9 Things Your Girlfriend Should Know About You

The beauty of being in a relationship is that you try to discover things with your partner every day. Even if you’re just a new couple or you’ve been together for how many years, your girlfriend doesn’t know everything about you. Your girlfriend will want to know some things like who you are and what you are as a person.

These things are very important because this makes your relationship stronger and less misunderstanding in the future. The more your girlfriend knows you, the more she understands you as a person. If you love your girlfriend, she has the right to know about these things. Don’t be scared if your girlfriend will know everything about you because sharing your personal life is part of emotional intimacy.

1. Your Plan for this Relationship

This is the most important thing that your girlfriend should know. Somehow, when you were still courting her, you told her that you have some plans that it’s going to be a long-term relationship. When she became your girlfriend, you might want to tell her that you want to marry and build a family with her. Things may shift and change depending on the status of your relationship.

I know that not all relationships will end in marriage even if you told her that you will spend the rest of your life with her. It’s totally fine because there are things that we didn’t expect to happen.What’s not fine is when you are not serious about her and you keep on giving her expectations and in the end, you’ll just break up with her. So if you’re serious about her, have a clear idea of how you will envision your marriage with her. Tell her your plans and apply them with action. Don’t make her expect because it might hurt her heart.

2. Your Favorite Food

To work best with your girlfriend, tell her about your favorite food so that it’s not difficult for her to invite you to a restaurant where your favorite food is. Telling her your favorite food makes her want to cook it for you.

In my experience, when I told my girlfriend about my favorite food, she cooked it for me and brought it to my workplace. It was an exhausting day and I was surprised and happy because I ate my favorite meal.

When you have some food allergies, it’s also good to know when you tell her so that she won’t spend time cooking the food that you cannot safely eat.

3. What Your Love Language Is

Your love language is how you want to receive love from others. This is important because direct communication in a relationship is a must. Sometimes our girlfriends don’t know what we want. When she knows your love language, she can automatically satisfy your needs and help them express their love for you. It’s fun because this will challenge your communication.

The more you tell your love language, the more you’ll feel appreciated. It can also improve the thoughtfulness of your girlfriend because she already knows what to do. Telling your love language can have a positive effect on your relationship. When she gives the love that you like, learn to open your heart and receive it fully.

4. The Kind of Relationship You Have With Your Families and Friends

It’s important when you tell this to her because someday, you will introduce her to your families and friends. She will be prepared and will learn how to adjust her attitude. This will be critical because what if you have a bad relationship with your family and your girlfriend must be sensitive when you introduce her to them.

You can also tell her the names of your families and what are the things that they don’t like. She has no idea what your friends or families have gone through so better share it with her. Give her some information so that she will learn how to connect with them. Don’t let her dive in without giving her an idea.

5. What Is Your Biggest Goals in Life

Even if you won’t share it, she will also ask it especially on days when you are still courting her. But it will be different when you are already in a relationship. You will tell an in-depth explanation of what you want to achieve in life. Maybe you want to become a doctor, an engineer, or what place you want to work in the future. Tell it to her so that she can support you.

Tell it to her right from the very start so it won’t mismatch with her goals. When it mismatches her goals, it might cause a conflict. Each couple has different goals, you just need to learn how to support your ambitions.

Remember that your girlfriend has an important role for you to achieve those goals. Don’t make her feel left out because she will be will your number one supporter. In my experience, my girlfriend is the one who gave me confidence and gave me the courage to face those challenges so that I can achieve my dreams in life. I wasn’t afraid to dream that high because she was there for me all the time.

6. Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Sharing your strengths and weaknesses with your partner will allow them to be aware of your capabilities. Once your girlfriend knew about your weaknesses, she will understand how to work with you and how she will take the lead in that particular situation. At the same time, knowing your strengths gives her a better understanding of how you will function well because she knows it will be easy for you.

For example, when you are struggling to analyze the reports in your business but you are good at getting customers, your girlfriend might be an expert on it and you will have more time in acquiring more customers.

