9 Awesome Beard Styles for Men

For how many decades, beards are one of the most popular trends for men. Lots of debates had happened that beards won’t be a trend in the coming years, but as we continue to move to the 2020s, beards are still very popular. I believe that the beard trend will continue for the years to come. 

The best thing about beards is they can change how you look. It can make you attractive, mature, professional, and a lot more. A lot of our celebrity idols like Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, or David Beckham have their signature beard styles.

There are a lot of studies coming from experts that a lot of women are attracted to men who have facial hair. But it’s important to take note that there are a lot of beards styles out there and you need to choose the right one to match your face style.

Today, I’m going to show the 9 awesome beards styles for men which you would surely love. Whether you like subtle or something tough, this guide will cover everything to help you choose what’s the right one for you.

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1. Short Stubble

Short stubble is one of my favorite beard styles as it is not too short, and not too long. It depends on how your hair quickly grows. Maybe a couple of days or few weeks of no shaving can make you achieve this look.

What I love about the short stubble is it’s very sophisticated and stylish. It helps me enhance my facial features and define my jawline. A lot of men go for short stubble as it can make them more mature and masculine. For men, this is the simplest thing but popular among all the beard styles.

Also, it can easily be maintained, and there are no special tricks to achieve this beard style. When you achieved the right length for the short stubble, you can simply trim it to keep the length short. Try the short stubble and see if you’re getting lots of compliments from others.

2. Goatee

If you want to look sexually attractive, the goatee is your go-to beard style. It is a small beard style but it gives a lot of impact on how you look. When I was young, I’m a big fan of rock stars and it was my first time to saw a goatee. It was so stylish and simple.

There are two styles of goatees you can try, the first one is on the chin only, and the other one is adding a hair above your lip. If you struggle to grow a full beard, you can settle for goatees as they can still add an edge to your look. When I style my beard to a goatee, I avoid them to grow too long to maintain the slimness on my face.

You can use a precision trimmer or go to your barber to help you shape your goatee. Emphasizing a goatee can be a little bit too hard.

3. Circle Beard

The circle beard is a combination of goatee and mustache. If you are tired of looking at your goatee, you can evolve it to a circle beard. This is also a common short beard style that a lot of men like to have.

When you want to have a beard that is presentable and looks professional like a CEO of a company, a circle beard might be the right one for you. Every time I grow my beard in this style, it always appears tidy as I know how to maintain it. The circle beard also increases your masculine look.

You need to grow your beard first and avoid trimming or shaving it. Once you have a sensible amount of hair on your chin and upper lip, you can start shaping it to achieve the circle shape. Once you achieve the right shape, you can perform maintenance once it starts growing.

4. Long Stubble

The long stubble is measuring approximately 6mm. Compared to small or medium stubble, the long stubble is quite difficult to maintain. The long stubble has an interesting phenomenon since this style of beard several decades ago is untidy to see.

Now, it became a style revolution with the help of designers. Long stubble can effectively make you look more masculine and noticeable. For some, it may look rough, but with proper maintenance, it’s possible to make it look neat and poised.

Another great advantage of long stubble is it can be designed in many different ways. The only disadvantage of the long stubble is if you don’t maintain it, it may look untidy. You need to trim it regularly to avoid it from getting longer.

5. Full Beard

The fuller your beard is, the more maintenance it requires. Of all beard styles that I presented here; the full beard is the hardest to handle. There’s just so much statement when you are trying to achieve this style since this is the manliest of them all.

In some studies, it was shown that when a man has a full beard, they are more masculine, kind, courageous, and attractive. The full beard is great for men who have an oval shape. If you have angular jaws, try to keep the sides a little bit longer.

It’s very easy to achieve a full beard, you will just simply allow your hair to grow for how many weeks then try to shape and maintain it by using a razor. It may take a long process to perfect the full beard, so just be patient.

6. Van Dyke

This style of the beard came from a famous Flemish painter named Anthony Van Dyke. The design of this beard is it has a pointy tapering growth on your chin and it is more pointed than a goatee.

Every time I look at the picture of Colonel Sanders from the KFC bucket, I can see that he’s a big fan of the Van Dyke beard style. Compared to most beard styles, it is easier to achieve even if you have an uneven beard with a week’s cheek growth.

Men with triangles, hearts, or diamond-shaped faces must be careful with this style as it will make your chin pointier and more triangular. The van dyke beard is perfect for men who have a round-shaped face. It will make their face longer and not rounder.

7. The Wolverine

This is the most badass and awesome beard style that you might want to try. Hugh Jackman is the famous actor who brought this beard style into popularity. It is so stylish that it has a combination of a full beard and mutton chops.

The Wolverine beard style will make you bold, masculine, and increases your wild image. It might be very difficult to achieve and it doesn’t fit all face shapes. Oval and oblong face shape suites this beard style, but triangle and diamond face shapes might have difficulty pulling off this beard style.

You need to start by growing out a full beard then you need to shape it. You can use a beard trimmer or razor to help you shape your beard. The chin and mustache part must not be fully clean shave, there must be some light stubble left.

The wolverine beard style that you want to achieve might also depend on what era of wolverine you want to copy. It means you can have some flexibility when achieving a wolverine look. 

8. Balbo

I’m a big fan of Balbo beard style simply because of the Hollywood Superstar Johnny Depp He has rocked the Balbo beard style for how many years. It suits him well that’s why he always looks handsome in his movies. There are several variations with this style of beard but the most common one is with a mustache and separated from your beard.

The Balbo is quite contemporary but it looks attractive for men. It perfectly fits across different age groups. It can deliver handsome and praising looks for men. There are lots of Balbo beard styles that you can try, we have the classic, jawline, and natural full Balbo.

To achieve the Balbo beard style, you need to have a full beard first then you can start shaping it. You also need a fully developed mustache. You might need a razor to properly style your Balbo. There are no tricks in styling a Balbo, but perfecting and defining are needed.

9. Anchor Beard

The origin of its name is very clear, the beard looks like a nautical anchor as it is designed to be pointed that traces your jawline and it is paired with a mustache. This type of beard style suits young and older men. It makes men more confident when they are wearing this type of beard.

The anchor beard is best worn by the famous actor Robert Downy Jr., and Clinton Barton. It adds extra sharpness to their face while remaining a brittle appearance. The disadvantage of the anchor beard is it doesn’t suit every face shape. Men who have triangular face shapes must avoid this beard style. This is suited for men who have heart or oval face shapes.

Styling your beard like this is also very complicated. You need a bit of skill to perfect this and it’s fine for first-timers to make mistakes. You might need a lot of experience to master this one. Unless you will go to your local barbershop and pay for a barber to help you achieve this look.


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