Are Beards Attractive?

To grow, or not to grow my beards? That’s the common question that many men asked themselves. As a man, I’ve already tried growing my beards out of curiosity. The beautiful thing about beards is you don’t need to stress them out, they can be here today, and gone tomorrow.

Beards are attractive when the pattern and density are evenly distributed. It was also shown in research that intermediate levels of beardedness are more attractive compared to full-bearded.

In this article, I provided a thorough explanation of the attractiveness of beards. I did some research and survey on my own. This article might also help you decide if you’ll be growing your beard or not. Let’s keep reading!

Are Beards Attractive?

For how many years, beards are associated with lots of meaning from religion, culture, and appearance. All over the world, there are also a lot of debates focusing on the attractiveness of beards. Some countries find it attractive and consider it as a secondary sexual trait.

A lot of predictions had happened years ago that beards won’t be a trend and it will soon be over. Yet, until now, there are lots of men who prefer to grow their beards as they believe it has a significant role in their masculinity and appearance.

When it comes to my grooming, I’ve experienced growing my beard a lot of times. I always want to grow my beard because I want to take a break from shaving which is often a waste of time for me. I also believed my bearded look can increase my appeal.

Growing your beard takes a lot of patience, I’ve been a witness to that several times. I don’t discriminate any length, pattern, or density of beards that any men have. I know all bearded men were created equal.

But if I’m going to judge the different styles of beards, the well-maintained and light beards are the most attractive. It’s more attractive since it makes men more manly. I always noticed that men with a well-maintained and light beard can always draw attention from a lot of people.

In a 2017 research by the University of New South Wales and the University of Queensland, they have found out that men with facial hair are more attractive.

There are lots of studies on how beards are attractive, one known study is when the researchers from the University of Queensland decided to explore male facial hair and they conducted a study to determine if beards play in sexual attractiveness, masculinity, and short and long-term relationships.

The researchers gathered data from 8,520 women. They were divided into three groups and they were shown pictures of men that have different degrees of facial hair. The images were already manipulated by the researchers.

They show images of the same men more or less bearded, men with clean-shaven faces, light stubble (five days of growth), heavy stubble (ten days of growth), and a month of growth which is a thick beard.

“The ‘short-term attractiveness’ condition asked participants to rate the men when imagining the type of person who would be attractive in a short-term relationship. This implies that the relationship may not last a long time,” the authors explain.

“The ‘long-term attractiveness’ condition asked participants to imagine they were looking for the type of person who would be attractive in a long-term relationship. Examples of this type of relationship would include someone you may want to move in with, settle down and, at some point, wish to marry,” they add.

For the result, the team found out that men with light and heavy stubble were considered the most attractive compared to the full-bearded and clean-shaven men.

But it’s tough to claim that beards will always be attractive. There are lots of arguments that are very questionable because a lot of research was done in western countries being a commonplace of beard studies.

Beards are seen differently from different places in the world. Not just with places, but also with culture, religion, and a lot more.

To all men, you can do whatever you want if you don’t agree with some research. It’s your face after all. Some people might like it, and some people may not. You will be the only one who can know and appreciate your beauty.

Which Type of Beard is more Attractive?

There are already a hundred types of beards especially in western countries since it’s very trendy for them. But there are types of beards that are very attractive for a lot of people and until now, a lot of men are still styling their beards in that way.

The type of beards that I will present is not attractive for a specific year only. They were attractive for how many years already. This might also help you choose what type of beard you want to try next.

1. Short Stubble

First, we have the short stubble or the which is the most popular beard style. A lot of actors like Chris Evans had achieved this type of beard. This is also the most favorite since it can be easily maintained and there are no special secrets to achieving this look. I also love this type of beard because it doesn’t make me appear untidy.

To achieve this kind of beard, don’t try to shave your beard for one week or more. After that, just try to trim it to keep the length of your beard short. When men have this type of beard, they will surely look manly.

2. Goatee

Next, we have the goatee. A goatee is attractive when your beard has a high density. Some men have goatees that are just so light which is not that attractive. I consider the goatee as big on style but short on effort. I’ve been a big fan of rock stars and most of them have goatees.

A goatee is very artistic since you can style them on the chin only or a hair above your lips. If you want to add a little edge to your look, you might want to try a goatee. A goatee looks attractive to men with sharp jaws.

3. Long Stubble

This is the opposite of short stubble. It is approximately 6mm and difficult to maintain. You need to trim this from time to time to avoid curly or stray hairs. If you can’t maintain it correctly, it can grow on your cheeks and scatter on top of your Adam’s apple.

But the long stubble is still popular and looks attractive as it matches all face shapes such as round or sharp faces. You can use a shaver or a trimmer to maintain your long stubble beard.

4. Full Beard

Another famous type of beard and the manliest of them all. A lot of men believed that a full beard is not something that you should miss. If you want to emphasize your features better, you must maintain a well-groomed full beard.

To achieve a full beard, you simply start with short, medium, to long stubble. When you reach long stubble, try to use a razor to shape it carefully. Maybe in a month or two, you can already achieve a full beard. After that, you can start trimming to maintain the look of your well-groomed full beard.

5. Circle Beard

The circle beard which is also known as the standard beard is one of the most popular types of beard styles. It is a combination of a mustache and a goatee. To make it presentable, men should go to the barber to maintain the height of the beard. You can also trim it if you know how to do it.

A lot of guys will start growing their goatee first, then once they are bored looking at it, they will start to grow their mustache so it connects with their chin beard. The circle beard is not that difficult to maintain and the best thing about this it helps you look more masculine.

Do Beards Make You Look Hotter?

Beards don’t only make you look attractive, but it also helps you to look hotter that helps increase your sex appeal. Look at some photos of Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa, and a lot more. They look very hot not just with their muscular body, but also how they express their face with beards.

I’ve asked some women about their opinion if men look hotter with beards on. This is what they’ve said;

            “They look hotter with their beards if it’s properly trimmed.” Anastasia F.

            “Yes, it makes them look hotter if they have a sharp jawline.” Stacy D.

            “With beards, it makes men look hot effortlessly.” Anna R.

         “It’s hard for me to be sexually attracted to a guy who doesn’t have facial hair.” Aniqah L.

I believe that at some point, beards can help men look hotter. Maybe not all people would agree, but still, there’s a possibility it adds a little extra spice to your overall appearance. If you want to know the real answer for yourself, you can grow your beard and ask people or your partner if it makes you look hotter. Try different types of beard and if you have a nice jawline, take advantage of it.

Do Women Like Beards?

Not all, but a lot of women like men with beards. In the study that I discussed above, women rated beards higher for attractiveness compared to no beards. But this is dependent on many factors and it’s subjective that’s why I can’t give a direct answer. Even researchers who conducted a study about this topic said there will be always a margin of error.

If a woman doesn’t like beards, it doesn’t that she’s not already into it. Maybe for some women, it looks more masculine and mature rather than attractive. It will always depend on personal preference. There’s nothing wrong if women like beards or prefer clean-shaven men, it will always be subjective.

I did a survey and asked some women if they like men with beards, these are their answers;

            “It’s attractive if it is little stubble, I don’t like if it’s bushy.” Chloe E.

            “It’s attractive if it fits their jawline, it makes them more handsome.” Kaye G.

            “One reason I fell in love with my husband is because of his goatee.” Teresa A.

Men can’t go wrong if they will grow their beards or not, they will always look attractive. But if you have plans to grow your beard, I would recommend choosing a style that would fit your face shape. Look for a style that can highlight your facial features and make you look attractive. In case you’re curious, you can always ask other people for suggestions.


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