Can A Woman Fall In Love Quickly?

In our life, we experience meeting a woman and suddenly we realize that she’s the right one for us. Now, we are trying our best to court her. Then, we are curious if there’s a possibility if she will fall in love quickly. While not all women are the same, there are things we need to do for them to fall in love quickly.

A woman can fall in love quickly if they can’t control how they feel. When they’ve met the person that’s right for them, their feelings of love is unexplainable. Whether they like it or not, it’s going to happen and there should be no average time frame.

Below, I provided a more in-depth discussion about the possibility of a woman falling in love quickly, as well as what you should do. Let’s keep reading because this article might help you.

Can A Woman Fall In Love Quickly?

With evolution, a lot of women fall in love quickly today compared to the past. Ancient women are harder to get because they are more particular in men’s commitment. They are more devoted to their culture and more focused on their virtue. When it comes to falling in love, every woman has a different approach. Always remember that not all women are the same.

Like what I’ve said, a woman can fall in love quickly if they can’t control how they feel. It is something unexplainable and it’s very hard to control. When they’ve met the right person, the romantic excitement that they feel is just so amazing and unexplainable.

When it comes to love, I believe that no expert can give an exact answer on how fast can a woman fall in love. It’s a raw human emotion, even women can’t explain why they fall in love that quickly and why they can’t stop it.

When it comes to falling in love quickly, there’s what we called love at first sight. It might be a rare occurrence but once women felt that, it’s an instant feeling of falling in love. It will wrap around their head and they just can’t get over it. They will feel an instant sensation that they know they’ve just fallen in love instantly.

I also believe that the word timing is one of the reasons why women fall in love quickly. Maybe there’s a point in their life that they were so down and they’ve met a man who comforted them and she realized that she quickly fell in love with him.

Another thing is, I remembered when some of my female friends told me that they easily fell in love if they see the person that they like every single day. If they don’t see it often, it will take longer for them to fall in love.

One thing is for sure, women don’t ignore the undeniable. When they fall in love quickly because they have strong feelings for someone, they usually follow their heart because they know that love is a strong emotion and hard to control.

They just let their feelings take over when they know that their feelings of love are true. They don’t worry about falling in love even though they that it’s too quick.

What Do Women Consider For Them To Fall In Love Quickly?

Yes, a woman can fall in love quickly but sometimes there are things that they want to consider first. There’s something they look for in a person which is a huge turn-on for them and can make them fall in love quickly.


This is the most important thing that you need to consider so that a woman can quickly fall in love with you. Women are very specific when it comes to your attitude, they want someone who can treat them nicely. Having the right attitude is a huge turn-on for a lot of women.

If you think you have doubts about your attitude, you must consider changing it. Creating the right attitude will greatly help you because you can easily attract the woman that you like.

All the positive attitudes such as caring, thoughtful, faithful, and a lot more. When a woman notices that you have the right attitude, they feel safe to be with you. In my experience, I have realized that when it comes to making a woman fall in love with you, it will always be a mystery. But one thing is for sure, they are very particular to attitude.

You may want to check your attitude first before anything else. You don’t have to change immediately. Instead, do it slowly and consistently.

To share my experience, when it comes to building relationships with a woman I like, I always evaluate my attitude because it’s very important. When I have a positive attitude in life, I notice that I build a positive relationship with her.

Physical Appearance

I know you can’t force a woman to eventually like your physical appearance. You don’t know what type of faces or style do they like unless you ask them. But to make a woman fall in love quickly with you, you need to enhance your physical appearance somehow. No matter how you force it that personality wins, looks will always matter.

I’m not saying that you need to wear expensive clothes or have a huge chest and biceps for a woman to fall in love with you. You can stay simple and clean. I just want you to realize that your appearance is non-verbal communication and it’s a powerful weapon to attract the woman you like.

A woman can judge for who you are and what type of person are you through her appearance. So this time, you need to consider styling your hair, wear well-fitting clothes, proper posture, and clean shoes. Having a great physical appearance can build attractiveness and confidence.

It is always true that when you look good, you stand a little taller because you feel that you are boosting your self-esteem. A lot of women fall in love with a man who’s confident in how he brings himself to the crowd.

