves
Angles Bob HairstyleShort Layered Cut with BangsEasy Layered Angle Bob
Chin Length Textured BobShort Blunt Bob with BangsShort Layered Blunt Bob

What Length of Short Hair Do Guys Like?

In a survey, the length of short hair that guys like was the short/medium – chin length. Guys like that length because the facial features and jawline are emphasized. Almost all face-shaped works with this length. My favorite thing about chin length is that it applies to all ages. Every feminine woman looks perfect in this kind of hair length.

This is the most casual short hair length that I have also noticed with other girls. Also, I consider this as an excellent choice for girls if they have plans to cut their hair. It looks soft, class and it grows so pretty. I consider ever short/medium – chin length hairstyles as an all-time favorite.

How do I know if that Guy likes Short Hair?

Well, he might show signs or he will just say that you are better with short hair. Another sign is he might ask you if you are willing to cut your hair short. You could also ask him if short hair fits your hairstyle.

If it’s your boyfriend, better ask him frankly. Or, if your boyfriend keeps appreciating your long hair, don’t continue cutting your hair. If it is someone that you liked, try to ask questions that are not so obvious, ask him if a short hairstyle looks good on you.

What Short Hair Colors do Guys Like?

You ever wondered what short hair color do guys like? In my opinion, black and blonde color is the best color for short hair. Black for simplicity and blonde for uniqueness. In the whole world, there are fewer blondes compared to non-blondes that’s why it’s unique. The most common hair color in the world is black.

It’s important to remember that every man has different preferences. In my preference, I would go for black because for me it looks hot and simple.


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