9 Best Tips for Dating

Are you single and trying to look for love? You’re in the right place. When dating someone, it’s not a smooth process and there will always be obstacles. During dating stage, it’s about two people who want to meet socially to assess each other’s suitability if they can be a partner in the future.

When I started dating, I don’t have any knowledge of what to do. I was so nervous and I just try to go with the flow. Now, I realize that my past dating experiences made me who I am today. I wish I could turn back time and improve things.

That’s why in this article, I will be giving the 9 best tips for dating that I’ve learned throughout my wandering. With these tips, your dating journey will be amazing and meaningful.

1. Be Real With Your Feelings

Before you date someone, you need to make sure that your feelings are real. You need to be true to yourselves if you’re are interested in dating. You need to be honest about how you feel so that you won’t be wasting your time.

Try to ask yourself first if you’re willing to engage with someone in an authentic conversation. To share my experience, I wouldn’t go for a date if I’m not interested in that person.

The first process that I do is to be real with my feelings and ask myself if I’m interested in someone. The more I’m real with my feelings, the more I’m authentic with others.

Every people approach dating differently. Some would date for lust, and others for love. A lot of people are confused with those two words. Before you date, try to notice the emotions you feel at the moment. In that way, it will help you determine whether you would go for a date or you will just break it off.

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2. When Rejected, Try to Handle things Gracefully

In your dating journey, there’s no assurance that you will succeed. To everyone who is looking for love, there will always be a risk. Anytime, you must be ready to deal with rejection. If you got rejected, you need to accept things gracefully.

In dating, rejection is an inevitable part. You need to stay positive once you got rejected. Avoid being bitter and just learn to move on. I also experienced getting rejected, it was so painful because it came from the person I love.

After I got rejected, I didn’t take things personally. Try to realize that you can’t control things. You have no control over people’s feelings. Learn how to be grateful when you got rejected. Maybe it’s a sign that’s something more amazing is going to happen in your life.

I’m happy to see people who handle rejection gracefully and learn from their experience. When you deal with rejection healthily, it can increase your strength and resilience.

3. Always Know Your Priorities

Knowing your priorities is very important. There are times when you found your romantic date and you suddenly forget other things in life. You are so obsessed and your world will turn around with one person.

Dating or falling in love with someone is great, but always remember that you must not obsess yourselves over them. Yes, you’re dating, but what if one day you’ll lose everything? It would be painful and you might get depressed.

You need to figure out the things that are important to you and learn how to balance them. We all have limited time and energy in this world. When you’re so obsessed with your dating partner, you can’t keep your priorities straight anymore.

It’s totally fine when you have fallen in love with someone. But try to analyze your life and figure out the things that you need to change once that dating journey of yours would go serious.

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4. Be Confident with Yourself

When you are dating someone, this is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Being confident tops the list of the desired attitude that every people want. They would feel that you know how to value yourself and your abilities.

When I date someone, I’m confident by taking the initiative of everything. I always plan everything so that my date would be comfortable and won’t be stressed about where we are going to eat. When you are confident, the more you have the energy and motivation to act. In addition, you can achieve great things with your dating partner.

You can naturally replace your fear or anxiety during your dating journey and the more your partner would love it. The more they would feel that you are worthy of their time. When you are not confident, you are more likely not to succeed with your date because you don’t know how to reach out to people.

5. When Dating, Be Open-Minded

This is a positive character quality when you’re dating someone. It will help you to think rationally and critically. When you date someone for the first time, you need to consider different ideas and perspectives.

You need to know that there are people who are closed off and have different ways of life. Just because your new dating partner has different interests or beliefs than you, doesn’t mean they’re not the one. You need to give them a chance by explaining their side. You need to believe that they have the right to share their beliefs and thoughts.

Being open-minded helps you to learn a lot of things with your dating partner. You also make the world a better place around them because you are less judgmental and you are throwing your ignorance around.

Your main goal is to try to understand them and show compassion. When you are open-minded, you will learn to understand and value your engagement with each other.

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6. Never Compare Apple and Oranges

This is an idiom and what does this means is that you must not compare incomparable things. When you have a new dating partner, you must never compare them to your previous date or your past relationships.

Every person is unique and when you compare them through your mind, you’re a little bit selfish. You need to consider great aspects from your new dating partner because they have a unique existence in this world that you haven’t discovered yet.

Comparing apples and oranges might confuse you and it could also mean that you haven’t moved on from your past. You won’t know how to be serious with your new dating partner because you’re creating a mess in your head that is not important.

When you feel that you’re comparing your new dating partner with your past, you need to assess yourself first if you’re ready to be in a relationship.

7. Be Aware of Red Flags

Dating is a stage where you try to assess each other if you’re compatible with each other. When dating, you must learn to trust your instincts and pay attention to the person’s attitude and how they make you feel during your date.

If you feel that you’re undervalued or ashamed, you need to reconsider your engagement with each other. You must know if it will lead you to a healthy relationship. Remember that red flags should never be ignored.

These are the common red flags that you will see in your new dating partner. They are still obsessed with their ex, they backstab their previous relationship, they have controlling behavior, they always criticize someone, and a lot more.

8. Move on Your Own Pace

When you have a new dating partner, you need to remember that’s important to move at your own pace and don’t rush everything. You don’t need to follow what other love experts are saying. Everything takes time and everything would fall into place.

There’s no specific rule of how many days or months you’re going to wait before everything would go serious. If your new dating partner is not yet ready, waiting is totally fine. You will only learn or master something if you know how to move at your own pace.

Your relationship with each other will improve and be happier if you maximize the opportunities when you are still getting to know each other. During your pace, you will learn how to grow together because you don’t push for things quickly that are not meant for you yet.

9. Create a Genuine Connection

Creating a genuine connection with your dating partner won’t happen overnight or even on your first formal date. A genuine connection with your dating partner is very important even though it’s hard to find sometimes.

When you socialize with them online, it’s genuine but it’s different when you connect in person. There are a lot of ways to create a genuine connection and the way to do it is by meeting each other personally.

The most basic way of showing a genuine connection is by showing interest in your dating partner. You can make your relationship serious and legal in three months by becoming interested in your dating partner, then you can in one year by trying to get them interested in you.

Creating a genuine connection is not about how much time you spend with each other or doing the same activity for months. It’s about how open you are to each other by sharing your thought, ideas, and feelings. The genuine connection is how you always found each other every moment that you’re together.


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