Are Fitness Trainers Worth It? Everything You Should Know

As a fitness enthusiast, I have met a lot of fitness trainers at different gyms. All I can say is, they have a different approach in handling their clients. Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle, you want to know if a fitness trainer can help you achieve the body that you dreamed of in a short amount of time.

Fitness Trainers are worth it depending on the coaching program that they can offer. Not all fitness trainers are the same. Checking their credentials, ability and coaching strategy is the best way to say that they are worth it.

To know more about fitness trainers or whether you’re planning to get one in the future, I provided more information below. Let’s keep reading.

Are Fitness Trainers Worth it?

All fitness trainers have a different approach to how they handle their clients. But their main goal is to help you achieve the body that you’ve always wanted. I’ve been in the fitness industry for how many years. I’ve experienced different fitness gyms and different fitness instructors. Some are free, others are paid, and other trainers will just give you advice if you’re doing the wrong thing.

Depending on the goals you want to achieve, you want a fitness trainer because somehow you know that they have the expertise to help you. They will push you beyond your abilities, and they will give you knowledge on what are the things that you should do.

In the fitness industry, there are a lot of fitness trainers that are trash. They’re unqualified and just called themselves “certified fitness trainers” even though they aren’t. They just want to earn money and give you a poor service.

There are two types of fitness trainers that I’ve noticed at the gym. First is the experience-based trainer, and the knowledge-experience-based fitness trainer. I will discuss why the knowledge-experience-based fitness trainer is the best.

Experience-based Fitness Trainer

When being a fitness trainer becomes their profession, it’s not enough when they only based it on because they have tons of experience. In my opinion, these are the fitness trainers that are a waste of money. They don’t provide a high quality of coaching because they only based it on their own experience and body.

Well, it doesn’t mean that if it’s applicable for them, it’s also applicable for you. A lot of beginners at the gym hire fitness trainers like this. These fitness trainers have little to no knowledge about human anatomy and nutrition.

I don’t care if that fitness trainer has 10 years of experience and lifts 200 pounds of bench press. No matter where fitness gym I go to, I can easily predict if that fitness trainer is only experience-based.

The worst thing is, if you’re planning to gain muscle fast, they will encourage you to use steroids and buy from them. Like seriously? They don’t even know the risk of using steroids and they encourage beginners so that they can earn money.

To be honest, I’ve experienced when a fitness trainer encouraged me to use steroids because the results will be much quicker. Well, I denied him because I did a lot of research before I enrolled in a fitness gym. I don’t want to be harsh, but it’s the truth. Not all experience-based trainers are trash, there are still good ones. But the common fitness trainers that I see at some local gyms are not knowledgeable.

It’s very rare to see a legit fitness trainer. It pains me every time I see a beginner being coached by this kind of fitness trainer and has the same results month after month.

I hope you don’t invest in these kinds of fitness trainers. My best suggestion would be, instead of spending money on this kind of fitness trainer, better try to learn first on the internet. Expand your knowledge by searching your problems on the internet.

Knowledge-Experience-based Fitness Trainer

These kinds of fitness trainers are the best. It’s very rare to see this kind of trainer and they’re quite expensive. Not just experienced, but they have a huge knowledge about training, human anatomy, and nutrition. This kind of trainer will give you the best service and all the knowledge that you need to achieve your goal.

One thing that I’ve noticed from these kinds of fitness trainers is, they won’t promise the best results that you will achieve. They will just be there to guide and support you but the effort is on you.

They will be honest that losing weight and gaining muscle is a slow process. You need to be dedicated during your program. All the blame will be on you if you will cheat and lie with them.

What I love about these kinds of trainers is their training and nutrition plan. They will teach you about compound and isolation exercises. They will also provide your weekly or monthly exercise program.

For nutrition, they will teach about macronutrients, calories, best protein foods, and a flexible diet concerning what kind of body type and goals you have. They won’t complicate your diet by eating vegetables or chicken breast daily. They will make your eating plan enjoyable.

You will notice that they are very specific when it comes to proper nutrition. Even though you train thrice per week, as long as you will follow the diet plan that they give you, you will still see results.

If you can’t afford to buy supplements like whey protein, it’s totally fine for them. Fitness trainers know that supplements will play a minor role in your fitness program. They won’t recommend you to use steroids if fitness is just your lifestyle and you’re not planning to compete in body-building shows.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Fitness Trainer

Like I’ve said, fitness trainers have a different approach to how they will handle their clients. Before you choose your fitness trainer, there are things that you need to consider to make sure that they can help you achieve your goals.

Here are the 5 things that you should consider when hiring a fitness trainer.

1. The Credentials Are Very Important

There are a lot of fitness trainers out there who will claim that they are legit and they can transform your body. However, if you will get scammed by them, you can put your health and safety at risk.

Fitness trainers go through a process of training to earn a certification. You can ask for their certification, they must be willing to let them see it to you. Ask them about their specialty if they can improve your body the way you want it to be. You don’t need a powerlifting coach if you’re planning to lose weight. Fitness trainers have different specializations.

You can also tell them about your special needs or injury for them to be aware. They will slow down your training if can’t do it well. If your fitness trainer suggests that you need to consult a doctor before you start training, it’s fine because they’re concern about your safety.

2. The Training Plan

You’ll get the right fitness trainer when they give a training plan that’s fun to execute. They know a variety of exercises when you get bored in this kind of training. You deserve a fitness trainer who can teach you what’s the purpose of this exercise, how to execute it, and what part of your muscles is targeted.

No matter what your age and level are, they must know how to customize your training plan. They know how to adjust the number of weights that you’re lifting and the minutes of cardio that you need to perform.

