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Hello! I’m John Laurence Gumapac, I’m the founder of Men’s Startup. I am a Politician in our Local Government Unit and a Former Church Leader. That was the Highest Achievement that I earned. For 13 years, I was a dedicated leader in our community and an ambassador of goodwill.

I also experienced being part of a Men’s organization. I became a motivator and an advocate for men who are looking for meaning in life and on how to reach their full potential. I conducted a lot of seminars and training for other people. With years of experience and guidance, I learned how to grow as a man and improved myself to become responsible in life.

I’m also a former varsity player and I competed in a lot of tournaments. When I retired being a player, I focused on fitness. I have been in the fitness industry for more than 7 years.

I consider fitness as my everyday expertise. I currently work out four times a week, mainly lifting weights, doing cardio, and eating healthy foods. In our Local Government Unit, I’m an advocate in encouraging people to prioritize their health. I also love to attend health awareness seminars and read books about fitness.

I created this website to provide the most helpful content for men in terms of sex & relationships, advice, style, and fitness. Men’s startup will be your ultimate guide to become a better man. This website will also help women to know more about men.

I hope to share all my knowledge and expertise with you that I have learned over the years. I will make it an informative, helpful, and entertaining men’s website.