9 Best Breakup Advice for Anyone

As a breakup expert, I experienced a lot of breakups in life, and trust me, I’m here to help you out. I know it’s not easy dealing with breakups. Breaking up may be hard, but recovering from a breakup can be worse. Breakups can sometimes lead to painful days, lonely nights, and sad mornings.

I’ve experienced how many months of lying in bed crying with a pile of tissues on my side and feeding myself with little to no food. I just felt different and I don’t have any idea how to handle it. Sometimes, I can also bounce back stronger and wiser.

But, recovering from a breakup is not always the sad way, there are things you can do to make it healthier to handle. It’s totally fine if you’re struggling right now but remember that you must not stay with that situation forever. It might be tempting to win your ex back or get over a break-up quickly, but it takes a lot of time and realization.

In this article, I’m going to show the 9 best breakup advice that I always apply to myself and suggest to other people. I want to give you the best advice to help you become more confident and stronger than ever before.

1. Keep Yourself Busy

This is the best and most basic advice that I can give you. I know a lot of people have already suggested you with this, but trust me, this will always be effective. I gave you this advice simply because I don’t want you to be tempted to go back with your ex. I want to minimize the temptation so that you can only focus on yourself.

Try to remember the things that you usually do even before you had a relationship with someone. Try to go back with those hobbies or activities. If you don’t have one, this is a great time to try new things. You can join a dance class or do sports activities. If possible, right after your breakup, keep yourself busy for two weeks.

You can also hang out with your friends since you haven’t got a lot of time with them when you were still in a relationship. Avoid spending time alone especially lying in bed because there’s a huge chance you might think of him or her again.

2. Look for the Positive Side of Things

You need to stop thinking of those negative things like, “you can’t live without your ex” or “He/She is my everything”. You must remind yourself to look for the positive because sometimes, your breakup can be a blessing in disguise.

Maybe you’re just attached to your ex but throughout your relationship, both of you were toxic. Maybe it’s really the best way that you split. Be proud that you have given everything even if the relationship didn’t last. It’s okay if you give credit to the good memories that you have.

Also, avoid thinking negative things about your ex. Just be happy for them and turn that painful breakup into a positive experience. The common attitude of people when they are recovering from a break-up is they love to think of negative things such as having revenge. Be a better person by thinking of positive things for yourself and your previous partner.

3. Sweat It All Out

This is what I usually say to my friends who are recovering from a breakup. Instead of sweating with their ex, just sweat it all out by exercising at the gym or home. Be in the best shape of your life and avoid that stress eating. When you run to each other again, not only you will feel amazing but also your ex.

If you’re not into fitness, well I don’t care. This is the best time for you to experience something new and scary that would surely change your life. You will also meet a new community that will help you be obsessed with working out.

I experienced one of the most painful heartbreaks in the world, and yes, it wasn’t easy. But the best thing that I did for myself is to learn how to exercise. I enrolled myself at a fitness gym, I learned how to diet, and I was dedicated enough just to forget all the pain in my heart.

I became obsessed with it that I have forgotten that I have a heartbreak. After how many months, I was happy that fitness helped me overcome those pain that I thought I can’t surpass. Instead of going crazy at your gym, go crazy at the treadmill to lose some of the stress and fats that you carry.

4. Stop Stalking Your Ex on Social Media

You can also unfollow or block them if you want. It doesn’t mean you’re bitter, it’s for your peace. You can also unfollow his friends so that you won’t be updated that they’re out in the club having fun during Saturday night.

To stop stalking your ex on social medial, it’s all about self-discipline. If you’re tempted to stalk him or her, remember that it’s not good for you. You will only be hurting yourself. Train yourself that you won’t search them on any social media platform. I know it’s difficult from the start, but one day you will realize that they will no longer cross your mind.

In my experience, it was also difficult for me, but I need to have a better handle on my actions. I don’t want any updates about my ex and I know it’s the best thing for my mental health. Even though I miss her or I’m jealous of her, I need to focus on improving myself, and stopping stalking her on social media is the best way for me to move on.