3. The Nutrition and Meal Preparation

In my opinion, this is the hardest lesson that a fitness trainer must learn. That’s why there are a lot of trainers out there who don’t have any idea about proper nutrition. If that fitness trainer will prefer training over nutrition, look for another one to hire.

If you’re a beginner, counting macronutrients and meal preparation is the hardest part. You need to balance your time so you will know when to cook the food and what food you are going to eat.

The best fitness trainer for me is the one who can teach you about nutrition and help you with what food are you going to prepare. If fitness is your lifestyle, they will teach you about a flexible diet, where you can eat different foods as long as it hits your macros.

When a fitness trainer tells you to eat a huge amount of chicken breast, boiled egg, and broccoli every day, look for the exit door and leave.

4. The Support System

The support system is also important because there are times when you need to ask questions if you’re doing the right thing. The right fitness trainer will always be available during or after your training.

When a trainer will just entertain you during your sessions, it won’t be enough. The best trainers can reply to your questions after an hour or two when you message them. They must also track your progress through a sheet or Microsoft excel.

So when looking for a fitness trainer, make sure they have time for you and help you towards your goals. Your fitness partner also becomes your best friend.

5. Testimonies of Other People

Look for testimonials of other people and make sure it’s real. There are a lot of fitness trainers who steal pictures from other trainers and claim that it’s their own. You need to check references.

Don’t rely on their social media where they post pictures of before and after testimonials. You can ask their former clients if they are legitimate. Like how you order items from amazon, you make sure that it’s real by checking the reviews.

Looking for testimonies is the best way to know if that fitness trainer is the right one for you. Try to check their website if they have, or check how many followers they have.

What Annoys Fitness Trainers

Fitness trainers are annoyed with clients who are always absent from their sessions. They want to give value through their coaching service yet some clients don’t make an effort to be present during the training.

Fitness trainers also hate clients that cheat on their meal nutrition. If a fitness trainer allows you to be flexible on your diet, you should follow the meal plan or macronutrients that was given to you. Never lie if you followed your nutrition or not because expert fitness trainers will know it through your weekly updates.

“I hate it because they’re not only lying to me, but they are also lying to themselves.”

Arnold Q. Fitness Trainer

Another thing is, they will also be annoyed if you make a lot of excuses. Whether you’re lazy to go to the gym or you don’t have time to work out because you want to party tonight. Then your fitness trainer waited for you for how many hours and you just wasted their time.

They are also annoyed when you waste time during your training and keeps looking on your phone scrolling through your social media or taking pictures at the gym mirror. In the middle of your training session, a fitness trainer wants you to focus and only use your cellphone if it’s an important call.

“I always encourage my clients to put their cellphones at their locker so that they won’t be tempted to use it.”

Kris F. Certified Trainer

How Long Should I Hire a Fitness Trainer?

When you are getting started, three to six months is enough when hiring a fitness trainer. You must focus on your training and learn everything from them. Your fitness trainer will teach you the basics of working out such as isolation and compound exercises.

Don’t depend on your fitness trainer, you can also learn on your own from reading articles on the internet. Learn as much as you can while you still have your trainer on your side. There are fitness trainers who will help you with your training only, and there are trainers who offer training and nutrition.

I would suggest you go for fitness trainers who would help you with your training and nutrition even though they’re quite expensive. As long as you follow their program, you will see results. If you’re planning to hire a fitness trainer for one year, it’s also great.

Are Online Fitness Trainers Worth It?

It’s worth it. In my opinion, I prefer to train with an online fitness trainer than an in-person trainer. The training is still flexible. They will email your new training and nutrition program. They will support and answer your questions all the time.

They provide great value to their clients and they have tons of knowledge when it comes to achieving your goals.

But do I encourage you to hire an online fitness trainer? Well, it depends. When you are still a beginner, the disadvantage of hiring a fitness trainer is they cannot help or support you on how to execute the exercise properly. Maybe your bench press or squats isn’t executed properly. It might frustrate you sometimes because you don’t know if you’re doing it right.

When you’re at an intermediate and advance level, I recommend you to hire an online fitness trainer because they can surely help. They can offer great guidance and formulate your training and diet. I’ve met a lot of lifters who prefer online trainers because for them they are more knowledgeable compared to in-person trainers.

For the price of online trainers, it depends. There are online fitness trainers who are quite expensive because it’s their full-time job and their level of expertise is great. The most expensive online fitness trainers are usually from the United States. But some online trainers are not expensive and they still have a great coaching program compared to in-person trainers.

The Bottom Line

For the bottom line, there are plenty of fitness trainers out there but 80% of them are not great and can’t help you to achieve your goal. That 80% are just experience-based trainers. It doesn’t mean if they have certification, they’re already great.

My suggestion would be to do some research before you hire a fitness trainer and look for the qualities that I’ve mentioned above. The five things that you need to consider before you hire a fitness trainer.

The right fitness trainers have those qualities, they will surely provide a lot of knowledge and help you achieve your goal. The wrong fitness trainer will destroy your dreams and would waste your time and money.


How Much Does a Fitness Trainer Cost?

It depends on their level of expertise. The high-end fitness trainer costs $90 per hour. For the mid-range, it costs $50-$60/hour. For the low-end, $35/hour. There are also online fitness trainers that would cost $399-$1000 every 3 months.

Will I Lose Weight/Gain Muscle with a Fitness Trainer?

Yes, of course. As long as you have the right fitness trainer, they will help you achieve your goal. They will create a training program and nutrition plan for you. They will have different strategies on how to help you achieve your goal as quickly as possible.

Fitness trainers will put you through a series of workouts if you want to lose weight or gain muscle. They will give importance to your nutrition and check if you’re cheating.


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