Can My Girlfriend Go To My House?

In a relationship, there comes a time when you want to invite your partner to go to your house. I’ve been there and I was also nervous because I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing. But I realized that I don’t need to complicate things because I planned everything a week before and there’s a reason why I invited her.

Your girlfriend can go to your house. However, it depends on a lot of situations. Such as parent’s consent, cultural reasons, and maturity. It’s totally fine if your girlfriend is going to your house as long as everything is aligned.

Below I provided more information to have an in-depth answer about your problem if your girlfriend can go to your house. There’s a lot of things you can learn below. Let’s keep reading.

Can My Girlfriend Go To My House?

Being in a relationship can lead you to different things. You do it because of love that’s why you’re planning to invite your girlfriend to your house. Maybe, you want to have a great time together.

In our time now, people handle relationships differently. There are situations where we don’t know if it’s okay if our girlfriend can go to our house. Even if your reason is sincere, there are things you need to consider before you allow your girlfriend to go to your house.

Parent’s Consent

This is the first thing you need to consider when your parents are at home or away, you need to ask permission if they will allow it. When it’s your parent’s home, and they are concern about your visitors, you need to ask for their consent.

Asking a parent’s permission is a standard procedure if you want your girlfriend to go to your house. If you ask sincerely and tell them about your reasons, they would be happy to allow it. It’s a nice gesture if you tell your parents ahead of time because they might support you. Maybe, they’re also excited to meet your girlfriend.

You should never lie to your parents if your girlfriend goes to your house because it might disappoint them. Remember that your parents have a tradition when it comes to visiting each other’s house.

Today’s tradition and their tradition are very different. They follow a traditional courtship that is not already applicable in our time. Dating has changed over the years.

When your parents noticed that you brought your girlfriend into your house without asking permission, there’s a chance that they won’t like her. I know you don’t want that to happen. If you are sincere in bringing your girlfriend to your house, you must not keep it a secret from your parents.

To share my experience, I was also nervous when I asked for my parent’s consent. I did explain it sincerely and I was happy that they allowed me. I know I did the right thing by asking permission because they prepared food just to meet my girlfriend.

Another thing is, you can also ask permission from your girlfriend’s parents. Talk to her parents and show respect by visiting their house and picking up your girlfriend. Tell them that your parents allowed you to bring your girlfriend to your house.

Cultural Reasons

Do you have beliefs or traditions about bringing your girlfriend to your house? If yes, try to consider it first. Romantic culture may have evolved but there are still a lot of people who follow the old fashion way when it comes to bringing their partner to their house.

In some countries, bringing their girlfriend into their house is a serious matter. It’s also true to different religions. I don’t have any idea about what are the practices of some religions but I’m aware that other religions are strict when it comes to this matter.

Cultural reasons may set boundaries that’s why you need to evaluate it well before inviting your girlfriend. The culture and beliefs that you have may come from your parents that’s why it’s difficult to contradict. No matter how you want it to happen, you need to be prepared because there might be limitations.

When your girlfriend will soon be your fiancé and the member of your family is already supporting her, it’s fine when your girlfriend goes to your house.

One of my friends told me that they have a law in their house about this matter. He isn’t allowed to bring his girlfriend into his house if his parents are not around. It’s inappropriate for them because that’s the behavior that was governed by them. They have standards to follow and values to hold.


Not mature enough? I would advise that you better not let your girlfriend go to your house because you’re not responsible enough. You are not yet capable enough to know the meaning of true love.

You’re still young and it’s not yet the perfect time to invite your girlfriend. You better listen to your parents first. It’s not the time to make love in your house. I can’t stress this enough but as a politician who gives seminars to teenage parents, it happened to them because the girl went to the boy’s house.

Do not get into a relationship first, you better focus on your studies. Teenage relationships have sexual feelings that might tempt them to do something at their house. Inviting your girlfriend to your house may lead to an unplanned pregnancy. I hope young people may realize the big risk of what they’re doing. They still need the guidance of their parents.

