9 Things To Do While Kissing a Girl

One of the most beautiful feelings that we can experience is kissing a girl. There are things that you can do when things start to get hot. You will feel that a girl wants you to do more to make her more satisfied. You want to make sure that she will have a good time with you. A lot of us wonder what are things that we should do while kissing a girl to make the moment more pleasurable.

In this article, we will answer all your wonders and teach you the right way, on what are the things that you can do while kissing a girl. You don’t need a lot of experience, you’ll just need to learn the basic principles to make kissing as amazing as it should be.

1. Tame Her Tongue Softly and Don’t be Aggressive

This is the most common complaint girls have. They don’t want to when their kissing partner is being aggressive especially when it’s their first time kissing them. Girls want it to be passionate, soft, and sweet. Being aggressive can sometimes distract the kiss. Applying tongue is very important while kissing her.

The right way to tame her tongue is to take baby steps and not rush it. When you start kissing a girl, it might start with a gentle kiss to close the mouth and then to open the mouth. Gently touch her tongue with yours and feel the flow of your kiss. Focus on connecting your tongue while feeling the flow of your kiss. You can also follow her lead or you’ll take the lead.

Be a firm kisser so that you can respond the way she kisses. I know that there are times when we get aggressive, it’s totally fine. When you kiss a girl that you just met or you’re dating an innocent girl that has no experience in kissing, I would suggest that you would be gentle because that’s what girls like. If it’s your long-time partner, you can be aggressive if you’re already used to it.

2. Touch a Girl’s Face

To add intimacy to the kiss, you can touch a girl’s face. You can touch their face with one hand or both. If you don’t want your kiss to be stopped immediately, pull it closer to your face like you’re inviting her to do more. It adds more romance when you touch a girl’s face while kissing.

It can also be a sign that you’re probably having a good time when you touch her face. It can be boring when you just keep on kissing her and your hands are passive. With your hands holding her face, she knows that you’re making her feel special.

You can also grab the back of her head, neck, or stroke her cheek. Make sure it would be gentle. There are times when I feel that it’s more intimate to hold the face compared to holding the waist.

3. Run Your Hands Through Her Butt

This is my favorite, but it’s quite tricky because you’re not sure if she likes it or not. When your kissing is taking too long and the girl is having fun. Make her feel that you’re running your hands through her butt. Just make sure that you’re on the same page. If not, the girl will let you stop your hands. It depends solely on what relationship you have.

Be careful when you’re not in a relationship with that girl, or just a random hookup. You can also ask for consent. Pause your kissing for a little while, and ask her. If it’s your girlfriend, it’s fine when you’re already used to hold her butt. It will be a huge turn-on for them. It can drive them crazy and set up the mood.

Holding a girl’s butt means that she is desirable. When you are allowed to hold her butt, try to grope or spank it.

4. Stroke Her Thighs Gently

This is the pleasure spot for girls and it will always excite her when you stroke your hands gently on it. Explore her thighs because it’s close to her vagina and it will set the mood for some foreplay. Start from the and gently explore her legs. When you know how to stroke her thighs properly, you can make her crave more next time.

If you’re not in a relationship with that girl, make sure to hold her thighs with no sexual intention. Hold it in a friendly manner that she would be comfortable. If they like it, explore more and try to grip it if you want. There’s a huge chance that she already likes you because she allowed you to touch her thighs.

5. Move Your Finger Through Her Hair

You will never be wrong with this move. When we started kissing with my girlfriend, I never hesitated to hold her hair gently because I know this move works. She likes it a lot even if it’s our first time kissing. Try to move your finger from the next going to her hair. Some people prefer to pull it, but I don’t do it that way. I just gently hold or twirl it.

If the girl you’re kissing likes it to be pulled, then go for it. Maybe she wants you to be more aggressive. You can use one hand or both hands. I prefer to use my right hand because I’m more comfortable with it. I consider this move as the most basic thing that everyone can apply even on their first kiss with a girl.

6. Touch Her Breast

This might be the scariest thing that you will do, but I know that you’re quite excited about this. In this move, you know that you’re already taking it to the next level. It’s best to avoid this action if you’re unsure and the girl you’re kissing is not yet ready for this. But once you succeeded in doing this, your kiss will be sexier.

How will you know if you can touch her breast? My suggestion would be to take it slow and observe the girl’s reaction. Let’s say you’re kissing a girl that you’re not in a relationship with, then you quickly touched her breast even though you just started kissing. Avoid doing that because it can make her uncomfortable.

Try to relax and just feel the moment before you take things to the next level. Try to notice if she’s having fun or she’s more aggressive. Kiss her for a minute or two before you will touch her breast. If you notice that she’s returning your kisses, put your hands slowly at her breast. If she doesn’t react, it means it’s okay for her.

If you’re scared or unsure, you better ask for permission. It’s totally fine because you are in a private setting and it’s just the two of you.

7. Compliment the Way She Kiss

If you like the way she kisses, say something like “I love the way you kiss because of your soft lips.” Appreciate it because she made an effort to kiss you. If you’re not satisfied with her kiss, you can just stop it if you want. Don’t say any words and just leave if you want to.

If you know that you’re not going to proceed on the next level and because you only plan on kissing her, just compliment her kiss because it might turn her on. You can also ask her if you can do it next time. You can build a better connection with her when you compliment her after you kissed. Maybe she might fall for you.

When you’re kissing your partner, of course, you must compliment her because she showed some love to you that day.

8. Wrap Your Arms Around Her

This is the most classic move that you can apply. The one that you always see in romantic movies. Be adventurous while you kiss her, show the person that you are enjoying or you want more. You can wrap your arms around her shoulders or her waist. Girls like it because they feel that there’s no sexual intention when you do this.

Wrapping your arms around feels more intimate. I want to wrap my arms around my girlfriend when we kiss because she keeps on saying that I’m so sweet. This is a great way to start a passionate kissing session with her. One thing to avoid is slamming your bodies together, just be gentle and feel her body while you wrap her with your arms.

9. Be Confident So That She Will Look for it Again

The first kiss with a girl that you just met will be a memorable experience for her. Be sure that you’re confident because they might fall for you. You become more attractive when you kiss confidently. Don’t act like you’re an opportunistic person. Stare at her eyes and give all your attention to her so that she will know that there’s nothing else on your mind.

Don’t get nervous when kissing, take a deep breath before you kiss her. If the girl is shy, make her feel comfortable. Do it again and be confident when you lead the kiss. Being confident while kissing can work wonders for you. The girl will be amazed and will look for it again.

Another tip is, look for a place where you will kiss her. It is an integral part of romance because it will be a perfect moment for both of you. Look for a place that won’t interrupt your confidence while kissing her. You can plan a romantic setting or let your girl choose a place if she wants. Avoid doing a sneak attack kiss, doing it doesn’t make you a confident person.


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