9 Benefits of Respect

The word respect is such an amazing word, but it’s more amazing when we apply it to our own lives and others. When you live your life with respect, there will be lots of benefits that you might not have noticed.

Respect is not just a moral value, it can also be a superpower. It has the power to make you a better person and a power to bring people closer together. A lot of people want respect, but they struggle to respect themselves.

The idea of respect is more than just being courteous to other people. There’s more to respect that I want you to realize. In this article, I provided the 9 benefits of respect that you must learn. After reading this article, I hope you will desire respect in your own lives.

1. When You Give Respect, You Get Respect

It’s the basic rule. When you give respect to other people, you will also receive respect. Yes, some people might disrespect us, but it doesn’t mean that we are not respectful. We still need to respect them even if they are rude because time will come, that the respect that we gave, will still come back to us.

The world might be full of distraction and confusion, but remember that life is an echo, what you send out, will also come back. Sometimes, it’s not the way that you expect it to come back, it can be much more amazing.

This basic rule will let you realize that if we don’t respect ourselves, we will not learn how to respect others. Self-respect is the first step for you to learn how to have a positive feeling for yourself and others.

2. It Builds Strong Relationship

Building strong relationships throughout your life is very important. The key to building strong relationships is by showing respect to them. You may not have noticed, but the reason why your relationships with your friends and family last longer are because you learned how to respect each other.

Showing respect to them may look different but it all comes back to building strong relationships. Whether it’s respecting their feelings, cultures, or opinions. One thing I love about respect is, you can gain a lot of friends.

People would feel that you’re approachable and safe to communicate with. They would also love to hang out with you because they know you respect them despite their differences. No one wants to hang around with people who criticize them.

3. You Become Better Listeners

Let’s say, for example, your friend is sharing his problem with you, but you are not showing respect because you are mentally absent and you keep using your phone. Suddenly, your friend stopped sharing because you aren’t listening. You lack respect because you’re not actively listening to him.

When someone is talking, you need to show respect by listening to them. People who have respect become better listeners. They listen actively to what people are sharing so that they can respond correctly and give right the opinion.

If you want others to listen to you, you also need to show respect by listening to them. With respect, you will learn how to be kind while communicating and you avoid attacking someone because you don’t agree with what they’ve said.

4. Softens Your Hearts and Avoid Conflicts

Not just with big arguments, but also small arguments can lead us to conflicts. When you live your life with respect, there’s a chance that you can change the course of that conflict. You will realize that instead of arguing, you are now willing to find a solution.

It softens your heart, then you create a positive solution by listening first, then telling your opinion. Let’s say, for example, you don’t agree with your friend, when you’re the person that lacks respect, you would surely attack your friend and insult them for what they’ve said.

You are going to start a conflict with them by yelling at them or hurting their feelings. You don’t want to understand them because you have your perspective in life. But when you have respect, that scenario would change.

You can still not agree with your friend and you don’t have to. Instead, your response would be more polite and good. You will learn to listen to them and you can still build a healthy relationship even though you don’t agree with them. Both of you won’t hurt each other and you will keep positively sharing your opinions.

5. No Regrets on Your Decisions

When you make a decision, it is an integral part of your life. With respect, it helps you to realize that you must never regret your decisions. When you are solving a problem, then your decision was wrong, respect will teach you that you must not waste your precious time regretting or blaming yourself about it.

Respect has taught me that I can’t change my wrong decisions in life, but I can make my future better. It taught me that I’m not perfect and I must never regret my decision and just move on with my life.

We take a lot of decisions in our life. Such as financial, social, or personal matters. I’ve seen a lot of people who regretted their decisions because the results didn’t come in their favor. Whether their decision was right or wrong, they were disappointed because they didn’t expect the result.

In life, we never stop making decisions. Respect will teach us that no matter what decision that we’ve made, whether it’s good or bad, we must always respect it because no one else will do.

“The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them.”

The more you respect your decisions, the more you can explore opportunities in life. Always make decisions and respect them even if you make big mistakes or fail with them. There’s no reason for you to regret that because that decision was taken after considering all the given choices or conditions that you have.

6. You Can Influence Others

I respected my life and other people because I was also influenced by my friends who taught me how to value respect. As humans, we naturally influence other people with our attitudes. When you live your life with respect, there’s a chance that you can influence someone.

It is very important to be influential in life especially when it brings good to other people. I have a friend that was very disappointed in life. He was tired because he keeps on bullying others just to feel superior all the time. What I did was try to confront him and give him time to share all his problems.

After that, I told him the importance of self-respect and how he can apply it in his life. It will enable him to respect his flaws and stand with his values. Another reason why influenced him with self-respect is, I want him to learn that it’s easier to give respect to someone if it is inside him. It would also help him to make mature decisions and stop hurting someone else.

7. You Create a Safe Environment

With respect, you create a safe environment, and you make the world a better place. The world is already chaotic and disturbing. We are tired of all the issues we see on television and social media.

Safety starts with you. When you know how to value respect, you create a safe environment for the people around you. You can establish a surrounding that is thoughtful and positive. You accept someone with different opinions and worldviews in life. You avoid putting boundaries because someone is different.

You also provide an opportunity for other people. Maybe it’s a learning or business opportunity that you can share with them. Making a safe environment through respect is never hard. Just live your life with respect and positive things will follow.

8. A Happy Life Can be Achieved

When a person is respectful, he/she will know how to accept other people’s differences. They will be able to avoid conflicts because they know how to respect the opinions of others. With that, they can live in harmony, peace, and happiness.

Happiness can easily be achieved if we know how to value respect. One reason why some people are not happy in life is that their definition of happiness is wealth and success. But the truth is, the level of respect that we give and receive from others is more joyful than wealth and fame.

Remember that you don’t have to be rich just to be happy. When you have respect for yourself, it will make you happy because you will be contented with what you have and how you treat yourself.

When you show respect for others, you will also gain respect and admiration from them and that could make you happy. Respect is an important aspect of achieving happiness in life.

9. It Makes You a Better Person

I saved the best for last. There are lots of benefits when your life is full of respect. But overall, respect makes you a better person. None of us are perfect. But I know that you want to become a better person.

Each one of us is on a journey to become better in life. With that, respect will lead you to the right path. When I started living my life with respect, I saw who am I as a person. I saw my weakness and strengths that would help me to become better in any aspect of my life.

Next is, I learn how to forgive and understand other people because I know we have different opinions. With that, there are no grudges in my heart and my life is happy.

It also makes you a better person because it helps you to admit when you are wrong. It helps you acknowledge your mistakes and respect others by showing forgiveness. You show humility to someone you have hurt. Respect reminds you that you’re not perfect and you make mistakes.

Lastly, respect helps you to recognize opportunities on how to grow in life. Life will be full of twists and you can’t predict what would happen next. With respect, it will allow you to grow and breed a positive character to strongly defend your values and beliefs. It will guide you to the right decision no matter what challenges you faced in life.


Hey! I'm Lorofy, I'm a politician in our Local Government Unit and a Church Leader. I'm a dedicated leader in our community and an ambassador of goodwill. I became a motivator and an advocate for men who are looking for meaning in life and on how to reach their full potential. I'm also a fitness enthusiast and consider fitness as my everyday expertise.