There are still a lot of people who fail to give importance to their physical appearance. Maybe that’s the reason why women don’t quickly fall in love with them. Women will consider your looks as a clue if there’s a possibility they will fall in love with you quickly.


When you make a woman laugh, it’s also a way through her heart. A lot of women like people who can make them happy. When she’s laughing through your jokes especially when she’s down, she will surely like you. She will see you as the person who can cheer her up whenever she’s alone.

I can say that I have a great sense of humor, and I consider this as my lucky charm. I remember when I was courting the woman that I like, she told me that women prefer men who make them happy. Life is so stressful because of work and other things, it’s very rare for her to have a good laugh.

I noticed this all the time, men who can make a woman smile always reign supreme. I can see it in a woman’s eyes every time she laughs that she’s attracted to that man. Not all people are born with a great sense of humor, but somehow you can improve it.

Being funny is one of the best things you can do to make her fall in love with you. I’ve met a lot of men who just use their humor skills to attract the woman they like. They told me it’s very effective even though you are not a great-looking person.


A woman can fall in love quickly when she feels that she is secured with you. They know that they can rely upon you in the future. Security means protecting her from harm and providing for her needs and wants in the future.

When you let her feel that she’s secure, you can surely win her heart. A woman wants to feel that she is loved and valued. A woman feels that she is secure when you have a job or a business. When she feels that you can stand on your own. That she knows that you will work hard for her.

You need to make her feel what’s your long-term plan five or ten years from now. Are you going to build a house for her, travel to different countries, or build a family? Give her assurance and security so that she will feel that you are serious about giving her a bright future.


A woman’s intuition can be accurate at times. They will feel your true intention for her. Do you like her because of lust, attraction, or attachment? That’s a great skill that women have that you should be careful of. Women don’t like casual hook-up.

When your intention is pure, you need to show it through your actions. Make them feel that they are worthy of your time. Even if you feel that you’re going to be rejected, you still need to show it. It might change her mind and might fall in love with you.

Trust me, by showing your true intention, she will feel that you are confident and honest with her. In today’s romance, being yourself and showing your true intention is one of the most important things that a woman likes.

Don’t delay your actions. The more you do it sooner, the more she will fall in love with you. Don’t be scared and be as blunt as you can.


I have saved the best for last, and I have proved this many times. I’ve asked a lot of women why they like a man full of confidence. Their common answer is, “They are sexy as hell.”

Confident men are straightforward for who they are and what they want to be. Confident men are successful in many aspects of their lives. Women know that when a man is confident, success will follow them.

In the past, I always stay confident in life because it’s an attitude that’s attractive to women. That’s how I went from single to taken. My partner told me that when a man is confident, it’s the best way to display their masculinity.

If you don’t have enough confidence in yourself, you can’t protect and provide for a woman. Remember that life has many challenges, you need to face them with full confidence. Women are frustrated with people who have low confidence. They need someone who is tough and is willing to face the storm.

Is it Normal for Women To Fall In Love Quickly?

It’s normal if women fall in love quickly because they might have seen something on you which they like the most. Falling in love might be confusing at times but I believe that there is no reason for a woman to take it too long. There’s no way that they can control their feelings.

If they feel that their love is authentic, they will express it. They know that when they fall in love, it can consume their thoughts and it won’t stop them from thinking about it. There’s nothing wrong if a woman falls in love quickly because it’s their feelings. They know love is so strong that can take over their mind.

How Do You Tell if a Woman is Falling In Love With You Quickly?

There are things that you will notice if a woman is falling in love with you quickly even if you just met her for a while. You’ll notice that she’s always there for you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t call her, she will instantly appear on your side. She won’t be busy and will always give you time.

She will also try to support you whatever your plans in life. If you have a basketball game, she’ll be there to cheer you up. There was a time when one of my friends met a woman in our school then suddenly that woman became her biggest supporter. They’ve just met for a week and the woman was so interested in him. I can say that woman fall in love with him quickly.

She might also tease you a lot because she wants to grab your attention. She’ll act childish and will make fun of you. She will make a way to make your conversation as fun as possible.

Lastly, when a woman keeps smiling at you, that’s the sign that she already fell in love with you. You will notice that she will give you a genuine smile like she never showed to other people. It means that she is incredibly happy when she’s around you. When you keep catching her smile, you know the meaning of it.


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