You can also develop your skills in analyzing reports so that it won’t be your weakness forever. You don’t need to be an expert, ask your girlfriend how she did it and take time to learn. Develop your weaknesses while your girlfriend is still there so that they will become your strengths one day.

7. What is Your Temper Level

What are the events or things that easily fuel your temper? You better share it with her so she will know you better and will not be shocked when those things happen. There might be a chance that you can learn something from your girlfriend about how she handles her anger.

Anger can often break a relationship if both couples are not aware of their temper level. Anger will always be present in any relationship. It will happen unexpectedly. Sharing it with your girlfriend can help her how she can organize the way you think.

Don’t hesitate to share the events or things that explode your temper even though it takes emotional courage. Expressing it can have a positive effect because you will be more close to each other.

When we were just starting with my girlfriend, I took the risk to share that my temper level is just low with certain people. One piece of advice she told me that I will never forget is, I need to learn how to be grateful because it can give me peace of mind. With that, I learned how to improve my relationships with those people.

8. Your Favorite Hobbies

It is nice to share your favorite hobbies because you might spend time doing them together. If you’re a golf player, you can invite her to play with you or watch your tournament. The more you spend time doing your favorite hobbies with your girlfriend, the more you get to know each other and the more you will grow.

It would also be sweet and exciting for new couples because you are trying something new. When you share your favorite hobby with your girlfriend, you are also teaching her about who you are as a person. When you share your favorite hobby, she will be aware of why you are not replying to her text or chat. She might think that you are just busy studying because you love to study.

It’s also fine when your girlfriend doesn’t want to spend time with your favorite hobby. I love working out but my girlfriend loves to eat and just stay at home. It’s perfectly fine for me because we are still able to spend quality time together even if it’s not my favorite hobby.

9. Your Beliefs and Values in Life

Your partner must be aware of your beliefs and values in life. Beliefs such as political and spiritual beliefs. Your values are how you decide things or how you live your life. To have a positive relationship with your girlfriend, she must be aware of those two. Once she knows your beliefs and values in life, she will respect them. Sharing it becomes like glue because it can hold a couple together.

You don’t need to align your beliefs and values with her, you also need to consider her beliefs. What if you have different spiritual beliefs? Would you still marry her even if she has different religion? Things like these need to be considered right from the very start of your relationship.

You need to talk deeply when you talk about these things. Both of you should know the scope of your beliefs and preferences. This might take months or even years for couples to understand.

Shared value is an important aspect of every relationship. I know that couples who shared their beliefs and values are built to last. Sharing my beliefs and values with my girlfriend is also one of the biggest concerns that I have when we were just starting. After how many months, I’m thankful that we learned how to connect it. I can say that it’s possible to overcome the different beliefs and values you have with your girlfriend.


Is it Good To Tell your Partner Everything?

To maintain a positive relationship, people say that you should need to be honest with your partner. In my opinion, it doesn’t need you to tell your partner everything. There are times that it can be beneficial if you will just keep it for yourself. If it will harm your relationship or hurt your partner’s feelings, better keep it yourself.

Things like the flaws of your partner, the experience you have with your ex, or the toxic attitude of your family members. So learn to take some consideration and know that it’s totally fine if you keep those things to yourself.

Should You Tell Your Partner About Your Ex?

If it will hurt your relationship, better not tell your partner. There’s no such rule about sharing your past relationship with your partner. If your partner is not jealous and enjoys talking about your ex, go for it. If your partner asks for it because she wants to learn something, you can. You cannot avoid this kind of topic with your partner. There comes a time that they will ask about your ex. It depends on you if you’re going to tell it or not.

Should You Tell Your Partner About Your Anxiety?

It depends on you if you like to tell it. It’s also fine if you share it with your partner because she might help you when you need it. Sometimes, having anxiety is difficult to handle. Be real with your partner and prepare yourself because there are scenarios that you’ll be able to share your anxiety with them.

If you are planning to tell your partner, make a list of how they can support you. You can work as a team. Your partner will look for ways on how you’ll be comfortable in handling anxiety attacks.

When you don’t have any plans on telling your partner because you think that they will just make it worse, it’s okay. Look for someone who can support you and give you peace of mind.


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