9 Best Tips for Working Out: Quotes From Experts

When working out, you don’t want to be ineffective because you lack knowledge of what you’re doing. For your workout to be efficient, you must be knowledgeable about what you do. Working hard alone is not enough, you also need to work smart. At the same time, there’s no secret ingredient for faster results. You need to train smart, be consistent, and work hard.

In this article, I provided the 9 best tips for working out and some quotes coming from experts to take your fitness journey to the next level.

1. Learn As Much as You Can

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced level in terms of working out, learning as much as you can is the best thing that you can do to be efficient. When I started working out, I don’t have enough knowledge of what I do. I just watch other people what work out they perform.

I enrolled in a fitness gym for three months without prior knowledge. That was the biggest mistake that I did when I was just starting. After that, I realized that I need to learn a lot of things.

I don’t have a fitness trainer so what I did was search on the internet. I searched about different types of workouts, what muscles will be hit, supplements, and proper nutrition.

“I always encourage gym-goers to be in a state of curiosity so that they are willing to learn”

Martin S. Fitness Enthusiast

Fitness is a broad topic. I’ve met a lot of fitness experts who never stop learning. When you learn many things about working out, the more you will become better and the more quality works out you’re going to achieve.

Enroll in courses, read a lot of fitness books, join training programs, or hire a fitness trainer. You should never stop learning so that you’ll be successful in every workout that you make.

2. Plan Your Workout Before Going to the Gym

Having a plan before going to the gym can save you time because you can avoid wandering around what next workout you’re going to execute. You need to know what exercise are you going to perform, what’s the order of those exercises, and where are you going to perform them.

When you plan on doing cardio and the treadmill is not available, create a plan B so that you won’t waste time. You can go for a jumping rope or use an elliptical machine. You can also skip that workout first and do the next one that you have on your plan list.

When you have a plan, you are well-organized during your workout. When your fitness coach has already provided what workout you’re going to perform, that would be great because you won’t plan for yourself anymore and they know what specific goal you’re trying to achieve.

3. Motivate Yourself by Listening to Workout Music

Listening to workout music can motivate you during your workout. Every time I listen to music it increases my endurance and elevates my mood. It keeps me away from distractions like people talking to me or weights that are banging on the floor.

“When you listen to music, the quality of workout will improve and it keeps you away from boredom.”

Marlon F. Fitness Instructor

I also notice that it increases my stamina and I can lift heavy weights when the music can hype me up. The more I listen to music every workout, the more it will be fun and effective. Working out can be unpleasant sometimes, for it to become pleasant, I suggest that you listen to music.

4. Prioritize Compound Exercises

Compound exercises are the best. When I say prioritize, it doesn’t mean that you won’t execute isolation exercises anymore. Even if you perform a few varieties of compound exercises, you feel like your entire body is already trained.

“When you have a short amount of time during your workout because you’re in a hurry, doing compound exercises is the best thing you can do because it works a lot of muscle groups at the same time.”

Arnold Q. Fitness Coach

If you are planning to lose weight, compound exercises are great because it burns more calories. There are a lot of compound exercises you can perform during your workout. Such as bench press, deadlift, squats, pull-ups, and many more.

When I work out, I prioritize compound exercises to activate other small muscles groups. Let’s say for example it’s chest day, my first exercise will be bench press so that my triceps will be activated. I just execute isolation exercises if I want to target a specific muscle. But every time I work out, compound exercises are my number one priority.

5. Give Importance To Your Diet

Do you work out every day and you still eat a lot of junk foods and party every night? Well, you better change your habit and give importance to a healthy diet.

If you’re planning to lose weight, it doesn’t mean you will not eat carbohydrates anymore. You just need to learn how to count your macronutrients and calorie intake daily. You can’t cut carbs when you plan to do intense workouts. Carbohydrates are your main source of fuel.

When you’re planning to get those six-pack abs, it won’t be enough if you will just work out, you also need a proper diet. When you want to be stronger, your diet should be to eat protein and healthy fats.

“Giving importance to your diet is the best way to define your abs. Fitness models that you see in magazines are consistent and disciplined on their diet.”

Martina F. Fitness Enthusiast

I won’t suggest buying whey protein if you don’t have enough money. You can still get high amounts of protein on whole foods like chicken breast, salmon, beef, and many more.

6. Be Consistent and Patient

Remember the famous quote, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” I always apply that quote to my mind every time I do a task such as working out. For you to improve in your workout, consistency is the key.

I started in a lightweight and because I was consistent, I progressed and I was able to lift heavyweights. For you to lose weight or build muscle, you need to be consistent in your workout and diet.

When you strive to be consistent and patient in your workout, you will see improvements and small victories in your health. When you are consistent, small victories can become big.

“When you start to workout, avoid looking for results every day. Just be consistent to the point that working out can become second nature.”

Norman D. Fitness Enthusiast

A lot of people didn’t achieve the goal they want for their bodies because they lack patience. They were frustrated and has lost their motivation simply because they want instant results.

The best advice that I can give is to never expect immediate results. That’s why patience is called a virtue because of good reason.

I remember when I was still a beginner and asked someone how he lifted 200 pounds of bench press. He told me that, “I’m not strong, I’m just consistent.” I was amazed by that and will surely never forget that.

7. Enjoy Working Out by Doing Variety of Exercises

Avoid repeating your workout month after month because you will surely get bored. When you jog for already three months, try different cardio exercises like jumping rope or cycling.  When you keep doing the same exercise, your body will no longer respond to it.

When you change your workout every week or month, the more you will progress. Another benefit of doing a variety of exercises is you will meet new workout partners.

I’m a big fan of jogging for how many years, when I shifted to jumping ropes I met different people who love to do ropes. A new community welcomed me which was flattering.

It’s time to make a change when you’re not happy anymore with the same workout. Remember that when you try different workouts, you will learn how to perform different exercises. Go for a trial and error on what new workout you will want to try. It’s time to make a change!

8. Track Your Progress To Help Reach Your Goals

There are a lot of benefits when you track your progress, one of them is you’ll be aware of your improvements. It may take time and effort when you track your progress but it will help you to stay focus.

When you track your progress, it will help you identify the mistakes and create solutions for them.

We live in a world full of technology. When it comes to tracking, you can use wearable devices or mobile applications. But a simple planner, calendar, Microsoft excel, or journal is totally fine as long as it’s convenient for you.

When I tracked my workout progress, I saw some obstacles and I made a strategy to overcome them.

When you start to see progress on your workout, the more it’s fun to track. What you’re doing is already working. When you want to lose weight and started with a weight of 90kg, and after three months of tracking, you notice that you’re at 70kg, then you will feel motivated to work out more. Your confidence will also grow.

9. Have a Proper Rest – they’re very important

When it comes to working out, your body will get tired. To recover, have a proper rest. I recommend you to sleep for 7-8 hours. When you lift heavy weights at the gym, you tear your muscle fibers. For your muscles to recover and grow, give yourself a good sleep.

I’m not suggesting that you lie on your couch the whole day. What I mean is a goodnight’s sleep. To perform best on my next workout, I prioritize my sleep so that my body can recharge. My body will have more energy and can function well for my next workout.

In a study, it was seen that when you have a night of poor sleep, you will have fewer results compared to a person who has complete sleep. There are several ways to see immediate results in your workout, and proper rest is one of them.

You may have the best whey protein, complete gym equipment, or secret pill to achieve your goal. But without proper rest, it will all be useless. Avoid scrolling your social media every night and just get some sleep.


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