5. Remember You Can Fall in Love Again with the Right Person

There are lots of fish in the see and your ex is not the only person in this world. You need to remember that you can fall in love again with a person who will take care of you and make you feel special again. There’s always a chance to find another lover.

What if the month after your break-up, you will have the right person again and he or she will make you realize how beautiful the world is if you’re together. I had my first love when I was in high school, we ended our relationship because of some misunderstandings. I thought I can’t find someone like her again or love someone the I way I loved her.

After how many years, I loved strongly again. That was the time I realized that falling in love again with the right person is still possible no matter how painful your previous relationship was. The full potential of love comes from how you cultivate it. if it’s not for my first love, I will never make a room in my heart to fall in love again.

6. Move on One Step at a Time

You don’t need to rush things, who told you to move on faster? No one did. You have your own pace of moving on as long as you’re progressing every day. To move on one step at a time, you must have a goal daily. You can also try tracking your progress.

For example, today you must delete all your photos together. Tomorrow, you must cut your communications. The day after tomorrow, you will find new hobbies to make yourself busy. A lot of people who want to recover from break-up want to rush things, which is not good.

I would advise that you need to take things slowly but surely. Don’t allow the temptations in life to break you, just keep moving every day even if it takes you a year or two. If that pain will push you to the ground, force yourself to stand again. Don’t underestimate the small steps that you do every day.

7. Be Kind to Yourself

No matter how painful the break-up is, you need to be kind to yourself. You don’t need to punish yourself if you know you didn’t want that breakup to happen. It may go a long way, but self-compassion is key in accepting everything.

I tried to be gentle with myself even if it’s very painful. I still want to treat myself healthily and lovingly because failure is a part of life. Some things won’t be in your favor and you must accept them. This isn’t about removing your ex from your life, it’s about how to take care of yourself.

If you really want to cry, let your emotions flow. It’s not healthy if you stop them. You still need to treat yourself right even if your ex didn’t treat you right. It would only delay your healing process if you’re going to be cruel to yourself. Let yourself feel free amidst all the pain in your heart.

8. Whatever Pain You’re Feeling Right Now, It won’t Last Forever

Nothing is permanent in this world. Even the pain in your heart would surely be gone. Like you, I have faced a lot of difficulties during a breakup, and I always tell myself that, “This won’t last forever”. I know it’s easy to be tempted that you can’t stand this pain for one more day, but you need to be strong.

Try to reflect throughout your life and you will realize that there are things you need to be grateful for. If the pain keeps coming back, always say to yourself, “This, too, shall pass”. With time it gets better, the scars in your heart will start to fade and nothing will be left.

Don’t be angry about the pain you’re feeling, that pain can be a powerful teacher for us. It shows how strong you truly are as a person. It will help you awaken and become a better person in the future.

There’s always a brighter tomorrow for every one of us. I know you can make it through even the darkest night. The sun will shine on you again as long as you won’t lose hope.

9. Know Your Real Self Again

Knowing your real self again after a breakup may take a long time. It might take an average of 3 months to fully know who you are again without your partner anymore. Knowing yourself after a breakup is like a mental journey, it’s a long process and a difficult one. But trust me, it’s also best for you.

This time, you only need to think and be comfortable with yourself. If your ex said negative things about you, you must know that it is not who you are. Those are simply not accurate and they’ve just said it because they were angry with you. Try to flood yourself with compassion and let that painful words pass.

Be sure to do good things and love yourself this time. You can also create a space for love and healing. I even created a no-negative zone for myself. I made some healthy boundaries just to know my real self again as soon as possible.


Hey! I'm Lorofy, I'm a politician in our Local Government Unit and a Church Leader. I'm a dedicated leader in our community and an ambassador of goodwill. I became a motivator and an advocate for men who are looking for meaning in life and on how to reach their full potential. I'm also a fitness enthusiast and consider fitness as my everyday expertise.