Love can be quite exciting especially when it’s new or it’s your first. You invest time and emotions in your girlfriend that you forgot about your academics. Inviting your girlfriend to your house is beyond your maturity level.

I also experienced being in a relationship at a young age but I haven’t invited her into our house because my parents are strict. They always say to prioritize my studies first.

How To Invite My Girlfriend To Go to My House?

There are a lot of ways on how to invite your girlfriend to your house, but it also depends on your reason why you want her to go there. If you’re worried because she might have a negative response to your invitation, I provided a guide for you.

1. Explain To Her Sincerely The Reason Why You Want Her To Come Over

There are a lot of reasons why you want your girlfriend to come over. Such as, you need help for work, you want to make love, you miss her, watch movies and many more. Be honest and sincere so that so she will feel that you need her. Never tell her that you only want to have some sex because she’ll get offended. But, if you’re already used to it, so be it.

2. Give Her an Assurance

A girl’s security and privacy are very important for them. Explain to her how safe she is when she goes to your house. If you love your girlfriend, you make sure that she’s safe at your house. Ask her what she dislikes so that you can avoid it. You can also tell her that your parents are around so that she will be sure about her safety.

If it’s her first time coming over into your house, build trust so that next time she will come again. Make her comfortable in her first experience at your house.

3. Never Pressure Her

Like seriously, don’t pressure her to go to your house especially when it’s her first time. She will doubt why you’re forcing her to go. Take things slow and build trust with your girlfriend. Once you pressure her, she won’t be comfortable anymore. Have a positive approach and don’t make her feel stress when going to your house.

The more you pressure your girlfriend, the more she will be suspicious. Just tell her why you need her at your house, and wait for her decision.

4. Be Thankful No Matter What Her Response Is

When you invited her, then her response is either yes or no, be thankful. You’re making her feel special because of your positive response. When she said no, the more she will think that you’re glad because you accepted her negative response. There’s a chance that she’ll change her decision because your girlfriend will love it.

You’re like giving her hints that you’re a nice guy even if she won’t come over. Always be thankful no matter what her response is.

What To Do When My Girlfriend Goes To Our House?

There are many things that you can do and this is a great chance for you to progress your relationship. Be sure to be ready so that you can accommodate her properly. It would be great if you’re well prepared.

The first thing that you need to do is to ask her about what she wants to do. If she doesn’t know, you can prepare for yourself. Fix your house first so that you can tour her around. Your girlfriend can judge you by how clean your house is. Your house should be ready for a visitor. 

Don’t expect that she’ll be comfortable if it’s her first time to come over. She will be a little bit shy so make her comfortable. Don’t forget to clean your room because you might stay there to watch movies or make love. Make sure that your room smells good.

I can’t stress this enough, don’t keep on asking her about what food she likes to eat or what movie she likes to watch. Be the host because it’s your own house and you have a visitor. Just prepare delicious food for her so that she won’t get hungry and pick a movie to watch so she won’t get bored.

The best thing that I’ve done when my girlfriend went to our house was we cooked the food for dinner together. It was fun and also sweet.

You can fix yourself by wearing a nice shirt, you don’t dress up that well. Try to ask her if she wants to stay during the night and invite her for breakfast the next day. If she doesn’t want, give her a ride when she’ll go home.


Do I Need To Ask Permission From My Parents If My Girlfriend Goes To Our House?

Yes, you need to ask permission because it’s your parent’s house. Tell them the reasons why your girlfriend goes to your house and what are you going to do. Be honest with them so that they will support your relationship. They might prepare food for your girlfriend because it’s their first time meeting her.

Does It Mean Something When My Girlfriend Goes To My House?

It depends. Maybe she wants your relationship to progress by spending time with you at your own house. Maybe she’s just interested to visit your house. It can also mean that she misses you and she wants to spend time with you by watching movies or eating food.

You need to behave like a gentleman and make her comfortable at your house. Don’t view it as a potential opportunity for you to have sex. It’s not all about sex unless she tells it.


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