Do Guys Like Chubby Girls?

Guys are complicated, we can’t predict what type of body size do they like. A lot of girls don’t understand how guys look for a girl. Even before you went to this article, somehow you’ll know that the answer will be,….it depends.

A lot of guys like chubby girls but not all guys. They have different preferences when it comes to body shape. There’s no such thing as all men in this world will like chubby girls because guys will be attracted to certain things.

Even if you don’t get the exact answer that you wanted that all guys will like chubby girls, let’s get to know more of the reasons why some guys would like chubby girls.

What is Considered Chubby for a Girl?

Chubby doesn’t necessarily mean that you are fat or overweight. Those words are different. Being overweight carries a large number of fats compared to being chubby. If you are chubby your capacity of fat cells is naturally high but, you still maintain your normal shape. Maybe you have a curvy figure, a round face, and a fluffy body.

You don’t have any control over your genetics. Chubby can sometimes mean you have less muscle and a high body fat percentage, but you still have a normal BMI. To Know your BMI, I provided a BMI calculator and table for you.

Under 18.5Underweight
18.5 – 24.9Normal
25 – 29.9Overweight
30 and OverObese

To determine your BMI, in the columns at the top, identify your weight to the nearest 10 pounds. Move your finger down the column until it matches your height. When your weight and height have met, that is an estimate of your BMI. Let’s say for example you are 150 pounds and are 5’6”, your BMI is 24.

bmi calculator
Source: Harvard Health Publishing, Harvard Medical School.

If you are losing the curvy shape of your body because you are starting to gain weight, you can consider yourself chubby. Too much weight everywhere in your body and no more distinct body shape is already obese.

Do Guys Like Chubby Girls?

Even if we conduct a survey, the result will be somehow balanced. There will be guys who won’t prefer chubby girls and other guys will like it. I knew a lot of men especially my friends who like chubby girls. Those guys are attracted to the curves of a girl. Guys are not shallow, sometimes they won’t even care about your physical appearance because they will be more attracted to your personality and character.

It’s not shocking for guys to like chubby girls. Guys have different preferences on why she likes to have a chubby partner. I asked some guys why they like chubby girls and ask for an in-depth explanation. Here are their answers:

1. They Love to Cuddle with Chubby Girls

This was the most common reason that I heard from them. They don’t like girls who are sexy like gym models because they feel that their body is hard. Compared to chubby girls, they are like a cushion when they cuddle. They know that chubby girls cuddle better compared to skinny girls.

The warmth that a chubby girl can give you during a cuddle can instantly brighten your mood. Skinny girls can’t give you much warmth. I’ve seen a lot of guys who have chubby girlfriends and they are always proud to say that they have the best cuddling experience in the world. I can say that it’s true and I’m happy for them.

2. They Look Healthy

They like a chubby girl because of their healthy appearance. The perfect weight for them is a girl that somehow has high amounts of fat. They prefer to be with someone who has a healthy appearance compared to a skinny girl. You don’t need to pressure her to eat more because she’s already healthy.

For them, skinny girls are more conscious of their image and chubby girls are less conscious because they already know that they have a healthy appearance.

3. They Act as a Pillow

It will be the best pillow that they’ve ever had. They won’t spend money on buying pillows because having a chubby partner is already an advantage. The tummy of a chubby girl acts as a pillow for guys. They want the bouncy feeling when they hug a chubby girl.

In my experience, I want someone who I can hug all the time. I can’t go wrong when I try to look for a chubby girl. They have plumper skin that skinny girls don’t have. For me, it will be more fun cuddling and hugging them all the time.

4. Unlimited Food

Being with a chubby girl means food trips for them because they know that chubby girls will try any type of food. Guys know that they are not afraid to gain some weight because it’s fun to eat with you. Guys are willing to try different restaurants and dishes.

Guys also believe that chubby girls have no food restraints. They will have a good meal because they know that a chubby girl will eat a lot and if a guy will pay the bills, it will be worth it for them. There will be no food waste. So basically, a guy likes a chubby girl because they are a great food buddy that makes them guilt-free.

5. Chubby Girls are Better in Bed

When it comes down to having a great sex experience in bed, guys like chubby girls because they perform well in bed. They are not contented with skinny girls because some of them are flat-chested. Guys like to hold a girl’s body when having sex. The extra fat or cushion improves the pushing during sex.

Guys are attracted to a curvy girl that has larger breast and booty. Guys desire more in bed when their partner is chubby. Certain sex positions improve because of the shape of a chubby girl. Lastly, guys like chubby girls because they have a lot of confidence during sex.  In a theory by James Watson, he said that:

“His study of chemicals in the body has led him to conclude extra fat has the effect of boosting endorphins – the natural mood-enhancing chemical – and a hormone linked to sexual desire.”

James Watson

This may not apply to every guy out there but I know that there are a lot of men who believe that girls with curvy shapes are the best sex partner.

Do Guys Care if a Girl is Chubby?

Some guys would care, and others would not. Not all guys are into physical appearance, they always want to know your personality. Some chubby girls thought that when a guy is looking at them, they feel that they’re being judged. Not all the time it’s true, some guys are just attracted to chubby girls.

As a man, some chubby girls are cute for me. But all the time, I won’t care about your physical appearance. I may care more about your eyes rather than your body structure. From what I’ve also noticed with other guys, as long as you’re not obese, guys won’t care that much.

Do Guys Like Girls with Chubby Face?

Guys like girls with chubby faces because it’s cute for them. Girls with chubby faces have a more youthful and healthy appearance that’s why guys like it. Guys don’t like slaggy cheeks because for them it can be a sign of aging. Guys are attracted to girls with a chubby face because it also comes with high cheekbones.

They love to pinch a girls’ chubby face. A girl’s chubby face has a huge impact on how she looks. If you’re a girl that has a chubby face, be happy because guys will be fascinated by that.

Do Guys Date Chubby Girls?

Guys like to date chubby girls because, in love, all is fair. Your outward appearance won’t matter for them that much. Guys will date a chubby girl and be happy. I dated a chubby girl and it was worth it. The great love, respect, and amazing sex that she gave me were unforgettable.

Guys are serious when dating a chubby girl, they don’t want to humiliate her during a date. As long as the guy is attracted to her, he would date her no matter what her body structure is. Men won’t just date chubby girls, they would also chase them.


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