Can Men Wear Earrings?

I recently noticed that a lot of men are already wearing earrings, and somehow I can say that it looks cool for them. One thing that I’ve also noticed is there are different designs of earrings that are suitable for men. They buy a lot of designs and are confident to wear them.

Men can wear earrings if that is what they desired for themselves. The primary reason why they wear earrings is it looks attractive for them. Men wearing earrings is a trend and it will continue for the years to come. A lot of earrings are available for men. Today, men who wear earrings are somehow acceptable in society.

Now that we know a bit about why men wear earrings, it is time to dive in and learn some more about why men can wear earrings.

Can Men Wear Earrings?

Men can wear earrings if they want to. A lot of men are already receiving compliments about how they wear earrings. It is somehow cool and unique to see especially the earrings with a small design. Some men chose a design that suits their skin tone, and others just choose the diamond design because it’s the trend and does work well with every skin tone.

You just probably go ahead and get your ears pierced if you like to wear earrings. People are already used to see men who wear earrings, and I can say that it is somehow acceptable in society. Don’t fear what other people will say because we have a different idea about how we style ourselves.

Fashion will never be lost. It will continue until the end of the world. If you are wondering if earrings will be a trend in the coming years, they will. The more you bring your earrings with confidence, the more you look cool and sexy.

There are a lot of famous men who wear earrings such as, Michael Jordan, Johnny Depp, and Cristiano Ronaldo. So forget about what other people will say that you may look like a rebel because things have changed and men’s fashion is evolving. Just remember that if you’re underage you need your parent’s permission. You can make your own decisions when you are no longer a minor.

The best thing about having your ears pierced is that if you change your mind and you don’t feel like wearing earrings anymore, you can just remove it and your pierced will just heal and be close after some time.

Depending on what suits men, they can have it double pierced or just the other side. You can choose between the two, both have a positive effect on your manliness.

Are Earrings Attractive for Men?

Earrings are attractive for men. Not just attractive but more attractive if they bring it with confidence. It will also look more attractive if they choose the right design for them. Of course, the earrings you will choose will depend on the piercing that you have. Try to visit an expert piercer to ask for suggestions on what kind of earrings is attractive for you.

Here’s my suggestion:

  • Black Earrings – Black earrings first well for white people
  • White Earrings – For white earrings, it works well for black people
  • Diamonds – It would work well on different skin tones.
  • Gold Earrings – This gives you a vintage and romantic look
  • Silver Earrings – It is more aesthetic and versatile

Do Women Like Earrings for Men?

Women have different points of view about men who wear earrings. I surveyed some girls and most of them are my friends. Most of their answers are different. Somehow, I can say that their answers depend on the surroundings, religion, and culture that they grew up in.

This was the common answer that I’ve got.

  • “Men look cool and unique.”
  • “I’m not a big fan because it looks unprofessional.”
  • “I don’t even care at all, Attitude matters the most.”

If you’re going to ask a conservative woman, for sure she won’t like it. On the other hand, if it’s a biased woman, she will accept and say positive thoughts about your image.

I asked for an in-depth explanation from my friend who said that men look cool and unique when wearing earrings. She told me she likes a man that has a bad boy type of image and she feels that men who wear earrings have it.

For the other one, my friend who is family-oriented and is already a professional believed that an earring is only to be worn by a woman. For her, a man who wears earrings looks unprofessional and disgusting sometimes.

The last one told me that she doesn’t care at all because she just doesn’t like to judge a man’s physical appearance. A man’s true attitude is within his heart, not with his earrings.

To all men out there, you don’t need to worry because regardless of what other people say, that’s your life and you’ll be the one who will style it.

Are Earrings Unprofessional for Men?

We can’t deny the fact the there’s still a stigma on men who wear earrings. There are certain places that people will see you as unprofessional if you wear earrings. In my opinion, it varies on the profession that you have. If you work in a corporate office wearing a suit and tie, avoid wearing earrings. If you are a famous actor, it’s perfectly fine. A lot of famous actors wear earrings.

People believed that men can only wear accessories that are made for men. Such as a simple necklace or a silver bracelet, you will still look professional. Even if you only have a single earring, some people will still consider it unprofessional. How much more on multiple earrings.

To be honest, I met a lot of professional people who wear earrings and they are not affected by what other people will say. But that’s just how life is

Can Men Wear Earrings During Job Interview?

Men are not encouraged to wear earrings during a job interview. Sometimes, there are proper dress codes that need to be followed during a job interview. You know that you must look professional and some companies don’t allow men to wear earrings because they can judge you as unprofessional.

Sometimes, it all depends on how diverse a company is. Learn how to be flexible. Some people will suggest asking your employer if it’s okay to wear earrings, but for me, it’s a big no. I prefer that you do some research about your company’s dress code and culture instead of asking your employer.

If you are unsure and you feel that it will endanger your job interview, just don’t wear your earrings. Instead, you should wear a watch. Also, consider how important this job is to you and how much salary will you earn from this company. When you are already hired, try to get an idea if you are allowed to wear your earrings.

Which Side is Best to Wear Earrings?

It doesn’t matter on what side is best to wear your earrings. In my experience, I prefer to wear it on my left ear same as where I wear my watch on my left wrist. In the research that I did, back in the 80s, straight Americans chose to wear their earrings on the left ear. Any side is fine, as long as you bring it with confidence.

Can Straight Men Wear Earrings?

If you want to get your ears pierced, there are no rules about sexual orientation. Whether you are straight or gay, you are allowed to wear earrings. Regardless of your sexual identity, you wear your earrings because you want to look attractive and unique.


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